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02.25.2013: Video Plugin Update for Jive

As you may already be aware from our previous announcements, 4.5 support was extended through April 15th 2013.


The time has finally come to End Of Life (EOL) 4.5 and the following services: 4.5 BOBJ and 4.5 JSME (Jive Social Media Monitoring)

What does EOL mean?

When a major version of Jive software is no longer supported it means a couple of things:

  1. Engineering will no longer be producing scheduled patch releases; all bugs will be fixed in the newer, supported releases only
  2. Any customer reporting an issue on an EOL version that cannot be reproduced on the latest release, or is known to be fixed in a later release, will be told to upgrade to have their issue fixed

What do I do?

  • Get your upgrade on!  Now is a good time to move into the cloud.
Can I still open support tickets and get help?
  • Yes - but no new patches or fixes will be created for 4.5.  So if you do find a bug, it will only be fixed in newer versions.
When will the 4.5 additional services stop functioning?
  • 90 days after the EOL of 4.5 there will be a discontinuation of the following services:
    • 4.5 BOBJ (Business Objects)
    • 4.5 JSME (Jive Social Media Monitoring)
How can I ask more questions or get more information around the 4.5 or 4.5 BOBJ EOL?
  • Please contact your Sales representative or open a Support ticket with the title '4.5 EOL'


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