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Hello Aurea CRM Community,   is there any posibility to activate or customize a functionality that a Aurea CRM User can reset the passwort. The functionality should be available on the login-screen.   Is there anyone who has a solution or will Aurea implement such a functionality.   Thanks a lot, BR Jörg
Sarah O'Meara
Hello CRM community! The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will take effect in the European Union (EU) on 25 May 2018. As you may know, the regulation imposes broad data privacy protections for EU individuals and applies to any company that collects or handles EU personal data. At Aurea, data protection is of critical importance so we are… (Show more)
There is an Action "ListPicker" in Process.   How can you use it? There is no documentation in web.adminguide or knowledge base or it.   There are not many parameters. First problem there is no filter possibility. You can only set InfoArea and an optional link. Or is it possible to give a uids parameter into this BaseListDataPage or what is the… (Show more)
Hi Community, In my opinion, Lyris is an optimal extension of the AUREA CRM solution and a real added value for CRM Enterprise customers. We therefore want to sell this expansion especially to existing customers and have a concrete interest in 2-3 customers. How does it look for you?   I'm particularly interested in: What is your experience… (Show more)
Is there any possibility to integrate a service that resets user passwords and send them a new generated one by e-mail? As users forget their passwords and we have alot of password resets per week, a automated function would be an enourmous relief.
Dear AUREA-Team,   are there any news for the AUREA CRM Client (Win 10 App)? What are the plans for this product? Is there a fix date for the first version and when it is possible to use features such serial entry?   Looking forward to here news about the client!   Best regards Markus
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