• Campaign Manager Overview | Standard Edition (EN)

    Campaign Manager Standard Overview
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  • Questions ACM

    Dear Team,   i would have a couple of questions i would like to ask.   When doing a Marketing Campaign out of CRM the message which will be created on ACM is always a scheduled message can this be changed?...
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  • Aurea® Campaign Manager 2019.3 Release - available now!

    We are excited to announce the Aurea Campaign Manager 2019.3 Release now available. This release provides improved quality, stability and enhanced speed.   Resolved 16 bugs surrounding: User Interface Rendering ...
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  • 2019 Annual Report: A Look Back and What’s Ahead

    2018 marked the first in our six year history where we did not expand through acquisition.  This was an intentional decision; coming off of our biggest acquisition year ever – highlighted by the July, 2017 ...
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  • Where can we find the documentation about (new) CAM?

    I cannot find the CAM documentation on support.aurea.com. All documentation over their is just about Lyris HQ. We've received a question for CAM from a possible ACRM enterprise customer, but have no experience with C...
  • Fieldmapping between CRM and ACM is "hard coded"

    Hi,   although having ACM running in Amazon Cloud in USA, and this is a huge GDPR issue in Germany, we could already convince some of our customers to think about using ACM for sending e-mail newsletters. Of cou...
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  • Can we manage the unsubscription to a newsletter, emailing to CRM ... following a marketing campaign?

    When I launch a marketing campaign from Campaign Manager, can I recover the unsubscription data? If so, can I interface with the CRM tool?
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  • Meet the New Aurea Support Portal: 6 Can’t-Miss Features

    As an Aurea customer, hopefully you have experienced Aurea’s new Customer Support Portal. The Portal offers an exciting and content-rich way to get your questions answered, share ideas with other users, and lear...
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  • What's New with the Aurea Unlimited Software Library

    As you know, we started rolling out Aurea Unlimited late last year as part of our mission to reinvent enterprise software with the industry’s first unlimited software library. Today we took this new business mod...
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  • ACM API Guide 4.7.pdf

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  • Aurea CRM Release Notes v11.3.0.pdf

    Aurea CRM Release Notes v11.3.0
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  • General availabity of Aurea Campaign Manager for production

    Hi,   I was experimenting with the ACRM-CAM connections in the last days and have several conversations with support regarding smaller issues. During the conversion I have received some interesting information: ...
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  • Where are we now with the ACM / CRM sync

    Hi to all, just for my info - is there a current status on where we are exactly now with ACM. We had some conversation during the CAB meeting in Munich so it would be interesting for me to see how Aurea has managed ...
  • e-mail trigger functionality in ACM

    We are currently missing the e-mail trigger functionality which is working in Lyris HQ. Can anybody help, how to activate these functions? Thanks, Martin
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  • Does cloud-based email introduce risk to your organization?

    There’s a good reason that so many businesses are moving to cloud-based email services like Gmail and Microsoft Office 365. These are familiar vendors with a promise of exceptional performance and ease of use wi...
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  • GDPR Re-permission campaigns

    With GDPR, the European Union’s new privacy law, just around the corner - in case you haven't heard, it'll go into effect on May 25th, 2018 - collecting consent from your subscribers should be on top of your pri...
  • Webinar Recording: An Insider Update on Aurea's Campaign Manager Solutions

    Already registered in AureaWorks? Watch the video now: Webinar Recording: An Insider's Update on Aurea's Campaign Manager and List Manager Solutions | For Customers   Not registered yet in AureaWorks - Aurea's c...
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  • Is it possible to use multiple tenants in 1 ACM (Lyris) account?

    In ACRM is it possible to use multiple tenants, is this also an option in ACM (Lyris)?   We've developed a platform in ACRM where we use tenants to hide data for others. We would like to use ACM with this, but a...
  • Campaign Manager - looking forward to a great 2018

    Email is one of the most mature and widely used marketing channels today. And more importantly, Email works - making it a key supporting player in most marketing programs. It's highly measurable, scalable and cost-eff...
  • Product Update for Aurea Campaign Manager

        We’re excited to announce the new release of Aurea Campaign Manager (ACM). In keeping with Aurea’s release numbering system - which identifies a release by the calendar year and quarter - t...