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On May 25, 2018 the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) takes effect in the European Union (EU). This new regulation imposes broad new data privacy protections for EU individuals and applies to any company that collects or handles EU personal data, regardless of the company's location.


Since we have only 5 more months ahead of us, I would like to share with you how Aurea is going to help our CRM and Email Marketing customers comply with GDPR through robust privacy and security protections in our products.


For the sake of simplicity I have only picked the most relevant topics with regards to GDPR compliance.


Encryption of personal data at rest and in transit

  • For our SaaS customers (CRM.web, Campaign Manager, hosted List Manager) we will continue to support client-to-server and server-to-server communication via SSL.
    On top of AWS' strong security and compliance framework we will offer an optional enforcement of database file encryption
  • For our on premise customers we recommend to take appropriate measures with regards to database file encryption (TDE) for their MSSQL and Oracle databases
    Specifically for CRM.web offline and CRM.client for Windows we suggest to look into disk encryption solutions such as BitLocker or 3rd party database file encryption for MSSQL Express (CRM.web offline) and SQLite (CRM.client).
    CRM.pad and CRM.client for iPhone have built in AES encryption.
  • For our on premise customers we also recommend to enforce secure client-to-server and server-to-server communication via SSL
  • For our on premise List Manager customers we will provide a software update to support Open SSL


In addition GDPR grants extensive rights to individuals as to how they can gain access to, request updates, or even deletion of their personal data.

  • Individual’s Right to Access and Review
  • Individual’s Right to Update Data
  • Individual’s Right to Erasure
  • Individual’s Right - Data Portability
  • Individual’s Right - Commonly Used Format
  • Individual’s Right - Consent
  • Individual’s Right - Data Retention


All of these individual's rights requirements are already supported today by all our CRM and Email Marketing products. However, some of them may require a certain amount of customizing.


Some of you might wonder why there is now another regulation besides the Privacy Shield agreement between the US and the EU. So, let's take a quick look at that as well, because it is important to understand the differences.

The General Data Protection regulation is a set of laws due to be enacted in the EU in 2018.  Privacy Shield is an agreement between the EU and US allowing for the transfer of personal data from the EU to US.


The GDPR has specific requirements regarding the transfer of data out of the EU. One of these requirements is that the transfer must only happen to countries deemed as having adequate data protection laws.

In general the EU does not list the US as one of the countries that meets this requirement.

Privacy Shield is designed to create a program whereby participating companies are deemed as having adequate protection, and therefore facilitate the transfer of information.


In short, Privacy Shield allows US companies, or EU companies working with US companies, to meet this requirement of the GDPR.


Of course, Aurea and Amazon both are active Privacy Shield participants to make sure your customers' data is in good hands and that you are compliant with current EU law.


In the upcoming weeks we will publish dedicated GDPR Whitepapers to share more information on our activities and to make sure you have all the information you need to be ready on May 25, 2018.

Dear Aurea CRM community,


many of you might still remember the time when former Aurea CRM owner update software AG encouraged clients, partners, and employees to join their Innov8 platform to post new feature requests, discuss and 'like' them, and ultimately see how those features would end up in the various products. Sadly, the latter soon became a very frustrating experience for many users as only a tiny fraction of those ideas actually found its way into the backlog, from there onto the road map, and finally into the product. Something users clearly did not like. (no pun intended ... well, a little, maybe)

I believe the most important reason why this otherwise great idea of "crowd sourcing" went wrong was the way how expectations were set.  That is why we want to take a different approach here.


So, let me answer the introductory question first: is this the right place to post feature requests?   The simple answer is no.


To post your feature requests please always use the Aurea support portal. This is the only place where we can accept feature requests, and from where they get forwarded to product management for evaluation and planning purposes. There are different factors that are taken into account to evaluate if a feature will be considered for the product backlog (a list of features that are considered to be implemented). However, there is a universal rule: Every idea has its time and its place. But regardless of how great an idea might be, if it does not fit into the overall product strategy or has only value to a very limited group of clients, investments are hard to justify.


Yet, there is a more complex answer to this question as well. We definitely want to encourage you to give feedback to our road map planning and also offer you a space where you can 'lobby' for your ideas. Hence, we will post the Aurea CRM road map of the upcoming 12 months here in AureaWorks in the next couple of weeks. We will also communicate the innovation themes we want to execute on, to give you clear direction on where we are going to invest in the product. And we'd love to get your view on that.  Furthermore, we will provide a new space here in AureaWorks that will allow you to post your ideas and to discuss them with peers from the Aurea CRM community. As mentioned before this should give you a chance to let others 'vet' your ideas, find people who have similar challenges - and maybe even a solution - or to simply lobby for something that you feel needs attention from the Aurea CRM product management team. However, to set expectations right we will put forward two important principles 1) there is no guarantee that ideas with 'many' likes automatically move into the backlog and 2) feature requests still need to be posted on the Aurea support portal in order to be considered by product management.


I'm thrilled to see how this new place will evolve and look forward to our discussions around the upcoming 12 months road map.



Welcome to AureaWorks, we are so excited to have you!


Let me introduce myself, I'm the Senior Community Manager here along with Sarah O'Meara. If you have any questions about how this place works and where to find things, feel free to ask.


We'd love it if you could introduce yourselves in the comments below. Feel free to share:


  • Your name and company (optional)
  • What's your favorite thing about the Aurea products you use
  • What you hope to get out of this community


We look forward to getting to know you!

Lieber Aurea CRM Kunde oder Interessent,


Ich freue mich sehr Sie hier in der Aurea CRM Community innerhalb von „AureaWorks“ – unserer neuen Customer Engagement Plattform auf Basis unseres neuesten Akquisitionsprodukts „Jive“ – begrüßen zu dürfen. Diese Community wird uns dabei unterstützen, mit Ihnen Informationen auszutauschen, Feedback zu sammeln, eine Knowledge Base aufzubauen und Sie mit unserem Expertenteam zu verlinken.


Ich glaube die meisten von Ihnen kennen mich bereits persönlich und wir hatten über die letzten Jahre hinweg den einen oder anderen Kontaktpunkt. Lassen Sie mich aber die Gelegenheit nutzen um mich bei den anderen kurz vorzustellen. Ich habe bei Update CRM beinahe 10 Jahre lang gearbeitet als sich einige Hauptinvestoren dazu entschlossen haben, ihre Aktien in Geld umzuwandeln und so wurde Update am Markt ein Übernahmekandidat. Aurea nahm die Gelegenheit wahr und kaufte das gesamte Update Geschäft – ein spannender und aufregender Moment vor in etwa drei Jahren. Aurea selbst war zu diesem Zeitpunkt ein sehr junges Unternehmen, hatte aber das sehr ambitionierte Ziel ein Weltmarktführer im Bereich Customer Experience zu werden. Um dieses Ziel zu erreichen, wurden und werden strategisch Software Lösungen rund um die Themen Kundendaten und Kundenprozesse gekauft und eben als Herzstück unserer Customer Engagement Plattform unsere Aurea CRM Lösung.


Meine Vision für diese Aurea CRM Community ist es, hier einen Platz aufzubauen wo Aurea Informationen mit Ihnen - unseren Kunden - austauscht, Feedback sammelt, eine Knowledge Base einrichtet und mit Ihnen teilt und wo wir Sie mit unserem Expertenteam verlinken können.


Ich freue mich auf eine spannende Zukunft von Aurea CRM und möchte ich sie ermutigen diese AureaWorks Community aktiv zu nutzen, um selbst Wissen um Aurea und unsere Produkte aufzubauen, um Feedback zu geben und so diese Community entsprechend Ihren Anforderungen zu ergänzen und als Möglichkeit sehen, sich selbst mit anderen Kunden zu verbinden um zu lernen wie diese selbst CRM erfolgreich implementiert haben.


Begleiten Sie mich und uns auf dieser Plattform - Herzlich Willkommen in der AureaWorks Community!



**Note: this is the first blog in a short series where I'll write about the usage of this platform, the things we've achieved in the last year and especially the plan for 2018.**


I'm happy to welcome you to the Aurea CRM community within AureaWorks, our new Customer Engagement platform powered by our latest acquisition product, Jive. This community will help us to exchange information with you, collect feedback, build up a knowledge base and link you to our experts team.


I think most of you know me personally and have been in touch with me over the last few years, but let me take the chance to introduce myself to all others. I was with Update CRM more than 10 years when major shareholders decided to take out their money and Update was offered on the market. Aurea jumped in and acquired the complete Update business - a thrilling and exciting moment three years ago. Aurea was itself a very young company but with an ambitious goal - becoming the world market leader around customer experience. For this goal, solutions around customer data and customer processes were and are strategically bought - and as the centerpiece of customer engagement our Aurea CRM solution.


My vision for the Aurea CRM community is to provide a place where Aurea can exchange information with our customers, collect feedback, build and share a comprehensive knowledgebase on the products, and connect you with experts across our organization and the customer base at large.  


I’m excited about the future of Aurea CRM and encourage all of you to leverage this community as a means of learning, providing input and feedback to tailor this community to meet your needs, and as a way to connect with your peers to leverage the work that they have done to achieve success.  I look forward to robust conversations and the opportunity to extend our reach to a broader audience.


Welcome to the AureaWorks community!




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