As we move into the second half of 2019, Aurea is making significant strides towards our next-generation ESB.  We have been meeting with clients on our detailed roadmap - and we’ve begun sharing our plans to deliver a Hybrid Integration Platform in 2020. And as we look to the future with a solid roadmap in front of us, we’ve determined we need to make another fundamental change, around the name of the offering


We initially chose the name CX (Customer Experience) Platforms, because these solutions provide foundational technology behind some of the world’s greatest customer experiences. However, these solutions have grown in scope - expanding to interface with systems across the entire enterprise, as well as with critical, external entities. Given this broader scale, we want to ensure our customers understand the power these products can deliver in integrating disparate systems, including that managed on-premise, in the public cloud or privately hosted.


And more broadly, the integration of all these systems can dramatically accelerate Digital Transformation across the enterprise - which is a critical initiative for all of our customers. To ensure our customers - and the entire market - understand the power of these products, we are excited to announce that our CX Platform products will now be known collectively as Aurea Integration Solutions. Individually, the product names will retain their descriptive convention, simply prefaced with Aurea so they can be characterized more individually:


  • CX Messenger is now Aurea Messenger
  • CX Monitor is now Aurea Monitor
  • CX Process is now Aurea Process


“Integration”  intuitively demonstrates how these solutions enable connections across complex application environments with multiple deployment models. The name change also signals our commitment to delivering the most advanced Hybrid Integration Platform in the market.  As Aurea Integration Solutions evolve and adapt to the needs of our clients, excited to share this journey with you, and will continue to update you on our progress.