We are excited to announce the new release of Aurea CX Messenger - formerly Sonic- release 2017 R4.  Available now, CX Messenger 2017 R4 addresses improvements and resolves issues for both Standard and Enterprise Editions:


  • Storing Discardable Messages - we’ve made changes to allow discardable messages to be stored in the topic database when flow to disk occurs.
  • Analytics Offloader Maven Archetype - we’ve created a new Analytics Offloader Maven Archetype to enable easy creation of the offloader plugin with Maven.
  • Issue Resolutions -  we’ve  resolved issues for Standard and Enterprise Editions across CX Messenger.


To access and install the latest version of CX Messenger today, visit the product library in the Aurea Support Portal.


Log-in to the Aurea Support Portal Resource Center for all product documentation and release notes