In our Fall Release we made quite a few enhancements to extend the powers that admins have to brand and theme their Jive or JiveX environment.  Read on for more detail and thoughts.


Theming tool improvements - Image Uploads

Image management within themes can be a bit tricky, so in the fall release we have simplified the process of getting these theme specific images uploaded directly into Jive and associated to the theme.  One sticking point was moving themes between instances.  If you wanted to create a theme in one Jive instance and move it to another it could be a bit labor intensive since the theme was not exported with images.  The fall release fixes this problem!  All the resources will be placed in the Jive instance and cached by the Jive cloud content delivery network for high performance local access across the world.




Theming tool improvements - Internationalized user-bar

For anyone setting up a multi-language community you realize the need to direct users who speak different languages to different web results.  This means directing different users to different links either in the community or on your website.


For example, you may want to direct all French speakers to the French product community, rather then 'all users see the same URL'.   Well, in the fall release you can create 1 user bar link that reacts to the user's language!  That means having an English user see a url similar to 'english = /english-community' and a French user will see the url 'french = /french-community' check out the image to see an example of translating existing user-bar navigation links.




Role Badges

Gamification is great for highlighting what users have earned some level of reputation by answering questions, blogging, attending events, or some other action of high value to your community.  But, sometimes you just need a different way to highlight that someone has an expertise.  For example, an employee who has gone through all the training that your company provides should be highlighted in some special way, even if they are brand new to your community.  Sounds like a job for a special type of badge that highlights the role a person has in the community, a Role Badge.


How does this work?  Select an image to upload and apply it across any subset of users that you want: support users, employees, customer champions, experts.  You can re-use any of the pre-defined list of 6 different roles along with your own self uploaded icon / image.

Few things to note:

  • Role names: At the moment the titles of the roles can not be changed, this was done on purpose so that we could collect feedback as well as make sure that our titles were fully internationalized.
  • Icons: You can actually have multiple 'support' role badges with different icons. Or 3 sets champions with different color icons, so feel free to mix and match!



Responsive Mobile Home Configuration

When Jive launched our responsive mobile browser design we got feedback that community managers needed more control over what mobile browser users see when they view the community home page.  The Jive fall release adds this new ability for your community admin to select from a wide variety of Jive tiles to place on the responsive mobile home page.  Access the home page from your user dropdown, select the tiles you want and publish.  You can quickly build out a marketing, partner or customer service focused landing page for all your mobile browser users!

Now, some might be asking why we don't just make the main home page responsive.  The easiest explanation is that 3 columns or 2 columns of data does not transition into a seamless mobile browsing experience with 1 column.  So at this time the best way to make sure your mobile users have a predictable experience is to give you total control of what they will see.  In the past we had some limited options, now you can choose from many of the best Jive tiles.

What about the Mobile apps?  At this time the customized page is dedicated to the mobile browser view, but we are working towards exciting changes in our Mobile Apps as well.



Additional Updates (Just cause I wanted to talk about them!)

All Jive icons are updated so they are fully supported for HD displays.


Unsubscribe (from emails) for JiveX is now a quick link you can add to any outbound email.  Just enable and your users will see the option in every email footer to quickly turn off all future email notifications.


All the selection calendars have also been improved throughout the interface.In conclusion, there have been a ton of changes to our theming and branding capabilities as well as your ability to create a better brand experience throughout your community!


  • Internationalized userbar
  • Role Badges
  • Theming tool Image Uploads
  • Mobile Home configuration
  • HD Icons
  • Email footer 'unsubscribe' option
  • Better calendar selector


Expect even more in the next release, we are working on some really cool additions that I will be blogging more about in the coming months.