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We are excited to announce that our new Aurea CRM (ACRM) release -  CRM 2018.4 - is available now! This release also includes updates to ACRM mobile applications CRM.pad and the recently launched CRM.client.


Both CRM.pad and CRM.client can be accessed from the Apple and Windows app stores for download, and are completely backward compatible. 


This ACRM release emphasizes high volume enhancements to drive greater solution quality and improved performance.

  • 25 quality defects resolved in Mobile Applications with some key areas being offline mode and near-me functionality (CRM.Pad and CRM.Client)
  • 55 quality defects resolved in CRM.Web with some key areas being cloud deployments, fields & attributes, and campaign designer
  • We’ve made a 4x speed improvement (from 2 seconds to 0.5 seconds) when modifying the Quantity amount on an order row
  • We’ve made a 60x speed improvement (from 98 seconds to 1.5 seconds) when searching for tasks after making an update


To access and install the latest version of CRM today, visit the product library in the Aurea Support Portal.

Product documentation and release notes are also available in the Aurea Support Portal as well as on Documentation - Aurea CRM!

Dear customers & Partner Community ,


with the latest release auf Aurea CRM 2018.3 (v11.3) I am also happy to announce the availability of the updated Aurea CRM online demo as well as our rebranded Aurea CRM Demo Center.


The Aurea CRM online demo version includes all the latest Enterprise Edition capabilities, a fully configured CRM.client access, as well as an integration with Aurea Campaign Manager to show case our campaign management and email marketing capabilities.


FirstRain Integration

With our latest demo release we offer a first glance at our FirstRain integration which allows sales professionals to "follow" their most important key accounts and get a curated overview of press clippings, social media buzz, management changes, competitor insights, and much more.


Aurea CRM and FirstRain Integration


A perfectly designed end-to-end solution to equip your team through the sales cycle with uniquely selected relevant business information that is focused on helping your organization intersect the value proposition with the market need by bringing new opportunities, developing and maintaining key relationships with your customers, and ultimately closing the deals.


Jive Integration

Aurea CRM is a best-of-breed customer relationship platform. And Jive Interactive Intranet - from Aurea - is the world's leading collaboration platform. Together, they're a one-two punch for your sales force, providing the critical information you need to manage deals and the team collaboration you need to close them.


With Jive you can:

  • Bring collaborative conversations into your CRM
  • Empower your sales reps with streamlined, mobile teamwork
  • Make your sales motion fast and frictionless


This online demo also includes a light-weight Jive-integration show case to spark some ideas around how these two products may work together in the near future.


Keeping everyone in the loop with Account-Collaboration

Account managers, sales reps, or sales managers/directors, often need to collaborate on their CRM accounts. Jive offers a place where colleagues can share and collaborate on documents, have discussions and share news on the account with each other. Even if these colleagues do not have access to ACRM.


Aurea CRM and FirstRain Integration


Making deal-management a breeze with Team-Selling

Inside Jive, you can create virtual "deal rooms" where everyone involved – inside and outside your sales team – can quickly come together to plan, execute, and stay informed. Any seller can set up a Jive deal room in minutes, pulling together all the players, all the resources and all the information you need, in one convenient location. Jive streamlines and accelerates the most complex aspects of deal management, like finding critical information, getting answers to time-sensitive questions, creating RFPs, and bid management.


Aurea CRM and FirstRain Integration

Aurea CRM Demo Center

The testing of functions, processes and interfaces is crucial for the smooth introduction of CRM systems as well as their continuous development. In the past, copies of data from the production system were often used, especially in the B2B environment. The advantage: a realistic testing.

But should personal data be used for testing? The clear answer, not least by GDPR, is no. But how do you combine the requirements of the test management to be able to use realistic data with current data protection requirements?

ajco has built the anonymization tool "ajco nobody" for Aurea CRM, which anonymizes or deletes personal data. For example, first names and last names are simply replaced by random names, the date of birth is set to a random value, entries in unstructured data fields (the customer has a dog, loves red wine and is Bayern Munich fan) and history data is also removed.

"ajco nobody" uses the data model of the respective Aurea CRM installation, so that individual adjustments are recognized and considered.

If you are interested, we are happy to provide further information.

Hello CRM community!

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will take effect in the European Union (EU) on 25 May 2018. As you may know, the regulation imposes broad data privacy protections for EU individuals and applies to any company that collects or handles EU personal data. At Aurea, data protection is of critical importance so we are committed not only to our own compliance, but also helping our customers address the GDPR requirements that are relevant to our products and services.

To stay up to date on Aurea communications regarding GDPR, CRM customers should follow the Aurea and GDPR Compliance space (Partners, please follow Aurea and GDPR Compliance - Partners).  If you are unsure how to follow a place, please see How to Follow Places in AureaWorks.

Just looking for the GDPR white paper for Jive customers? You can find them here:



If you have questions about GDPR, please reach out to your Account Manager.

I like this article from our Aurea customer ALLIANZ a lot - it's about digital transformation and how this effects and optimizes spreaded team structures or getting more agile and more transparent across organizational silos: Digital Transformation at Allianz. Allianz is using Aurea software in more than 70 subsidiaries and for more than 150.000 users - this is a wonderful example where we're working on to extend our Aurea CRM solution in 2018 to:  CRM is so much linked to customer data and customer processes that all the communication around those processes/rules and the working together for spreaded functions or teams (e.g. Sales and Services working on the same accounts etc.) is super essential.


These capabilities we'll add to Aurea CRM by using Aurea Jive as the communication and collaboration module. It helps internally to work together and it help externally (like this AureaWorks platform) to connect to end customers, find internally experts for different topics, collect knowledge, enable and engage the sales team etc.


I'm super excited that the first ACRM customers now start to use Aurea Jive via our Prime offering for free and using the kickstart packages of Platinum and our ProPacks to start with building up first use cases linked to their CRM.

On May 25, 2018 the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) takes effect in the European Union (EU). This new regulation imposes broad new data privacy protections for EU individuals and applies to any company that collects or handles EU personal data, regardless of the company's location.


Since we have only 5 more months ahead of us, I would like to share with you how Aurea is going to help our CRM and Email Marketing customers comply with GDPR through robust privacy and security protections in our products.


For the sake of simplicity I have only picked the most relevant topics with regards to GDPR compliance.


Encryption of personal data at rest and in transit

  • For our SaaS customers (CRM.web, Campaign Manager, hosted List Manager) we will continue to support client-to-server and server-to-server communication via SSL.
    On top of AWS' strong security and compliance framework we will offer an optional enforcement of database file encryption
  • For our on premise customers we recommend to take appropriate measures with regards to database file encryption (TDE) for their MSSQL and Oracle databases
    Specifically for CRM.web offline and CRM.client for Windows we suggest to look into disk encryption solutions such as BitLocker or 3rd party database file encryption for MSSQL Express (CRM.web offline) and SQLite (CRM.client).
    CRM.pad and CRM.client for iPhone have built in AES encryption.
  • For our on premise customers we also recommend to enforce secure client-to-server and server-to-server communication via SSL
  • For our on premise List Manager customers we will provide a software update to support Open SSL


In addition GDPR grants extensive rights to individuals as to how they can gain access to, request updates, or even deletion of their personal data.

  • Individual’s Right to Access and Review
  • Individual’s Right to Update Data
  • Individual’s Right to Erasure
  • Individual’s Right - Data Portability
  • Individual’s Right - Commonly Used Format
  • Individual’s Right - Consent
  • Individual’s Right - Data Retention


All of these individual's rights requirements are already supported today by all our CRM and Email Marketing products. However, some of them may require a certain amount of customizing.


Some of you might wonder why there is now another regulation besides the Privacy Shield agreement between the US and the EU. So, let's take a quick look at that as well, because it is important to understand the differences.

The General Data Protection regulation is a set of laws due to be enacted in the EU in 2018.  Privacy Shield is an agreement between the EU and US allowing for the transfer of personal data from the EU to US.


The GDPR has specific requirements regarding the transfer of data out of the EU. One of these requirements is that the transfer must only happen to countries deemed as having adequate data protection laws.

In general the EU does not list the US as one of the countries that meets this requirement.

Privacy Shield is designed to create a program whereby participating companies are deemed as having adequate protection, and therefore facilitate the transfer of information.


In short, Privacy Shield allows US companies, or EU companies working with US companies, to meet this requirement of the GDPR.


Of course, Aurea and Amazon both are active Privacy Shield participants to make sure your customers' data is in good hands and that you are compliant with current EU law.


In the upcoming weeks we will publish dedicated GDPR Whitepapers to share more information on our activities and to make sure you have all the information you need to be ready on May 25, 2018.