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Today we are launching Ideation in this community to better empower you, our Jive community, to share and collaborate on your Great Big Ideas and on new features and improvements you'd like to see in SBS.


Ideation adds a new content type, Ideas, to the Feature Discussion Community. You'll see them on the main page, in a new tab, and listed in the navigation menus. You can submit ideas just like you have started discussions, but you can also vote on ideas. (Votes are much easier to see and track than +1s!) Ideas also have stages, which the Jive Product Team will be updating to give you insight into where ideas stand.


What's changing?

The Feature Discussion area is a great resource for new ideas and feedback for Jive. With today's addition of Ideas, we’re bringing better tools, structure, and transparency to the process. You will no longer need to submit feature and improvement requests as general discussions or as support tickets. Instead, add your ideas and votes here to help us prioritize. We'll update the stage on each idea so that you can always tell where things stand in our planning.


What's expected of community members?

Innovating anything is a collaborative and thought-filled process. We want to hear your ideas and we need your votes to help prioritize.


We encourage you to use the power of the Jive community to get your well-articulated ideas noticed, voted for, refined, and evolved in a way that matters. Have a blog? Know how to tweet? Belong to other communities that would care? Let them know what you most want to see in SBS and get them to chime in.


Vote thoughtfully, for what matters. If everyone votes for everything, it makes it that much harder to figure out what’s truly important.


How will sharing Ideas make things better?

Ideas give you a more transparent view into what other members think is important (or not), where you can help, and where things are in our process.


Where can I learn more?

Check out the Jive Product Ideation Process and FAQ for more details about what happens to your ideas and when you can expect updates.

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