With the release of the latest version of Jive Cloud, we'd like to let you know about some of the improvements and additions we've made to the Cloud documentation for:

A helpful overview of the new features we documented is in the Release Notes here.


Jive Core Docs

  • Making Decisions (aka Structured Outcomes) -- This new section of the documentation includes an example of how the Making Decisions feature works, plus descriptions of what kinds of marks you can make, who can mark what, and how to mark content items as Decision, Needs Action, or Final. There's also a section here about reviewing, taking ownership, and resolving Actions.
  • Purposeful Place Templates -- We've added new help topics for both end users and admins. The Creating a Group workflow and information about space creation have also changed to integrate Place Templates.
  • Deal Room and Jive in Salesforce -- Check out basic info about how to use Deal Room in Jive and how to install it and bring Deal Rooms into Salesforce.
  • Impact Metrics -- Here's an overview of Impact Metrics, and how to make them work for you.
  • embed.ly -- Minor changes here to call out the new functionality of status updates.
  • Custom Nav Links -- Community managers can now add a custom button in the main navigation. Community managers add this button through the Customize Your Site interface.
  • eDiscovery -- Searching community content and exporting it as XML is now available for legal situations. Note that this requires Support to provide sysadmin access. eDiscovery Search
  • Box integration -- We added capability for using Box.com instead of a binstore or the database for storing file uploads. Read about the feature here and how to set it up here.

Plugin Docs Updates

As usual, we welcome your feedback about any and all of the above!