While most of us were enjoying a well deserved summer break, our engineering team has been hard at work to deliver the next cloud release. We're excited to introduce the third major cloud release of 2015. This post is to provide you with a glimpse on the soon-to-be-released Jive-x 2015.3 capabilities for customer and partner communities. Another sneak peek overview post covering the equally exciting Jive-n 2015.3 for internal communities can be found here.


Release Timing

  • Preview Wave –  10 September
  • Customer Webcast -  16 September (NA/LATAM) as well as 22 September (EMEA/APAC)
  • General Availability –  9 October

Note that all dates are tentative and subject to change.


Preparing for the Release

  • Feature Toggles - We will provide a separate FAQ shortly with all new features that can be toggled as well as their status for either new or upgrade customers. Depending on the feature, you can either change the state directly through the admin console (System > Settings > New Features) or through a support case.
  • Preview documentation - Draft documentation for the update will be made available during the Preview Wave. You can find this release's set here.
  • Upgrade and onboarding guide - Will guide you through the new features and updated. It's the perfect guide to help you get your users ready.



In the sections below, you'll learn about how net-new features and enhancements in the upcoming 2015.3 Release will help you identify, activate and incent those all important advocates. We will also provide details on updated capabilities that will drive higher levels of engagement for your community as a whole. Community managers and administrators can get deeper community insights from new analytics dashboards that will be accessible on more devices. The 2015.3 Release also facilitates the creation of branded themes and communities free from spam.



Customer Advocacy

Continuing the 2015.2 theme of leveraging Jive Software's experience in implementing common use cases and packaging it in easy to deploy and use capabilities, the 2015.3 release introduces our canned knowledge to identify, mobilise and track advocates and influencers.


From experience, we know community benefits are amplified by incentivizing users through Advocacy - a capability powered by game mechanics that helps identify the experts within your community and beyond; mobilize them to take favorable actions on behalf of the brand and then recognize as well as reward them. When advocates promote a brand by tweeting about it, sharing a post, commenting and writing about it, it not only increases authenticity but also helps increase the brand awareness, lead generation and social selling.


Using the engagement service, you can now:

  • Easily configure new missions, tiles and purposeful place templates without development and customisation.
  • Create spaces dedicated to advocates based on Jive-x experience based templates
  • Leverage game builders with ready made filters to identify, invite and manage suitable users
  • Use mission templates that streamline the deployment of the ultimate goal: a dedicated space where advocates can share the knowledge and passion they have for your products and services---- and get rewarded in the process of doing so.
  • Utilize dedicated, all new reports that give insight to community managers on the effectiveness and growth.

Brand advocates build awareness, drive sales and increase revenue. Creating and keeping them engaged is now packaged in your Jive-x community


Screen+Shot+2015-08-24+at+4.30.35+PM.pngThe capabilities in 2015.3 are focused on delivering both a customizable onboarding experience (targeted at employees yet equally usable for new external community users) as well as a powerful advocacy experience. As it's part and parcel of the platform, we now provide seamless integration with user profiles, notifications, the new landing pages and a host of new tiles. The administrative experience is intuitive and fully integrated to provide an easy to use experience for admins to ramp up on rewards without advanced training. New game mechanics capabilities include:

  • Top down business value strategies that are available for all customers using Jive-x and Jive-n.
  • Extensive coverage across all types of Jive activities.  Our rewards service has direct access to Cloud Analytics.
  • Short, Medium and Long term game elements to drive ongoing community adoption and engagement with quests, leveling missions and expert badges.
  • A brand new "What have you done for me lately" leader board designed to show users that have been generating the most value over the last 30 days rather then stale all time leaderboards.
  • Better reward structure with much longer running game elements, targeted for regular active users.
  • Engage brand advocates with targeted rewards


If you aren't using Advanced Gamification, you'll be seeing changes to how your points and levels work as we roll out enhancements to basic rewards within Jive.  Selecting the admin link to your rewards solution that lets you configure on-boarding quests for new users and advocate quests for power users as well as for repeated patterns of activity over time ("mastery quests" that contain levels of achievement). The default settings for activities in Jive have been configured to focus on business values and known patterns of adoption in Jive. The rewards administration is designed for easy configuration and customization.


Points already earned will be applied to the default settings in the updated rewards system. As the community manager, you'll have the opportunity to configure these levels (for example by adding new ones and providing new names and icons for them). Typical community quests are built in. You can enable and disable them, and create your own.  Check your community manager Inbox for instructions on accessing the rewards console and adjusting point levels to match your community needs, and expect more complete communication and documentation at release time!


Customer Engagement

Good things happen when casual browsers, prospects, customers and partners engage in your community.


Higher engagement directly drives benefit to your community including new/repeat sales as well as increased customer loyalty and satisfaction. Your target audience wants to engage, no doubt, yet with the least amount of effort. We actively reduce thresholds to engage and streamline existing processes.


Streamlined registration flow means new users can take part in the conversation with the least amount of effort whilst the introduction of support for right to left languages (those based on Arabic and Hebrew script) open up your community to those parts of the world. To fit in with your end user expectations and requirements to bring the community there where they chose to engage, we introduce Community Content Push, allowing you to directly curate and leverage community content in a host of external systems and applications. You can now directly syndicate blogs on corporate websites, documents with ratings and reviews through ecommerce sites, the possibilities are limitless. Community content gets maximum exposure and further builds traffic to the community, increasing search rankings, promoting the brand. New and improved engagement reports give you the insight on how this approach lowers the threshold to engagement and drives more users in your community.


The following key features help organisations drive customer engagement:


Screen+Shot+2015-08-24+at+4.31.43+PM.pngCommunity Content Push

Unleash the power of the community by allowing content to be easily syndicated to other web properties or applications. This not only allows the community content to get maximum exposure but also builds traffic to the community, increases search rankings and promotes the brand. Using standard HTML snippets, you can include blogs in corporate websites, discussions directly alongside product descriptions; the possibilities are limitless.


pastedImage_13.pngArabic and Hebrew

Requested many times and now delivered as a native part of the platform: full support for right to left (RTL) languages such as Hebrew and Arabic. What's more, we're also adding Greek to the growing number of out of the box languages, bringing your community closer to the end users and engaging them in their language; literally.


Streamlined registration

To reduce registration friction for your as of yet unregistered users, we're making the whole process as easy as possible. Rather than ask for bits of information at various stages (email first, then profile detail once the email has been confirmed), we're now doing everything in one fell swoop. As soon as the user provides the required detail, they're ready to start browsing the community already. In particular for mobile device users (that can't or don't want to swap between screens and apps), this significantly reduces the number of abandoned registrations and gets your end users engaged in your community quicker.


Intelligent digest emails

Pull users back into the community with the updated digest emails. These not only have a modern look and feel with images and content snippets, yet also use the state of the art recommender service so that the content for each user is based on the unread items in their news feeds and inbox. The digest emails Include hot and trending content community wide that user has not seen, continually drawing them back in.


Digest before.PNGpastedImage_1.png


pastedImage_4.pngEngagement analytics dashboard

This release launches a new services for analytics to our cloud customers. This service provides a new look for analytics with focused metrics.

The first in a series of dashboards that will be published via this service is the Engagement analytics dashboard. This dashboard presents community managers with a consolidated view of key charts to easily track engagement of the community in one simplified interface.  Charts included on the dashboard in this release are as follows: User to User Interaction Chart, Engagement Index, with the Registered Users and Community Stickiness (DAU/MAU), Participation ladder for Active Users, Particiation Ladder for Registered users.


Previously only available through out Professional Services department, we hope to empower community mangers with actionable insights, further driving the success of your community.


This service will be available shortly after the GA date.



Customer Experience

Top rated customer experience keeps community members coming back time and and again.


An inviting, neat and tidy community makes each visit a pleasure and drives return contributors. The effort of keeping your community in showroom condition should not become a burden. Leveraging existing investments in high value services like spam prevention and simply making community manager and administrators jobs easier, keeps those efforts at a minimum.


We continue our quest for perfection with improvements to mobile use of the platform through improved search and internationalisation across the board as well as the introduction of analytics that untethers community managers further from their desk based machines. By popular demand, iOS users now also have native discussion and comment capabilities. Many organisations now arm themselves directly with third party spam prevention services and your Jive-x community can now directly leverage those as well, helping you optimise your enterprise investment. With modifications to the Marketo integration, marketers now get further insight on which to based their analysis, leading to more relevant information and messaging to community users. This release also sees two oft requested features delivered: mixed mode SSO ensures you can leverage internal SSO for employees alongside existing authentication mechanisms for external users. And to take one more obstacle out of your way to move to the cloud: we now offer synonym search too!


As part of our ever improving customer experience, we introduce the following new capabilities:


Screen+Shot+2015-08-24+at+12.43.57+PM.pngSpam Prevention Service

When your community needs to be open and when you invite end users to register to contribute, that unfortunately also opens up the door to some bad apples. Spam and combatting it is the norm, unfortunately, and spammers are getting ever more creative. That's why your Jive-x community has had a host of moderation and interception capabilities to try and keep it out altogether. Yet many organisations are investing in sophisticated anti-spamming services that take advantage of the big data insight they have to combat the plague ever more efficiently. In this release, we are rolling out a new anti-spam micro service that will use the existing jive's anti-spam capabilities coupled with the functionality of some of the best in class anti-spam vendors, allowing you to keep your communities even cleaner with less effort.


jive-x-analytics.pngjive-x-discussion-noscroll.pngMobile Improvements

In our native mobile apps for iOS and Android, we're bringing new functionality to make the life of community managers and administrators easier by including analytics to measure community health right from their mobile device. We're also updating the discussion and comments experience and improving the search capabilities.


pastedImage_16.pngMixed Mode Authentication

You want your employees to be an active part of the community, to establish relationships, represent the organisation and be able to act as intermediaries. Yet you don't want to burden them with yet another username and password to log into the platform. By introducing mixed mode authentication, you can now leverage your internal authentication systems for external communities.


Synonym search

Customers will ask questions in slightly different ways. Subtly different in words they use yet all may actually mean the same thing. By providing synonyms for the various words and terms relevant to your business, you can make sure that those looking for the 'big' new pack size will find the 'massive' one too. One more reason to now move to the cloud. And with more users getting what they need in a way that's more natural to them and in their words, you'll drive higher satisfaction, more deflected calls, and better RoI.






In closing

This release drives crucial capabilities for those organisations that want to either get started or refine the use of their community specifcially for customer advocacy and engagement and we're tremendously excited to be sharing a sneak peek of what's to come with you. As with every release, please stay tuned for our live webinar and further Deep Dive blogs highlighting the key features listed above. As always, we're eager for your comments and feedback, so please do let us know what you think.


Thank you for the continued love, inputs and ideas!