The most prominent and proudest capability of the 2015.2 release is the brand new Support Center. The experience is centered around the end user needing help or looking for information and answers to their questions. We've taken years of experience in enabling self-service support communities and applied rigorous research to create the right solution that delivers significant business value. With a few simple clicks, community managers can quickly configure a dedicated support experience within the Jive community.


Faster deployment, easier management and a better end user experience drives all the goodness organizations need in a support community: higher degrees of case deflection, lower support costs and more satisfied employees, customers, and partners.



Why support requires a dedicated experience

One of the greatest strengths of the Jive platform is its versatility when it comes to helping employees, customers, and partners work better together. Jive makes it possible to communicate and discuss the latest news, find an expert, crowdsource ideas, and work on a project that involves multiple teams and applications.

But when a user needs help, they are likely to take the path of least resistance. Asking users to sift through an entire community of information will result them being frustrated and finding other alternatives for support. By creating a dedicated support experience, we can remove the noise and guide the user down a path of resolution as quickly as possible, saving time and reducing volume of support calls.

At the end of the day, in order to achieve the benefits of a self-service support community, it must be the fastest and easiest place to go when help is needed.


    Support Center personas to guide user centered product design.



Watch the video below to see it in action!


Video Transcript


This is a demo instance of our 2015.2 release. As you can see, I've already enabled the Support Center and added it to the primary navigation.


When I visit the support center, I can simply start typing my question and I'll get immediate results. These results come from the entire community, but they are limited to support specific content types such as documents, questions, and video. Our search algorithm goes beyond traditional keyword ranking and uses social signals to push official and helpful content the top.


Users can further refine their search by quickly filtering the results by place, category, and content type.


If a user isn't sure exactly what to type or would rather browse the available information, they will see a list of support center places below the search box. Each place will display featured and trending content. Clicking on a place will not take the user away from the support center, rather it will immediately show them support content types within that place and enable them to further search or filter by category within that place.


If the information they need doesn't already exist in the community, we provide some additional support options to guide them down the right path. In this case, they can either post their question to the community, create a ticket, or email the help desk.


And any support experience would be incomplete without the ability to get help on the go. The Support Center is optimized for mobile and designed to be fully responsive for all screen sizes and devices. You can see how the experience adjusts by simply dragging your browser window smaller. The user is guided down the same path, with the ability to search, browse, and filter content.


Now let's take a look at how the support center is configured. We've added a special entitlement that can be granted to support managers so they can configure this experience as needed.


Once that entitlements is granted, the link to configure the support center will be available. And configuring the support center is a breeze. With a simple click and type interface, the user can change the background image and stye, as well as all the text on the page to align with your brand or culture.

Any place in Jive can be added to the support center. Support center places are grouped into sections and can be placed in a specific order. Adding a new place is as simple as choosing it from a list.


At the bottom of the page, you can configure additional support channels such as telephone, email, or IM, giving the end user a range of options for additional support. Adding a new support channel is as simple as writing your text and pasting a link.




Frequently Asked Questions

Is Support Center a paid-for module?No. Support Center is available with the core product.Support+Center+2r.png
Are the new tiles for support center dynamic?  Based on categories/tags? Or are they manual like the current set of tiles out there today?Not tiles at all - more like the news config where streams are set up and fed with content. In the support center config. you simply select the places you want to feature and you can organize them in sections.
How would you navigate to support places? Looks like clicking on the tile takes you to filtered search results, not a place?Correct. We plan to add a link to "go view the group" to the support experience, but the design intentionally keeps them in the support center and shows them the content from the group to make it fast and easy. Taking a user to a group adds too many variables and distractions when they have a problem and need help.

Is the Support center available to turn on only in Jive-x instances or also Jive-n?

It is also available for Jive-n - but it's limited availability - not GA. This means that it's a feature that is still in flight and it can / should be turned on in some instances and not others until it's complete.
Any way to reverse the comments - so latest comments first rather than last?  Getting asked that by existing customers.The new questions will order by most helpful rather than time. Existing discussions work as they do today, but we are looking at combining comments and discussions into a singular threaded conversation that could be ordered in a number of ways, including newest to oldest. In order to do that, we have to change our threading algorithm to work with reverse ordering, since the newest comment could be in the middle of some random thread and it has to be rendered correctly.
Is my understanding correct that Support Center surfaces questions and answers from across Jive Community as a whole, so it cannot be used in communities that have spaces/groups on different topics.It does surface questions and answers from across the Jive community as a whole. This is similar to how the "Ask a question" widget / tile has worked on the global homepage for some time. In our experience, we've found that discussions and questions in others groups can often be the information an end user needs to deflect a case. We built the experience so key support places can easily be listed for quick filtering to a group or category.
What is the search scope for support center search?The default search is global, but it only returns documents, questions, and videos. If a support center places is selected, search will be scoped to that place.
How does someone on Jive-x pilot Support Center without turning it on in Production?  Is there a sandbox?Cloud customers can get access to a preview instance. Hosted customers generally have a staging environment.
What will happen to the current tickets submitted in to support that we have not received a reply to?Only questions that get created after the add-on is configured will be monitored according to the SLA for ticket creation. Existing questions will not automatically generate tickets.


Nick Hill