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With GDPR, the European Union’s new privacy law, just around the corner - in case you haven't heard, it'll go into effect on May 25th, 2018 - collecting consent from your subscribers should be on top of your priority list. But GDPR not only applies to new consents collected after May 25th, but it also applies to all EU contacts you might already have in your database.


This is important to understand, because for any of your EU-based subscribers lacking a compliant consent you won’t be allowed to send marketing emails to those subscribers anymore after the law is enforced. This is where re-permission campaigns come into play. Since the only way you can keep those subscribers on your active mailing list is by collecting GDPR-compliant consent before the May 25th deadline.


To make your re-permission campaigns a real success there are a couple of things to consider. Check out this great article from Litmus to get tips and tricks on improving your GDPR game.


If you need any help with setting up or executing your campaigns, creative services, or other consultancy please reach out to us. We are happy to help.



We’re excited to announce the new release of Aurea Campaign Manager (ACM). In keeping with Aurea’s release numbering system - which identifies a release by the calendar year and quarter - this is ACM release 2018 R1.


With this release, Aurea Campaign Manager introduces an entirely new front-end user interface, designed to deliver maximum browser compatibility, as well as an updated look-and-feel.



This ACM release includes:

  • New HTML5 UI supporting all browsers (Internet Explorer, Chrome, Safari, Firefox)
  • Consumer-grade intuitive workflows (i.e. improved message creation with content editor and email templates),
  • Increased ease-of-use for marketers, and responsive design for mobile campaign execution and reporting
  • Transitioned infrastructure to AWS, improving performance and scalability for large email volumes and doubling send speeds
  • API access for customers
  • Now supported on most mobile devices


To experience the all new Aurea Campaign Manager, Log in here.


To learn more about Aurea Campaign Manager, log-in to the Aurea Support Portal for all product documentation and release notes.


If you have any questions, please contact Aurea Support or your account manager for more information. We appreciate your continued partnership and look forward to your feedback.


cc: Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Community