Communications is the lifeline of your business. Organizations need to ensure safe and proper delivery of their communications and Aurea Messaging Solutions is designed with this in mind. Aurea wants to keep building on these strengths, bringing the platform into the new decade with added flexibility and functionality.


Customers using our Email Security service have been migrated to a new provider that will surely deliver more and give them better protection for their emails. Back in 2015 Aurea partnered with SpamTitan a leader in the email security business with over 18 years of experience to deliver a better security service for our customers.


Email Archival and Email Continuity have been through some structural changes in 2017 both at the architecture level and also in its functionality. Native Office 365 support is the biggest achievement, and now customers can archive directly from within an Office 365 environment without having Exchange on-premise components installed. A great plus point for customers migrating to Office 365.


In 2018 we are looking at addressing some crucial factors in Email Archival and Continuity primarily in the speed or searching/retrieval of items, stability/uptime and also scalability. Apart from this, we are currently building a newly revamped UI using modern web technologies enabling easier access from a wide range of devices.


Please continue to use the AureaWorks community to communicate and engage with us at Aurea. Ask questions, exchange information with us and other customers, bring in ideas and use the information here to stay aligned with the product vision and capabilities you can use from now on.


I'm looking forward to a great 2018 and for many years with you as an Aurea customer!


Ian Bugeja





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