Hello ALSS community!

Thank you for joining us here in AureaWorks, I'm excited to continue our conversation about our Aurea Compliance Manager (ACM) Suite of Products and our investments in Aurea's Life Sciences Solutions (ALSS) business unit.


ACM (formerly NextDocs) was Aurea's 8th acquisition, and formed the basis for our Life Sciences business unit. Today more than ever, these products and the customers who use them continue to inform our viewpoint on how we can grow our business through delivering exceptional products to address regulatory, quality and compliant document management capabilities.  Aurea's focus is to invest deeply and expand the capabilities of the products that we acquire. I'm excited about the progress that we've made and am even more excited about future.


Here are some key milestones that we’ve achieved:

  • We developed a Platinum Support offering for premium support that specifically addresses the needs of the vast majority of our customers, including 24/7 support, managed upgrades, architecture reviews, and dedicated resources to manage issues and keep customers apprised of progress and adherence to SLAs.
  • We have created Aurea Compliance Manager (ACM) Enterprise Edition, which combines the strengths of our different product modules into a single platform. With the Enterprise Edition we focus on delivering new capabilities that meet current and future needs for integration technologies in a rapidly changing and increasingly digital economy.


We also know that there have been some challenges along the way and we continue to work hard to identify these and make course corrections.

  • We’ve spent considerable time working on making our support model both responsive and tailored to address the kinds of questions and issues that our diverse set of customers may have.
  • We have made great strides on our goal of “drop-in replacement” upgrades to eliminate the difficulty of taking advantage of the latest release without the major hurdle associated with migrations.
  • We plan to leverage this community to provide far more transparency and opportunities for input in the roadmap and release schedule.


Stayed tuned for the next installment of my blog where we begin to address the roadmap for ACM in 2018.


I welcome any questions or comments, feel free to post them below!


Matt Walz




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