Email is one of the most mature and widely used marketing channels today. And more importantly, Email works - making it a key supporting player in most marketing programs. It's highly measurable, scalable and cost-effective. Plus, it spurs demand generation, promotes brand engagement, drives digital commerce and aids in customer retention.


We at Aurea understand that your success as a marketer is highly dependent on the stability and performance of our email marketing platform. That’s why we decided - roughly a year ago -  to move Campaign Manager (aka “Lyris HQ”) away from the brittle infrastructure of its legacy datacenter to AWS, the world’s most scalable and high performing IaaS.


While we have experienced a couple of ‘hiccups’ during the migration process, we are very grateful that you decided to stay with us and trust we were doing the right thing. Today, after extensive code quality improvements, database harmonization, and a complete virtualization, we are proud to say that we have achieved a steady up-time of more than 99.5% and a much higher degree of platform resilience.


But, we did not stop there. In parallel, our engineering team diligently worked on delivering on a long standing promise: the removal of the heavily Flex dependent user interface.  Yes, we know, you have been waiting for this for quite some time, but we are finally going to roll out the completely revamped user interface during this quarter.


This brand new user interface is not just looking gorgeous because we both incorporated the latest in web technology such as Angular 5, HTML5 and Bootstrap and completely re-wrote the API based on JSON (we still support the old one!). We also made a couple of small improvements on the overall user experience like giving the WYSIWYG editors for messages and landing pages a more modern look. And the best part, our new responsive design let’s you finally send out campaigns or check on your latest reports by simply using your mobile phone. How cool is that?


Of course, we also have exciting plans lined up for the future of Campaign Manager. In our upcoming webinar on May 2 (Register here: Aurea in 2018: An Insider Update on Aurea Email Marketing | Aurea ) Rachel Collins and I are going to talk more about what we have achieved so far, what the new release will look like, and most importantly, what Campaign Manager's roadmap for the next 12 to 18 months will have in store for you.


We are looking forward to seeing you there.


All the best,




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