Dear Aurea CRM community,


many of you might still remember the time when former Aurea CRM owner update software AG encouraged clients, partners, and employees to join their Innov8 platform to post new feature requests, discuss and 'like' them, and ultimately see how those features would end up in the various products. Sadly, the latter soon became a very frustrating experience for many users as only a tiny fraction of those ideas actually found its way into the backlog, from there onto the road map, and finally into the product. Something users clearly did not like. (no pun intended ... well, a little, maybe)

I believe the most important reason why this otherwise great idea of "crowd sourcing" went wrong was the way how expectations were set.  That is why we want to take a different approach here.


So, let me answer the introductory question first: is this the right place to post feature requests?   The simple answer is no.


To post your feature requests please always use the Aurea support portal. This is the only place where we can accept feature requests, and from where they get forwarded to product management for evaluation and planning purposes. There are different factors that are taken into account to evaluate if a feature will be considered for the product backlog (a list of features that are considered to be implemented). However, there is a universal rule: Every idea has its time and its place. But regardless of how great an idea might be, if it does not fit into the overall product strategy or has only value to a very limited group of clients, investments are hard to justify.


Yet, there is a more complex answer to this question as well. We definitely want to encourage you to give feedback to our road map planning and also offer you a space where you can 'lobby' for your ideas. Hence, we will post the Aurea CRM road map of the upcoming 12 months here in AureaWorks in the next couple of weeks. We will also communicate the innovation themes we want to execute on, to give you clear direction on where we are going to invest in the product. And we'd love to get your view on that.  Furthermore, we will provide a new space here in AureaWorks that will allow you to post your ideas and to discuss them with peers from the Aurea CRM community. As mentioned before this should give you a chance to let others 'vet' your ideas, find people who have similar challenges - and maybe even a solution - or to simply lobby for something that you feel needs attention from the Aurea CRM product management team. However, to set expectations right we will put forward two important principles 1) there is no guarantee that ideas with 'many' likes automatically move into the backlog and 2) feature requests still need to be posted on the Aurea support portal in order to be considered by product management.


I'm thrilled to see how this new place will evolve and look forward to our discussions around the upcoming 12 months road map.