We’re always looking for ways to make Aurea CRM more powerful, particularly to address challenges we hear directly from our customers.


One of those challenges is gathering sales intelligence, or content that sales teams could use to generate new leads, to follow up with existing customers, and even to accelerate deals. Many of you have told us that this data is hard to track, hard to collect and organize, and even harder to centralize in a way that is instantly usable by sales teams.


That’s why we’re pleased to bring you Aurea Sales Intelligence, a powerful new solution available for Aurea customers. Watch this short video to hear how Aurea Sales Intelligence combines Aurea CRM with FirstRain, a powerful solution for gathering sales intelligence automatically, in real-time. This combined solution uses machine learning to automatically crawl the web (from websites to social media channels) and find, then categorize information that is highly relevant to your accounts and prospects - all delivered directly to your sales team in a dashboard format in your ACRM platform. The result: your sales people know who to call first and what to talk about.


Looking to close more leads and speed up sales cycles? Be sure to watch our video, then leave me a comment or reach out to me if I can give you a personal demo or talk through any questions.