• How do I turn TLS encryption on for my Lyris 11.1?

    Hoping someone can help me.  We are using Lyris 11.1 on premises.  Email are not going out encrypted.  How do I turn on encryption? Thanks!!
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  • Is there a way to extract settings of a list via SQL?

    Hello there, I need to figure out how many of our 500+ lists are set up as discussion lists v. announcement/marketing lists. Has anybody done this via MSSQL? Most SQL queries I've seen are centered on members of a ...
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    created by jaimegz
  • how to track opened emails?

    I'm using Lyris LM version 12.3.6.   I am trying to test tracking of opened emails.   I sent a test message tracking the opening of the emails. I opened the email from 2 of the recipients mailboxes, and t...
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  • Creating a list with Subscribe capabilities

    I need assistance with creating a list that allows people to subscribe to the list via email or web link. Is that possible, and if so how can I accomplish this?
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  • Migrate List Manager to another subnet

    what is the procedure on how to change the IP address for the application server?
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  • can a lyris message be sent to a phone number as a text message

    This is a question from my management.  If a phone number is listed as the email address, will the message be sent/received?
  • Is there an MSSQL query to get the number of members on ALL lists? I'm running SQL 2016.

    I am looking for an SQL query to get a total sum of the number of members for each list. Do you have a suggestion? Thanks.
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  • What is the difference between ALM (on premise) and Lyris/cam (saas)?

    Does ALM still exists? How can we use it (license etc.)? What is the difference to lyris/cam (cloud solution)? Is there an integration to acrm? At the moment we are trying to use lyris/cam with our crm and have some s...
  • Has anyone integrated ListManager with the Edge browser?

    Has anyone encountered user compatibility issues on Microsoft's Edge browser for the web UI for ListManager?   The application is running version 12.1.18 and will updated to 12.1.21 (shortly after an OS upgrade ...
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