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Today, I wanted to remind you about Adobe’s plan to “end- of-life” Flash.  On December 31st of this year, Adobe will officially stop supporting and distributing Adobe Flash. Subsequently, all major browsers (including Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, Firefox, Google Chrome and others) will discontinue and block Adobe Flash from being used effectively ending an era of internet technology .


What does this mean for your Aurea products?

Previous versions of Aurea Process and Aurea Monitor depend on Adobe Flash for specific capabilities in the user interface.  Adobe Flash is a core component in the UI in the existing versions that most of you have deployed and are using today.  Due to the end-of-life of Flash these capabilities will no longer work in most browsers and will not continue to be supported by Aurea.

Aurea Process
If you’ve already upgraded to the Aurea Process 2020.1 release, Flash has been completely removed,replacing the components with identical, non-Flash based capabilities.

If you haven’t upgraded to Aurea Process 2020.1 yet, our Professional Services team offers a Standard Upgrade package that can get you on the latest, non-Flash version quickly and affordably. The package upgrades the installation components and up to 10 applications deployed on your platform in a non-production environment. Additionally we will provide you with a playbook for promoting the environment to production. Finally, it also includes 30 days of post migration support.

Aurea Monitor

Currently, Adobe Flash powers the user interface that allows you to visually walk through a particular flow to the root cause analysis in Aurea Monitor. It is also used for other features including flow maps and dashboards.

In the next Aurea Monitor release coming later this year, Adobe Flash will be completely removed however, the upgrade is not a drop in replacement.  There have been architectural changes in the product that will require the Agents and the Intermediaries to be installed in a slightly different manner.

Read more about the changes to Aurea Monitor architecture here

While it is not a difficult upgrade, it will require preparation and several new steps you may not be familiar with. For most Aurea Monitor customers, we recommend a Standard Upgrade package to make the entire process simple and seamless.


Our Standard Package  allows you to quickly upgrade from any Monitor version (2013 or later) to the latest release, Aurea Professional Services will help you upgrade one Management Server and up to 20 Monitor Agents in a non-production environment.  Once successful, you simply promote it into your production environment.


The standard package also includes 30 days of post-migration support to help customers make the upgrade as smooth as possible. 


Contact Us to learn more about Upgrade Assistance


With nearly half the year behind us, it’s time to start planning. The sooner we help you upgrade to the new version, the less risk you incur by still being dependent on Adobe Flash.