Activity streams are one of the key areas that new users within a community visit when coming to a site.  Their initial experience is determined by what content shows up here, and it becomes their starting point to click through and participate in the conversation.


"Traditional" Jive Activity Streams:

With traditional activity streams (the Jive experience across the board before our fall release) a user will see whatever was just created or modified.  That could be a four year old document that just got modified or commented on, or a newly created discussion.


Quick rant for external communities: It is almost always wrong to show un-engaging or outdated content 'front and center' for every new and returning user in the community to see.   Time based activity streams provide a very limited view into the value of a community, time based streams are better as a 'firehose' of information, meant to be filtered and cut down to a manageable feed.


Trending / Value based Activity Streams in the Fall Release:

In the fall release we are beginning the move towards activity streams that present content that is the most valuable for the end user.


     trending-streams.pngScreen Shot 2014-10-01 at 5.38.03 PM.png



So what actually changed?

The biggest change is to the purpose of the main "Activity" page.


"Activity" has been updated to focus on Top and Trending activity, Trending People, Recommended Content, Recommended People and Recommended Places.  These changes are powered by the Jive Recommender service with enhancements to the number and variety of results.  At the same time we have made changes to the display of the results in a more 'mosaic' pattern to visually show that time is no longer the concept that is organizing the results.


Experience changes:

  • New users will be presented with the top and trending content in the community as a primary experience.
  • Returning users will see a blend of content since their last visit as well as recommended content they may have missed in their last visit.
  • Power users still have the flexibility of creating their own streams of activity, as well as leveraging the new stream to see if their content is top!


Overall stream improvements meant to boost click through rates:As many social sites have found, images drive views.  So now all activity stream entries will pull images from the content to make their entries more 'clickable' and better drive users to read the whole post.  Throughout Jive and JiveX you will experience easier to read and more dynamic activity streams.

Activity_entries.pngScreen Shot 2014-10-08 at 3.59.31 PM.png

Future vision:

Imagine visiting a product space for the first time, you likely want to see a wider view of the best content over the last few weeks or potentially months.  But what if you come back after a few days?  The system will present a snippet of activity since your last visit.Community managers will also gain the ability to push featured content into the main activity streams to create a perfect blend of curated content, community trending content and recommended content that is based on the user's connections to other people in the community.You can also expect better intelligence on the recommendations, and thus better trending content logic.


Jive Past:

  • As a user I navigate to the community and see recent activity from the last few minutes.

Jive Fall Release:

  • As a user I navigate to the community activity and see the top and trending content in the community from the last few hours/days.