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I have some great pieces of news to share on the analytics front for the cloud summer release.

New CMR Reports

We added two new reports at the Community Manager level into CMR


Views of Answered Questions

This shows the number of views by day that answered questions in your community receive. This can of course be a great way to understand the value your answered questions are providing to your users.




Top Users by <Content Created, Content Viewed, Likes Given, Likes Received, Correct Answers>


You can choose from 5 ways of sorting your top users: Content Created, Content Viewed, Likes Given, Likes Received, Correct Answers.



We have now added to our Resonata product something that has been asked for very often - influencer detection.



The IR features are and will only be available for communities that are running Jive 7+ and have the Data Export API enabled.



The initial release of Influence Ranking will be visible to users in the following ways:

  • Top Influencers -For every search performed within Resonata the "People" analysis box will contain, in addition to other top ranking lists, a list of top influencers within the given scope. Because this list is available for any search, Resonata users can drill down to see the top influencers for individual topics/themes, spaces, periods of time, sentiment, etc.
  • Influence Traits - new Traits are added to the Trait Analysis feature, enabling Resonata users to see at a glance which people are considered highly influental community-wide, and also to search specifically for activity by highly influential people.
  • Top threads by influence - the Threads box adds the ability to sort threads by influence rank.


How does it work?

We rely on users' activity - what they view, like, follow, share, bookmark, et cetera. We get this event data from the Data Export API, collect it and compress it in the Resonata database, and then we process all applicable events for every search performed. The following types of events currently contribute to a user's influence ranking:

  • Content creation
  • Views, follows, shares, bookmarks and mentions of user's content
  • Likes on user's content and comments/replies
  • Replies to user's content and comments/replies
  • User's comments marked as question answers
  • Structured outcomes set on user's content/comments
  • User mentions and follows


Data Export Service UI

The new cloud analytics service has been very popular (especially because it powers Impact Metric) but for many the idea that it was a REST UI was a bit intimidating. To help folks appreciate the power it has and get a better idea of what they might be able to get out of it - we have built an end user facing UI. This can help you develop filters for the data you are looking for and to easily get a CSV download.



FAQ and Notes

CMR reports:

  • For CMR Views of Answered Questions - the data is only collected as of upgrade so the chart will only begin to populate post upgrade.
  • Reports are only available at the top level


Resonata Influencers:

  • As mentioned in the copy - Resonata Influencer feature requires Resonata, Jive 7+, and the data export API enabled
  • This is releasing concurrently with the summer cloud release, but does not require it


Data Export UI

As we have announced previously (here and here) Jive and SAP are discontinuing the Business Objects On Demand product that Jive previously sold. We have been in a non-renewal period for about a year and a half and typically someone from Jive has spoken to you directly about this. We will be disabling access to all accounts on June 30, 2014.


This announcement is to simply serve as a reminder and as a call out for anyone we may have somehow missed in the process. If you are still leveraging the Business Objects product, we are eager to discuss alternatives and make sure that this shut down is a smooth transition for all involved.


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