How do Jive's release notes go from a quality engineer's notes to customer-facing and comprehensible in 200 characters or less? We thought it would be fun to show you some of our Before and After release notes.


Getting from Before to After typically involves:

  • Reading the full issue report in Jira
  • Testing the issue and/or discussing it with the QA reporter so that we fully understand the issue
  • Rewriting the issue summary so that it's easier for customers to understand
  • Adding any known workarounds for the issue so that customers can better assess risk for implementing the newest release
  • Publishing the final release notes in the Jive Community


This Release Note Went from This...To This
reflected XSS in mobile admin pagesFixed cross-site scripting vulnerability on Admin Console: Mobile page
plugin doesn't gracefully handle connection timeout to Jive Mobile GatewayIf you have a firewall that does not allow outbound connections, the registration process will return a "temporarily unavailable" timeout error
NPE is possible in hostname length validationNull pointer exception may occur during hostname length validation
Relative date in Recommended for You is using the original publish date instead of the modification date by the user listed, may have to do with minor edits

Date of an item in Recommended for You may show the item's publication date instead of the modification date

Office files with metadata being attached to another content type can cause sync issuesIn Jive Connects for Office, file attachments may point to their original container