As the Jive documentation team has grown over the last year and a half, we've gotten very excited about the mission of making documentation as live, collaborative, and easy to use as the rest of the Jive experience. We've had many discussions internally about the evolution of product information generally from a one-to-many, dead trees model into a living, interactive form, and how Jive in particular will continue on that path. And because we're aware of how ironic it is to plan social, interactive docs entirely from behind the firewall, we've decided to take some of that discussion directly to you in the Jive Community.


We hope you'll use this space to help us prioritize next steps by providing your perspectives on using documentation in general and our documentation specifically. We also encourage you to surface any problems or questions while using the documentation. You can:


  • Log simple documentation error reports ("Hey, that IP address you supplied was one digit off")
  • Post general responses about content coverage ("I couldn't understand how to moderate discussions from the topics you provided") or
  • Float wild and thrilling feature requests ("Help should be generated at run-time based on each user's historical product usage!")


This space will be maintained by the Documentation team and a Docs Engineer will respond to requests and questions posted here within the following week.


We'll be publishing a more formal survey of customer documentation usage and needs here in the coming weeks. Stay tuned.


As always, thanks for reading the docs.