While most of us were enjoying a well deserved summer break, our engineering team has been hard at work to deliver the next major cloud release.  We're excited to introduce the third major cloud release of 2015. This post is to provide you with a glimpse on the soon-to-be-released Jive-n 2015.3 capabilities for employee communities.  It is packed with exciting new features and enhancements to connect and empower your workforce with a purpose-built and interactive intranet experience, both at their desks and on-the-go.


A sneak peek overview post covering the equally exciting Jive-x 2015.3 for external communities can be found here.


Release Timing

  • Preview Wave – September 10th
  • Customer Webcast – September 15th (NA/LATAM), click here to watch the recording. September 22nd (EMEA/APAC), click here to register.
  • General Availability –  October 2nd


Preparing for the Release

  • Feature Toggles - We will provide a separate FAQ shortly with all new features that can be toggled as well as their status for either new or upgrade customers. Depending on the feature, you can either change the state directly through the admin console (System > Settings > New Features) or through a support case.
  • Preview documentation available here.
  • Upgrade guide available here.



Jive-n 2015.3 Release Features

Simple, Beautiful Communications

Your users deserve a consumer-like news reader experience from their work applications, just as they experience consuming information in their personal lives.  We're pleased to announce that the 2015.3 release brings one of the worlds' best employee communication solutions to your organization with simple, beautiful and actionable user experience, for employees both at their desks and on-the-go.


Better Together: Jive-n and Jive Daily


In February we launched Jive Daily, the mobile news reader app, that allows employees to read their company news on-the-go. The Jive-n 2015.3 release integrates Jive-n company news desktop consumption with Jive Daily, a rich, consumer quality mobile experience. As part of the release, all current cloud customers can set up a quick configuration to turn on Jive Daily for their company.


With Jive Daily you will be able to:

  • View all your streams from Jive-n, and visual friendly mobile stream experience
  • Engage with content, by liking and commenting on content
  • View Post Activity for every post, see the number of views, likes and comments on a post to better see the impact of your post



Intelligent Email Digest

Intelligent email digest drives continuous user engagement by pulling your employees back in with a modern look and feel with images and content snippets.  The state-of-the-art recommender service ensures that content for each user is contextual, based on the unread items in their news feeds and inbox. The digest emails Include hot and trending content, day, week and month in review, as well as global streams, inbox content and mentions.


Intelligent email digest will be released to existing Jive-n cloud communities in a phased approach.  More information on the exact timing of when this feature will be available for your community is forthcoming.



Evolved News Web Experience

Building upon the News page layout released earlier this year, the Jive-n 2015.3 release provides a cleaner, contextual and more engaging news landing page, which can also double-duty as your intranet landing page.  This is accomplished with support for additional tiles, such as a full-width hero tile, a calls to action tile located above the news feed, and a fully responsive design for mobile access.


Top and trending news has been integrated into the landing page so it seamlessly blends subscription stream content, personal feed content, and top and trending content in the community.  You'll also find sidebar tiles on all stream views and a subscription stream summary for those power users that decide to pin a specific stream as their default view.



Rewards & Engagement


Employee engagement and adoption is critical to the success of your business.  The 2015.3 Jive-n release equips your internal community with the ability to quickly onboard employees, drive valuable interactions and recognize your most active users. 



If you aren't using Advanced Gamification, you'll be seeing changes to how your points and levels work as we roll out enhancements to basic rewards within Jive.  You'll also find that the rewards administration is designed for easy configuration and customization.  Selecting the admin link to your rewards solution lets you configure onboarding quests for new users and advocate quests for power users as well as for repeated patterns of activity over time ("mastery quests" that contain levels of achievement). The default settings for activities in Jive have been configured to focus on business values and known patterns of adoption in Jive.



Points previously earned will be applied to the default settings in the updated rewards system.  As the community manager, you'll have the opportunity to configure these levels (for example by adding new ones and providing new names and icons for them).



You can enable and disable typical built-in community quests, as well as create your own.  Check your community manager Inbox for instructions on accessing the rewards console and adjusting point levels to match your community needs, and expect more communication and documentation at release time!

Custom getting started quests for onboarding:



Backed by a powerful administration console to manage rewards:


Analytics and Insights

This release launches a new service for analytics with focused metrics to our cloud customers. The first in a series of dashboards that will be published via this service is the Engagement Analytics dashboard. This dashboard presents community managers with a consolidated view of key charts to easily track engagement of the community in a single simplified interface.  Charts included on the dashboard in this release are as follows: User to User Interaction Chart, Engagement Index, with the Registered Users and Community Stickiness (DAU/MAU), Participation ladder for Active Users, Participation Ladder for Registered users  charts added over the coming weeks.





Previously only available through out Professional Services department, we hope to empower community mangers with actionable insights, further driving the success of your community.




This service will be available after launch date.

Sample Engagement Analytics Dashboard:



Simplified Administration


We've not only improved upon the look and feel of your internal community, but also improved the user experience for community managers and system administrators with the introduction of the newly designed Jive Admin Console.  We've identified the most common community management tasks, as quick group creation, and designed a simple, easy to use administration console that removes 80% of the noise.  To turn on the simplified admin console, please contact support.Blog8.jpg



Integration Enhancements

Google Integrations

Our Google integrations has been one of the top favorite of our customers and we are so excited to announce that we are releasing a new integration with Google Hangouts! The Jive Connector for Hangouts will provide access to Google’s Internet meeting solution, allowing users to initiate 1:1 and 1:n video and chat sessions from within Jive. Once installed, users will notice the hangouts icon appear in multiple locations on their Jive instance that enables to quickly initiate a hangout session.

With Google Drive & Docs, we continue to make enhancements with each release. With this release, users will be able to specify Google groups with permission to folders, as opposed to only named users.


Microsoft Integrations

In early August, soon after our 2015.2, we released a brand new SharePoint 2013 v4 as well as an updated SharePoint Online & Office 365 connector. You can read all about it here, if you haven't already: . As a follow-up to that, soon after 2015.3, we will be releasing enhancements to these previously released connectors that include:

  • The ability to connect to existing sites and document libraries
  • A simplified permission model
  • Disassociate SharePoint sites


As always, we will have a deep-dive blog posts around this coming in October.



Jive Chime and Jive Circle Integrations:



Jive Chime: Real-time Messaging App for Team Collaboration

Less than 6 months ago we launched Jive Chime, our secure real-time messaging app. Since then, one of the most requested functionality from Jive-n customers was integration with Jive-n. We have always envisioned Jive-n and Jive Chime integrating together to empower employees with the tools they need to be even more collaborative, with seamless experience.  With the new release we have a few points of integration.


1) Easily enable Jive Chime through an Identity Add-on

  • Admin for Jive-n customers who want to use Jive Chime will be able to turn on a Jive-w Identity Add-On that will port all the Jive-n employee data into Jive Chime's company tab, enabling employees to use Jive Chime as the real time messaging tool with their employees


2) Once enabled, end users will see Jive Chime in different places for an easy start with Click to Chime Connector

  • Chime colleagues directly from a person's profile within Jive-n.
  • Quickly share links to Jive-n pages via Jive Chime with a "Share with Chime" button in the App Action section of a document.






Jive Circle: Mobile Employee Directory App

As a part of our Workstyle App portfolio, Jive Circle is a secure mobile employee directory app for your company. We have built this purpose built app to create a mobile friendly experience of your employee directory, so you can search and find colleagues whether you are at your desk or on-the-go. The integration of Jive-n with Jive Circle let's customers pull all their employee data in Jive-n straight into Jive Circle.



Identity Add-on

  • Jive-n customers who want to use Jive Circle will be able to turn on a Jive-w Identity  Add-On that will port all the Jive-n employee data into Jive Circle, enabling employees to use Jive Circle will all the same information they see in their Jive-n instance. For this release when a user updates fields in Jive-n, it will sync directly to the fields in Jive Circle. The Current Status and Location fields in the profile tab will be the only fields that will have a two way sync, and will show in Jive-n and the Jive Circle app.






Want to Learn More?

  • Stay tuned for upcoming Deep Dive product management blogs providing details on the key features listed above.
  • Watch the recording of the September 15th 2015.3 Cloud Release client webinar.



We are incredibly excited about this release and everything that it brings to our customers.  As always, we welcome your comments and feedback, so don’t be shy and please let us know what you think.



Katherine Evans


Thank you for the continued love, inputs and ideas!