CRM.client—while loaded with essential CRM capabilities today—will offer even more features in years to come. Understandably, I’ve had customers ask if they should just wait to adopt CRM.client. I encourage them not to wait. Migration is seamless, and there’s plenty to gain by adopting now, including:


Universal device compatibility
One key reason to switch over to CRM.client now is to support universal device mobility. You’ll want the flexibility of using all kinds of devices whether they’re running on iOS, Windows, or Android* systems in the future. Even if you’re using CRM.pad on iOS tablets, CRM.client supports iOS devices beyond just tablets. And, all future developments will evolve CRM.client, not CRM.pad. 

Leading offline CRM capabilities
Another significant benefit to adopting CRM.client now is its industry-leading offline capabilities. The boost in productivity is a game changer. With CRM.client, sales teams can manage leads and opportunities, access and update vital customer data and capture meeting notes anywhere, on any device—even when they’re in a connectivity dead zone.


Empower your sales teams to crush goals with Aurea CRM.client.

To make it easy to learn more, we’ve collected some key resources in one place. And always feel free to connect with us directly to talk further about the benefits of adopting CRM.client sooner rather than later.



CRM.client Resource Roundup


* available in Q2 2019