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In the webinar you can hear how Aurea Integration Solutions are evolving to serve you even more effectively, including:


How Aurea's new Enterprise offering enables better performance, cloud deployments and automated monitoring


How to leverage Aurea's cloud solutions to simplify and reduce costs while maximizing your integration capabilities




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Hello Customer Experience Platform community!

As you know, the GDPR for European customers comes into effect on May 25th, 2018 with regulations around data privacy requirements to protect your personal data. At Aurea, data protection is of critical importance so we are committed not only to our own compliance, but also helping our customers address the GDPR requirements that are relevant to our products and services.

To stay on top of Aurea communications regarding GDPR, CXP customers should follow the Aurea and GDPR Compliance space (Partners, please follow Aurea and GDPR Compliance - Partners).  If you are unsure how to follow a place, please see How to Follow Places in AureaWorks.

Just looking for the GDPR white paper for CXP customers? You can find them here:

Please do not ask questions regarding GDPR on this blog. If you have GDPR questions, please reach out to your Account Manager.