It might be cold and snowy out there but the JiveX Winter 2015 Cloud Release delivers hotly anticipated updates and new functionality for external communities. Targeted communications and search help to further unlock the community potential while deeper community insight nurtures prospects and customers alike. The JiveX Winter 2015 Cloud Release is right around the corner and you can get a glimpse of it here!


According to eMarketeer, 56% of U.S. Marketing Executives say online communities are very important to their marketing efforts. With that in mind, in this release we focus on enabling you to better inform, track and nurture your community prospects and customers, and at the same time empowering you with a community health assessment.


Release Timing:

Client & Partner Webinar – February 4th Register Here!

Preview Wave – Tentatively scheduled for first week of February

General Availability – Tentatively scheduled for end of February


Helping You Prepare for the Release Upgrade:

We're introducing several new practices to provide a seamless transition and improve your adoption of release innovations. 


Preview Documentation

Upgrade FAQ

Documentation Aligned with Experience

Draft documentation will be made available during the Preview wave of an upgrade. This includes draft versions of Cloud Community Manager Help and Cloud End User Help documentation for the 2015 Winter Cloud Release.

Release documentation will be enriched with an Upgrade FAQ document covering the new News feature and navigation changes.  This document will be available during the Previewwave.

This is the first release we're shipping with feature toggles, where new functionality can be switched ON or OFF through the admin console.  This can result in one of two experiences; one for existing upgrade customers and one for net-new cloud customers. Two versions of documentation will be issued to align with each particular instance.



Winter 2015 Features and Enhancements

New+interest+selection.pngUnlock the Potential of Your Community with Targeted Communications

Targeted News

Great experiences for the visitors and prospects of a JiveX community can start by tailoring their experience to fit their needs. Most companies have an abundance of product information on their website, yet the majority of visitors are interested in just a subset of those. A user can then quickly feel disconnected with a generic message that may have been implemented to get around multiple audiences. In our Winter release we have given your community managers the ability to create more targeted messaging within your Jive community.  They can simply choose which location they want to share information from, then select which groups of users they want to target by directing messages into their activity stream. Users can be grouped based on profile information, or organizations can build out their own groups of users. Did the user register and say they are interested in a specific product?  Subscribe them to that product's space and blog!

Screen Shot 2015-01-09 at 5.00.27 PM.png



Nurture Your Prospects with Insights from the Community

Community Enriched Marketing Leads With Marketo Integration

Marketing automation tools can help provide key data about which visitors to your website are the most likely to buy or should be contacted by your sales team.  But why stop at the website?  Once users move from the website into your community, you might be missing key information. For example, if a user enters your community and views a blog and a document that describe 'ProductX', you likely would want to enter them into a nurturing campaign around that product. When your sales team contacts the user, they must have the insight they need to focus in on ProductX rather than having a generic conversation. Marketo is one of the leaders in the marketing automation market. In the Winter release we made it very easy to add-in your Marketo tracking code into your JiveX community to start capturing key data on what those prospects are viewing, downloading or working with. Once those users register, you have direct and much deeper understanding on how your community impacts your sales and lead generation.



Lead Your Prospects with Targeted Search Content

promoted-search+cropped.pngScreen+Shot+2015-01-19+at+1.48.09+PM.pngPromoted Search Results

One of the first things that visitors will do when visiting your community is start searching for answers and information on topics they are interested in. Sometimes visitors may use the right key word, but not the right phrase to locate just what they need.  With our Winter release we have given the community manager the ability to choose specific content that will always show up when a target keyword is used.  So when searching for "ProductX", the ProductX datasheet will always be returned in the search results.  By combining promoted search with a well configured landing page featuring items and official documentation, you are guaranteed to get visitor eyes on the content you want them to see. And to help you figure out what content is best promoted, we've added a brand new report that displays the top most successful searches.













Gain Valuable Insights from the  Community Health Report and Ideas from Mobile Devices

Community Health Reports

Is your community growing?  How did it do last week? In the Winter release those answers flow directly from the Community Health Report. This report is all about having clear, accessible information on your community welfare in a single, convenient graph.  Compare key metrics from the last 24 hours, 7 days and month. Guest visits, Searches, Registration, Content creation and more. With one glance, you can easily see data that might expose an issue, or highlight a success. We have a wealth of real-world knowledge in our Professional Services Strategy Practice on which the report is based and will continuously iterate and improve to bring their insights into community health straight to your communities.




Mobile+idea+cropped.pngResponsive Mobile Ideas

Responsive web is the primary way for mobile users to access JiveX communities. We're continuing to improve our Responsive web experience which we delivered in our 2014 Summer release. In the Winter 2015 release, users can now create ideas, bringing those mobile users closer to your external communities.












Captivate Your Audience with New Options for an Enhanced User Experience

Tile Apps

Screen Shot 2015-01-13 at 1.53.27 PM.pngWant to place some impressive JavaScript, HTML, CSS and Images on a space or group tile based landing page?  Want to display content from multiple systems on your support space landing page?  All this and more is now possible with Tile Apps. Tile Apps are a perfect way to provide custom navigation, display images and create integration experiences on any tile based landing page throughout your JiveX community.  Built to be lightweight and even easier to code than traditional tiles, Tile Apps also have the added advantage of being centrally controlled by the add-on. This means that you can place a Tile App throughout your JiveX site and later update that very same tile everywhere by only once uploading new add-on code. Centrally manage an experience!


Tile App example uses:

  • Create a navigation tile that shows in every single space, update it across all spaces at any time by uploading a new version of the add-on.
  • Create an advertisement tile that shows different blog posts based on which user is viewing the tile.  Show 'register now' to guests.
  • Place a 'globally featured content' tile across many places.  Update the featured content from either the add-on being updated, or a centrally managed javascript file in EC2.
  • Make a simple content tile available to group owners that shows a list of content from a separate system like Jira.  Add some basic logic that allows the group owner to configure the tile to enter their own title and RSS feed.


Furthermore, Tile Apps also ...

  • can be shown or hidden from Mobile Web users, meaning you can choose to make them responsive or just hide the app if it does not fit with the mobile web experience.
  • are accessible by anonymous users
  • can also be made accessible in every user's "Your View" page
  • have access to Jive v3 JS APIs
  • have the ability to save configuration on a *per viewer* basis (basic storage to save config per user)


UI Changes

The user-bar has been updated for new users to reduce the complexity and add News to the navigation (if turned on). Additional areas of improvement mean that the Inbox is now more of a dedicated link in the user-bar rather than tagging alongside the activity page.  Of course, we also changed the behavior of the theming tool to better handle how you configure the user-bar and other subtle theming tool improvements to go along with the experience changes.



The engineering team has been hard at work tracking and improving page load performance across the app. They have been able to reduce the resources required across the application by up to 40% or almost 2MB per page load, resulting in pages becoming visible, responsive, and fully loaded about 20% faster than in the Fall release. This is on top of the huge improvements that were also made in the prior cloud release. What does this mean for JiveX?  The faster your pages load, the better user retention you have and with that you increase the rate of converting a guest to a registered user.  Furthermore, search engines crawling your site will stay longer and index more content!  So expect to see improvements in user adoption as well as increased Search Engine Optimization.


Want to Learn More?

  • Stay tuned for further Deep Dive blogs highlighting the key features listed above
  • Attend the February 4th Winter 2015 Release webinar.  To attend, register by clicking here.


To learn more about the Jive Internal Winter 2015 Cloud Release, please check out this post.


We are incredibly excited about this release and everything that it brings to our customers.  As always, we welcome your comments and feedback, so don’t be shy and please let us know what you think.



Wim Stoop

JiveX Product Marketing Manager