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We are pleased to announce the availability of Jive You can download from your purchases page.


This release provides a fix for a permissions issue that caused Community Managers to lose access to key parts of the admin console, and also exposed a SAML SSO configuration screen that community managers don't have rights to configure. An additional issue caused problems with access to screens under Spaces > Settings.


This release also fixes the following known issues:


JIVE-50830 - Need to update Box integration to accommodate upcoming Box API changes

JIVE-50949 - Deleting a group that includes images in comments that are in a draft state can cause a database deadlock

Incredible Design and Powerful New Features for Jive and JiveX

There's no better way to wrap up the week, than with an upgrade. We're super excited that the upgrade to the Fall 2014 Cloud release for Jive and JiveX happens tonight! Our Customers and Partners have been apprised of the upgrade window, which should only take a 30-60 minutes for each Jive instance. If there are questions or concerns, please contact Support. When the upgrade is complete, we'll post to this blog, again.

Of course with any upgrade, a few reminders and important links are in order…


Features at a Glance

This release is PACKED with great stuff for Jive and JiveX! We cover this in detail, elsewhere, but here's a summary. Note that many features are optional and can be configured, enabled or disabled by an administrator. Additionally, some features are only available for Jive or JiveX, specifically—see the documentation for details.

Note that many of these features (and more) will be available for customers upgrading to Jive 8 (hosted and on-prem) in 2015—stay tuned!

  • Jive Connectors for Office 365 and SharePoint Online
  • Jive Connector for Google Docs (beta)
  • Jive Mobile Apps for iOS and Android have been updated
  • Top and Trending Activity: We now show the best content first in the activity stream
  • Enhanced Design: high definition icons and a new look and feel to individual activity stream entries
  • Identify the Most Helpful Content: Drive faster answers and quickly navigate questions.
  • Prove ROI: New reports to provide on how many people are marking content as 'helpful'
  • Impact Metrics: Support has been added for newly uploaded videos, plus influencer data capture improvements, and reach for private and secret groups has been replaced with a "unique viewers" metric.
  • Role Badges: Highlight special groups of users with icons that stand out. (Intended primarily for JiveX, Jive administrators have access to this feature as well.)
  • Selectable Structured Outcomes and Administrator Configuration
  • New Mobile Home Page: Customize a responsive mobile experience
  • Ask a Question, Answered Questions and Unanswered Questions for Places and the Mobile Home Page
  • Theming Tool Enhancements: Manage images as part of an exportable theme and add translations to the main toolbar.
  • New Cloud Search Architecture: Enables social signal boosting and improves the experience for recently created content
  • Our robots.txt can now be modified and Antivirus now available


Deep Dives

Our Product team has developed a number of "Deep Dives" with screenshots and additional details on key features in the release. Be sure to check them out!

Deep Dive - Activity Streams update and showing the Best content first

Deep Dive - Design Evolution in the Fall Cloud release

The specified item was not found.

Deep Dive - Google for Work in Jive Cloud 2014 Fall release

Deep Dive - Configurable Outcomes, Better Q&A and ROI Reporting

Deep Dive - Theming and Branding Enhancements

Feature Defaults in Fall 2014 Cloud Release



Our documentation team has updated the Jive documentation to include all of the new features, plus release notes and important details:

Back by popular demand! A few months back, I wrote The specified item was not found., which I many of you told me you found helpful. I also heard a lot of feedback at this year's JiveWorld that customers wanted more information on how to manage the rollout of new features themselves. This post is your guide to where to change Jive/JiveX Fall 2014 features. After your community is upgraded, you'll be able to make changes as outlined in this guide. (Note also that our Documentation will be updated soon, and will include many more details on these features.)

Note the differences with Jive (employee) and JiveX (external) as well as Upgrades (existing Jive communities) and New communities.



Default: Upgrades

Default: New

DetailsTo Make Changes
Structured Outcomes

Jive: Enabled

JiveX: Enabled

Jive: Enabled

JiveX: Disabled (except for Helpful)

You can now turn individual outcomes (final, official, etc.) on and off and these changes will be reflected within the desktop / responsive experience across Jive.

In the Admin Console, go to System > Settings > Structured Outcomes

Under "Select which Structured Outcomes to make available in your community." check or uncheck the outcomes you want to disable.


(Note: You can still enable/disable the feature entirely on this page.)

Activity: Top and Trending

Jive: Fixed

JiveX: Fixed

Jive: Fixed

JiveX: Fixed

The "Activity" page has been updated to focus on Top and Trending activity, Trending People, Recommended Content, Recommended People and Recommended Places. These changes are powered by the Jive Recommender service with enhancements to the number and variety of results. At the same time we have made changes to the display of the results in a more 'mosaic' pattern to visually show that time is no longer the concept that is organizing the results.

This is an improvement over the previous activity, though power users still have the flexibility of creating their own streams of activity, as well as leveraging the new stream to see if their content is top!

Role Badges

Jive: Disabled

JiveX: Disabled

Jive: Disabled

JiveX: Disabled

A special type of badge that highlights the role a person has in the community. These are assigned by user group and it works independent of Advanced Gamification.



Choose from:

  • Administrator - show who's helping manage the community
  • Champion - great for recognizing influencers in your JiveX community
  • Employee - easily identify people in your organization vs. customers, partners and external contributors
  • Expert - recognize key community members or those with special certifications
  • Moderator - make it clear when someone is calling the shots on what's allowed
  • Support - show who's there to help and differentiate your support staff from your customers

In the Admin Console, go to People > Management > User Group Summary (or Create User Group)


When editing a User Group, you have the option of enabling a role badge with a custom icon. There are 6 fixed roles to choose from, all of which are fully localized in the Jive web application.

Responsive "Mobile" Home Page

Jive: Enabled

JiveX: Enabled

Not Configured

Jive: Enabled

JiveX: Enabled

Not Configured

The Jive fall release adds this new ability for your community admin to select from a wide variety of Jive tiles to place on the responsive mobile home page.Important: You'll want to configure something here, since this is the home page for all mobile/responsive users.


By default, there are three (unconfigured) tiles for Image, Ask a Question, and Key Content and Places.

From the User menu, choose Mobile Home Page, then click Edit page.


Note: This has no effect on the Jive Mobile Apps for iOS and Android.


Jive: Disabled

JiveX: Disabled

Jive: Disabled

JiveX: Disabled

Unsubscribe (from emails) is now a quick link you can add to any outbound email. Just enable and your users will see the option in every email footer to quickly turn off all future email notifications.In the Admin Console, go to System > Settings > Message TemplatesClick the action to edit the email footer and on the configuration page, choose "Yes" beneath "Give users the option to automatically unsubscribe to all emails from this community."
Connectors for Office/Outlook Online

Jive: Disabled

JiveX: Disabled

Jive: Disabled

JiveX: Disabled

Jive Connector for Office Online eliminates the hurdle of working in Office documents, spreadsheets and presentations across on-premise and cloud versions. You can now co-author Office 365 files directly from Jive or bring Jive to Office 365, across any device or operating system.


Jive Connector for Outlook Online brings relevant Jive content and conversations into Outlook email threads for easy reference, while enabling the conversion of emails to Jive discussions. View and reply to conversations directly in Outlook Online, while applying structured outcomes.

Optional capability.
Connector for SharePoint Online

Jive: Disabled

JiveX: Disabled

Jive: Disabled

JiveX: Disabled

Using the Office 365 web document integration in the Jive 2014 Fall release, requires that the documents be stored in SharePoint Online which also serves them as web documents. In order for the Office 365 experience to be available for users creating and connecting Jive groups - a Jive admin needs to install the Office 365 & SharePoint Online Add-on.Optional capability.



In the Fall 2014 cloud release, we are excited to add the much anticipated Google Docs integration to our existing portfolio of Google for Work integrations, further strengthening the value of the Jive Communication and Collaboration Hub solution.

The Google Docs integration is added to Google Drive, Google Groups and GMail integrations that have been announced earlier in 2014.


Note: While all other integrations described herein are released, the Google Docs integration is a beta feature. That means we acknowledge that it's a little rough around the edges at this stage, and there's work to be done to make it better. Your feedback is instrumental in improving the integration moving forward.


Why Integrate with Google for Work?


Many of our customers have adopted Google's cloud applications to lower IT costs and improve team productivity with apps that are always up-to-date and accessible from virtually anywhere. And, since Google for Work solutions are mainly about email, documents, and running efficient meetings, Jive Communication and Collaboration Hub is a perfect complement for enabling expertise location, communication and the ability to share the outcomes of all those emails, documents and meetings with people outside your team.


The following diagram describes the scope of the integration between Jive and Google for Work.


Feature Highlights


What it isFeatures

Jive GMail cartridge for Jive Anywhere


(Available in Jive Connector for Gmail )

  • View Jive-triggered messages in GMail web app featuring rich Jive formatting and actions such as like, reply and find related discussions
  • Convert emails to Jive discussions carrying over attachments and embedded images
  • View people (profile) information from Jive in GMail web app
  • Reply to Jive discussions
  • Mark replies for action or decision

Google groups <->Jive Activity


(Available as part of Jive StreamOnce Module)

  • Send email to a Google group and have it create a new Jive activity item in a configured tile
  • Carry over images and attachments to the Jive activity feed
  • Reply/add comment in Jive activity sends email back to the Google group

Google Drive cartridge for Jive Anywhere

  • Select a file in GDrive and create a Jive discussion with an attached file in a designated Jive place

Jive with Google Drive external storage


(Available in Jive Connector for Google Drive)

  • Upload files to a Jive place and have them stored in a connected Google Drive folder
  • Add files to Google Drive and have them sync back to the connected Jive place
  • Copy/Move files from other GDrive locations into a connected GDrive folder and have them sync back to the connected Jive place
  • Add files in sub-folders of a connected GDrive folder and have them sync back to the connected Jive place
Jive Connector for Google Docs (Beta)
  • Render Google Docs within Jive in read-only mode, allowing Jive actions such as Like, Share, Bookmark, Mark as helpful, Apply  structured outcomes, create threaded comments, and follow
  • Render Google Docs within Jive in editing mode supporting full Google Doc capabilities including concurrent authoring of content
  • Create Google Docs in GDrive and have them appear in the connected Jive place
  • Create Google Docs from within Jive, and have them stored in GDrive
  • Search for Google docs within Jive, utilizing full indexed search of document content
  • Get push notifications on new Google Docs and document changes in the connected place activity feed
  • Sync Jive comments on a Google Doc with document-level comments within Google Drive/Doc
  • Selectively enable bidirectional sync that pushes content-highlighted comments in GDocs into the comment thread of the document in Jive


Walk Through & How To


Jive GMail Cartridge


To use the Jive for GMail Cartridge, do the following:

  • Make sure all your desired users have Google accounts with GMail enabled. Note that these need to be business account, rather than consumer GMail accounts.
  • Install Jive Anywhere 2.3 on the browser of your choice and connect it to your Jive Cloud instance featuring the latest Fall 2014 release.
  • Install the Jive Anywhere cartridge for Mail Online via your Jive Admin console.


Comments and mentions that trigger email notification (per user configuration) will show up in GMail as rich Jive views with actions such as reply, Like and Mark for action.

The GMail cartridge also features a Jive-enriched view of all the participants of the email

Regular emails can be converted to discussions and synced to a designated place or jive user.

Any embedded images or files can be uploaded as attachments to the newly created discussion.

Several discussions may exist per a given email, and in such case, a note on pre-existing discussions is provided in the web application.


Google Groups <-> Jive Activity Sync


Group owners can add stream integration feeds that will display activities of emails sent to a Google group. This functionality is similar to the connection of a group with a Microsoft Exchange Distribution list (DL).

Configuration requires an authenticated Google user and a name of the Google Group to sync with the Jive place.

Once a Jive place is connected to a Google group - any emails sent to the Google group will appear as activity feeds in the Group activity page.

Users can reply/comment on  activity items and that will trigger an email to the associated Google group.


Google Drive Cartridge


With this complimentary JiveAnywhere cartridge, you can select several files in Google Drive and attach them to a newly created Jive discussion.

Note that the attachments are uploaded at creation time, and unlike the Google Drive external storage for groups (see next) file updates are not maintained.


Google Drive external storage for Groups


To use Google Drive external storage for Jive places, do the following:


  • Make sure you have a Google business account
  • Have a Jive admin configure a Google Drive external storage provider (ESP) under the Add-ons->Storage management console
    • Configure the ESP with a designated headless integration user which needs to be defined in the Google business account. This account will own the GDrive folder hierarchy and will delegate permissions to contextual users.
  • Configure a new or existing Jive place to use the defined GDrive storage provider


When the Google Drive external storage Add-on is installed and available, users can configure jive places to use Google Drive as external storage.
Once a Jive place is configured to work with GDrive as an external storage provider, all uploaded files will be saved into the connected GDrive root folder
Files can also be uploaded directly in GDrive and will sync back to the connected Jive place


Jive Connector for Google Docs (Beta)


To use Google Drive & Docs for Jive places, the same steps as with configuring Google Drive need to be followed, except that the Add-on is different and

includes both Google Drive and Google Docs.


When the Google Drive & Docs Add-on is installed and available, users can configure jive places to use Google Drive as external storage, and view Google Docs within Jive.

Google documents created either in Google Drive or from Jive are rendered within Jive. These document may be viewed or edited within Jive, using the full set of Google Docs capabilities including concurrent authoring.

In addition, the Document in Jive supports the collaborative Jive functionality such as sharing, following, liking and applying structure outcomes.

Users can  also navigate to the Google document within GDrive by clicking a direct link in Jive.

Note that users need to be logged-in to their associated Google account in the same browser, to be able to view the Google documents within Jive.

When working in Jive places connected to GDrive, users can choose to create Google Docs directly from Jive using a custom menu option.

When doing so, users are presented with a full GoogleDoc editor that auto-saves any edits into the root folder of the connected GDrive location.


Note that although document are created immediately in Google Drive, it may take up to 2 minutes for the newly created documents to sync back to Jive and create a corresponding containing object.

this limitation will be addressed in and upcoming release which will use webhooks for instant synchronization.

Finally, similarly to the Google Drive capabilities of synchronizing files bidirectionally, The Google Docs Add-on allows to create document from either Jive or Google Drive and have them sync back to the connected Jive place.


Frequently Asked Questions


What version of Jive is supported with the new Google Docs integrationThe new Google Docs  integration is released as BETA with the Jive 2014 Fall cloud release. Future hosted/on-prem may support this integration as well.
What components are necessary to enable the Google Docs integration ?

The new integration is powered by several Jive frameworks and technologies including External storage framework (ESF) and Jive Anywhere (JA). The integration is packaged in a Jive Add-on that distributes and installs the necessary components.

At this point the JA cartridge needs to be installed separately.

How do i upgrade an existing  GDrive Add-on to the new GDrive+GDcos Add-on ?

The Google Docs add-on is separate from the Google Drive one (which is packaged within the StreamOnce Add-on). As such, users can add the new Google Docs Add-on to existing cloud deployment that already use GDrive.

For configuring existing "GDrive" groups to support Google Docs as well - contact support.

How long will Google Docs be in betaThe current plan is to release Google Docs for general availability in the next cloud release, expected around Feb/Mar 2015 time frame. This plan is subject to change depending on customer feedback or any other considerations.
What integrations am i entitled for ?

JiveAnywhere Google Drive cartridge is free of charge and available to all customers in all deployment models, and so is the Google group activity sync integration.

Google Drive external storage for groups is available to all cloud customers.

GMail and Google Docs integration are available for cloud customers with Essentials+ or Enterprise


Known Issues & Limitations


Google Drive only supports up to 5000 users when adding a user-explicit permission to a folder.a Jive group with more than 5000 members will not provision users 5001 and up on the GDrive folder and despite the fact that the users will have access to the Jive group - they will not be able to access the GDrive folder and content

use spaces instead of groups for large membership places.

Jive Spaces support permission groups.

Google Drive only supports up to 10000 users per Google groupthe 10001 jive user joining a Jive group, will not be provisioned for access in GDrive and will not be able to access the contentUse spaces instead of groups for large membership places
For the integration between Jive and Google Drive/Docs to work, the user name and user email in Jive must match the username (=email) in Google. Typically this would be a corporate email user Id.#NA#NA

By default the comment syncing is unidirectional (Jive->GDoc at the document level).

In order to enable bidirectional sync (Jive->GDoc at the document level; GDoc->Jive at the text level) the group admin needs to delete the group tile (which is created automatically) and configure it again.

only unidirectional comment syncing is available by default. changing it is not intuitiveconsult documentation for reconfiguring




Although the Google Docs integration is in its infancy, we are already gearing up for a much more robust and feature-rich version for our next cloud releases, and are excited to hear from customers and partners. Please be sure to share your feedback in the community.

In our Fall Release we made quite a few enhancements to extend the powers that admins have to brand and theme their Jive or JiveX environment.  Read on for more detail and thoughts.


Theming tool improvements - Image Uploads

Image management within themes can be a bit tricky, so in the fall release we have simplified the process of getting these theme specific images uploaded directly into Jive and associated to the theme.  One sticking point was moving themes between instances.  If you wanted to create a theme in one Jive instance and move it to another it could be a bit labor intensive since the theme was not exported with images.  The fall release fixes this problem!  All the resources will be placed in the Jive instance and cached by the Jive cloud content delivery network for high performance local access across the world.




Theming tool improvements - Internationalized user-bar

For anyone setting up a multi-language community you realize the need to direct users who speak different languages to different web results.  This means directing different users to different links either in the community or on your website.


For example, you may want to direct all French speakers to the French product community, rather then 'all users see the same URL'.   Well, in the fall release you can create 1 user bar link that reacts to the user's language!  That means having an English user see a url similar to 'english = /english-community' and a French user will see the url 'french = /french-community' check out the image to see an example of translating existing user-bar navigation links.




Role Badges

Gamification is great for highlighting what users have earned some level of reputation by answering questions, blogging, attending events, or some other action of high value to your community.  But, sometimes you just need a different way to highlight that someone has an expertise.  For example, an employee who has gone through all the training that your company provides should be highlighted in some special way, even if they are brand new to your community.  Sounds like a job for a special type of badge that highlights the role a person has in the community, a Role Badge.


How does this work?  Select an image to upload and apply it across any subset of users that you want: support users, employees, customer champions, experts.  You can re-use any of the pre-defined list of 6 different roles along with your own self uploaded icon / image.

Few things to note:

  • Role names: At the moment the titles of the roles can not be changed, this was done on purpose so that we could collect feedback as well as make sure that our titles were fully internationalized.
  • Icons: You can actually have multiple 'support' role badges with different icons. Or 3 sets champions with different color icons, so feel free to mix and match!



Responsive Mobile Home Configuration

When Jive launched our responsive mobile browser design we got feedback that community managers needed more control over what mobile browser users see when they view the community home page.  The Jive fall release adds this new ability for your community admin to select from a wide variety of Jive tiles to place on the responsive mobile home page.  Access the home page from your user dropdown, select the tiles you want and publish.  You can quickly build out a marketing, partner or customer service focused landing page for all your mobile browser users!

Now, some might be asking why we don't just make the main home page responsive.  The easiest explanation is that 3 columns or 2 columns of data does not transition into a seamless mobile browsing experience with 1 column.  So at this time the best way to make sure your mobile users have a predictable experience is to give you total control of what they will see.  In the past we had some limited options, now you can choose from many of the best Jive tiles.

What about the Mobile apps?  At this time the customized page is dedicated to the mobile browser view, but we are working towards exciting changes in our Mobile Apps as well.



Additional Updates (Just cause I wanted to talk about them!)

All Jive icons are updated so they are fully supported for HD displays.


Unsubscribe (from emails) for JiveX is now a quick link you can add to any outbound email.  Just enable and your users will see the option in every email footer to quickly turn off all future email notifications.


All the selection calendars have also been improved throughout the interface.In conclusion, there have been a ton of changes to our theming and branding capabilities as well as your ability to create a better brand experience throughout your community!


  • Internationalized userbar
  • Role Badges
  • Theming tool Image Uploads
  • Mobile Home configuration
  • HD Icons
  • Email footer 'unsubscribe' option
  • Better calendar selector


Expect even more in the next release, we are working on some really cool additions that I will be blogging more about in the coming months.

Activity streams are one of the key areas that new users within a community visit when coming to a site.  Their initial experience is determined by what content shows up here, and it becomes their starting point to click through and participate in the conversation.


"Traditional" Jive Activity Streams:

With traditional activity streams (the Jive experience across the board before our fall release) a user will see whatever was just created or modified.  That could be a four year old document that just got modified or commented on, or a newly created discussion.


Quick rant for external communities: It is almost always wrong to show un-engaging or outdated content 'front and center' for every new and returning user in the community to see.   Time based activity streams provide a very limited view into the value of a community, time based streams are better as a 'firehose' of information, meant to be filtered and cut down to a manageable feed.


Trending / Value based Activity Streams in the Fall Release:

In the fall release we are beginning the move towards activity streams that present content that is the most valuable for the end user.


     trending-streams.pngScreen Shot 2014-10-01 at 5.38.03 PM.png



So what actually changed?

The biggest change is to the purpose of the main "Activity" page.


"Activity" has been updated to focus on Top and Trending activity, Trending People, Recommended Content, Recommended People and Recommended Places.  These changes are powered by the Jive Recommender service with enhancements to the number and variety of results.  At the same time we have made changes to the display of the results in a more 'mosaic' pattern to visually show that time is no longer the concept that is organizing the results.


Experience changes:

  • New users will be presented with the top and trending content in the community as a primary experience.
  • Returning users will see a blend of content since their last visit as well as recommended content they may have missed in their last visit.
  • Power users still have the flexibility of creating their own streams of activity, as well as leveraging the new stream to see if their content is top!


Overall stream improvements meant to boost click through rates:As many social sites have found, images drive views.  So now all activity stream entries will pull images from the content to make their entries more 'clickable' and better drive users to read the whole post.  Throughout Jive and JiveX you will experience easier to read and more dynamic activity streams.

Activity_entries.pngScreen Shot 2014-10-08 at 3.59.31 PM.png

Future vision:

Imagine visiting a product space for the first time, you likely want to see a wider view of the best content over the last few weeks or potentially months.  But what if you come back after a few days?  The system will present a snippet of activity since your last visit.Community managers will also gain the ability to push featured content into the main activity streams to create a perfect blend of curated content, community trending content and recommended content that is based on the user's connections to other people in the community.You can also expect better intelligence on the recommendations, and thus better trending content logic.


Jive Past:

  • As a user I navigate to the community and see recent activity from the last few minutes.

Jive Fall Release:

  • As a user I navigate to the community activity and see the top and trending content in the community from the last few hours/days.

In the JiveX Fall release blog we touched on structured outcome management and analytics improvements for our JiveX fall release.  This blog is meant to dive deeper into the feature and cover some of the underlying changes and thoughts around them.



Structured outcomes improvements:

Based on feedback from our JiveX customers we decided to make further improvements to the admin's control over 'structured outcomes' (Mark As: final, official, success, decision, outdated, helpful, correct etc).


Screen Shot 2014-11-03 at 1.58.43 PM.png


You can now turn outcomes on and off and these changes will be reflected within the desktop / responsive experience across Jive.  The goal here was to provide JiveX customers with an easy way to remove the more 'task' oriented aspects of outcomes and instead leverage the more knowledge base centric 'final / outdated' outcomes. In our Spring release we made outcomes controllable via permissions, and now that you can turn some outcomes on or off - an admin can effectively leverage outcomes as they see fit.


Note :  Since this feature was built for JiveX, the assumption is a vast majority of users will be using browser based versions of JiveX.  There are a few areas in Jive for Outlook and the Jive Mobile App where If you have items marked with outcomes and then turn them off, those outcomes will still be shown.


Auto Mark Answer:

One of the more difficult situations for a community is when questions go unanswered.  Maybe the person who asked the question never marked a comment as the correct answer, or maybe they never returned.  Either situation results in quite a few questions that might have great responses, but no official 'answer.'  Luckily, in the fall release we decided to bring in an 'auto answer' feature to help out all community managers dealing with this problem.  You can now set a threshold of 'helpful' votes on any question before it is marked as 'assumed answered' for the community.  The default is 10 helpful replies, which is adjustable in the administration console (the above screenshot shows the configuration towards the bottom).


A More Helpful 'Helpful':




Being able to mark replies in Jive as 'helpful' has been around for quite some time, and is quite useful in identifying the best replies to any specific discussion.  When 'like' was introduced we noticed how quickly 'liking' overtook any other action that users could leverage on content.  Community members were effectively using 'like' to identify replies as 'helpful' or 'funny' or even 'thanks.'  Over the last few releases we have made changes to 'helpful' - going from a feature that only the author of the content could leverage towards more of a community accessible feedback tool.    But, something was still missing, and the fall release will put this to rest.  Now anyone can quickly mark 'helpful' with the dedicated quick button and multiple users can mark the same reply or comment as 'helpful' which brings the community more control.  Helpful has also been added to the Jive inbox, replies, document comments, blog comments and more.


On top of helpful being easier to leverage across the community, we also added the option to choose if a reply is not helpful.  This means even more data across replies to your question.  8 out of 11 people thought a reply was helpful?  Pretty good.  5 out of 100?  Not so much.  This option is on for JiveX and off for Jive by default.


Helpful Roll-up badge:

Imagine a discussion with 500 replies across multiple pages' worth of content.  How can you find the best reply as quickly as possible?  In the fall release we have made sure to extend the roll-up badges to 'helpful' votes.  The 'most helpful' content will rise to the top of the roll-up, which gives your users or the community manager easy access to find the most helpful replies across even the longest of threads.




I have the same question

Every discussion now has a simple one click action that your community members and guests can leverage to denote that they have the same question.  These 'votes' on the question will impact how community managers assess priority which questions to answer first, because a question affects a hundred people versus only one is quite a sign.


I have the same question2.png


We also added the ability to filter all questions based on the number of users that have marked the 'I have the same question' option.  This filter can be applied to any content browsing page throughout Jive or JiveX.


Screen Shot 2014-10-16 at 8.20.14 AM.png


Analytics and Reports

With the changes to 'helpful', we expect a larger group of users to self identify when they have found something to be 'helpful' when browsing through a community.  This data is critical to a community admin who wants to better prove that their community is enabling users to find answers and is deflecting questions that could have become support cases.  Combine the new 'helpful' and 'correct' report with the 'views of answered questions' and you have a much clearer picture of how many users are being helped by your community on a daily, weekly or across a custom time period.


Who viewed answered questions:



Users marking helpful and correct:

Screen Shot 2014-10-17 at 8.09.30 AM.png


Last but not least - You really should connect your Jive instance to the Data Export Service.

The Data Export Service will gather the activity across your Jive instance for integration via BI tool or download and analysis via CSV.  The new Service UI allows you to run quick reports to see what kind of data would be returned.  A great jumpstart for anyone trying to figure out interesting data to collect or analyze in jive.




In the Fall Release there have been a ton of improvements focused on improving how our JiveX and Jive communities can do the following:

  • Simplify the Community Manager's job through better Q&A Automation and by more easily Identifying final / official content.
  • Improve case deflection by allowing your community to self identify the most helpful replies to questions and comments with the redesigned 'helpful' functionality.
  • Better prove ROI with new reports and easier access to our data export service.

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