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As part of our consulting, sales and service processes are digitized, optimized and partially automated. Process efficiency is increased and employees are relieved of organizational tasks.


Our process design improves the preparation of quotes, the filling of documents or forms. We simplify, increase the quality of the output and ensure a seamless documentation in CRM. But, if one or more signatures from the customer are needed, we often have to leave the digital world. It is printed, shipped, passed around, signed and finally scanned again. This is not only time consuming, conversion and transparency are also lost.


With the solution from DocuSign, these processes can be massively shortened. For example, an offer is sent directly from Aurea CRM via DocuSign. As soon as the recipient opens it on a mobile device or desktop computer, the sales or service employee receives feedback in CRM and can offer help if necessary. The offer is securely signed within DocuSign and transferred directly back to the CRM. Within the CRM the follow-up processes are started automatically.


To make processes so easy and fast, ajco has created an Aurea CRM - DocuSign interface. Without changing from one system to another, users can take advantage of the digital signature process and quickly receive feedback in CRM including the finally signed documents. Of course, all processes can be individually adapted by our CRM consultants.

The testing of functions, processes and interfaces is crucial for the smooth introduction of CRM systems as well as their continuous development. In the past, copies of data from the production system were often used, especially in the B2B environment. The advantage: a realistic testing.

But should personal data be used for testing? The clear answer, not least by GDPR, is no. But how do you combine the requirements of the test management to be able to use realistic data with current data protection requirements?

ajco has built the anonymization tool "ajco nobody" for Aurea CRM, which anonymizes or deletes personal data. For example, first names and last names are simply replaced by random names, the date of birth is set to a random value, entries in unstructured data fields (the customer has a dog, loves red wine and is Bayern Munich fan) and history data is also removed.

"ajco nobody" uses the data model of the respective Aurea CRM installation, so that individual adjustments are recognized and considered.

If you are interested, we are happy to provide further information.

Dear customers and partners,


this is a final reminder to apply necessary changes to the ACRM and Campaign Manager (ACM) integration. According to the documentation the ACM Sync Middleware publishes event messages. You can configure multiple instances of CRM.Server to listen to one or more event queues. There are several event queues maintained by the ACM Sync Middleware. The event queues handled by the CRM.Server instance are configured using the <update.PlugIns.Lyris.SyncMiddleware.Consumer> element in the settings.server.xml file for the CRM.Server instance. The <consume> child node contains the name of the event queue the CRM.Server instance listens to.


By April 30 it mandatory to apply the new event queue name format:  <ORGANISATION UID>.VirtualTopic.<EVENT NAME>.   The Organisation UID can be obtained through our support team.


For example


If you need any additional help please reach out to our support team or your professional services representative.

We’re excited to announce that the Aurea Professional Services team launched a space dedicated to services for Aurea CRM on April 12, 2018 here in AureaWorks called Services - Customer Relationship Management (CRM).


In the new CRM Professional Services community, you’ll find information about how you can get more from your ACRM implementation, including:


  • Driving outstanding adoption - services packages to help maintain or extend your solution and leverage the best of our proven adoption methods.
  • Targeted, results oriented services packages that focus on the top requests from our customers – like our SAP Connector and Collaboration Accelerators
  • How to measure your CRM maturity and step-by-step plan to realize your business value
  • Ways to connect with the CRM Professional Services team, just leave your question in the CRM Professional Services community!


Make sure to follow the space in order to stay up-to-date with the latest news on Aurea CRM services.


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