Incredible Design and Powerful New Features for Jive and JiveX

There's no better way to wrap up the week, than with an upgrade. We're super excited that the upgrade to the Fall 2014 Cloud release for Jive and JiveX happens tonight! Our Customers and Partners have been apprised of the upgrade window, which should only take a 30-60 minutes for each Jive instance. If there are questions or concerns, please contact Support. When the upgrade is complete, we'll post to this blog, again.

Of course with any upgrade, a few reminders and important links are in order…


Features at a Glance

This release is PACKED with great stuff for Jive and JiveX! We cover this in detail, elsewhere, but here's a summary. Note that many features are optional and can be configured, enabled or disabled by an administrator. Additionally, some features are only available for Jive or JiveX, specifically—see the documentation for details.

Note that many of these features (and more) will be available for customers upgrading to Jive 8 (hosted and on-prem) in 2015—stay tuned!

  • Jive Connectors for Office 365 and SharePoint Online
  • Jive Connector for Google Docs (beta)
  • Jive Mobile Apps for iOS and Android have been updated
  • Top and Trending Activity: We now show the best content first in the activity stream
  • Enhanced Design: high definition icons and a new look and feel to individual activity stream entries
  • Identify the Most Helpful Content: Drive faster answers and quickly navigate questions.
  • Prove ROI: New reports to provide on how many people are marking content as 'helpful'
  • Impact Metrics: Support has been added for newly uploaded videos, plus influencer data capture improvements, and reach for private and secret groups has been replaced with a "unique viewers" metric.
  • Role Badges: Highlight special groups of users with icons that stand out. (Intended primarily for JiveX, Jive administrators have access to this feature as well.)
  • Selectable Structured Outcomes and Administrator Configuration
  • New Mobile Home Page: Customize a responsive mobile experience
  • Ask a Question, Answered Questions and Unanswered Questions for Places and the Mobile Home Page
  • Theming Tool Enhancements: Manage images as part of an exportable theme and add translations to the main toolbar.
  • New Cloud Search Architecture: Enables social signal boosting and improves the experience for recently created content
  • Our robots.txt can now be modified and Antivirus now available


Deep Dives

Our Product team has developed a number of "Deep Dives" with screenshots and additional details on key features in the release. Be sure to check them out!

Deep Dive - Activity Streams update and showing the Best content first

Deep Dive - Design Evolution in the Fall Cloud release

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Deep Dive - Google for Work in Jive Cloud 2014 Fall release

Deep Dive - Configurable Outcomes, Better Q&A and ROI Reporting

Deep Dive - Theming and Branding Enhancements

Feature Defaults in Fall 2014 Cloud Release



Our documentation team has updated the Jive documentation to include all of the new features, plus release notes and important details: