At Jive, we are constantly looking for ways to make it simpler and easier to integrate Jive with your existing tools and workflows. In support of that goal, we're delivering today the new Jive connector for Hangouts.This new connector is built as an add-on, and can be installed to a Jive instance on demand via our add-on framework. When installed, your Jive users will be able to initiate Google Hangouts meetings from within the Jive community, as long as they have a Google Hangouts account.






The add-on allows users to initiate any of the following two actions:

hangouts icon.png

Hangouts video meeting. Will use the participant's email address to initiate a video hangouts and can be created with a single or a group of participants.

phone icon.png

Hangouts call. Will use the participant's phone number to initiate a hangouts phone call and is limited to a single participant.


To facilitate quick transition from Jive to communicating with the right person or group of people, the add-on adds the appropriate actions in the following places:


Contact a specific person from his profile page or hover card

hangouts profile.pnghangouts hover.png


Or start a group hangout with the people that collaborate on a document or are members of a space. By clicking on the "Start Hangouts" action under the APP ACTIONS section, you will be able to review, add or remove people from the conversation before launching hangouts:

hangouts document.png

Installation and Configuration:

Easy installation and configuration was one of our top priorities. That is one benefit for packaging this new capability as an add-on. Any Jive user with Admin or Community management privileges can install this add-on from the add-ons management screen. In addition, because it is installed as an add-on, it can be added to Cloud, Hosted and On-prem instances at any time. Updates and bug fixes will be deployed on demand.


When it comes to configuration, the add-on has only two pieces of information it requires in order to function properly: A user's email address and a user's phone number. The email is used to initiate video calls. The phone number is required to initiate phone calls. All you need to do is configure the names of the fields that contains the phone number and the email address in your Jive's instance user profiles. Notice that phone calls are only enabled when initiating a 1:1 hangout via the profile or hover card. For video conferencing or when contacting multiple participants, email address must be provided for all participants.


hangouts configuration.png   




Which Jive versions and editions are supported?Jive-n, Cloud, Hosted & on-prem versions
How do I install the Jive Connector for Hangouts?You will need admin or community manager privileges. If you have the correct privileges, go to the the Global Registry's "available" tab in the Jive instance. If you are in a supported Jive version/edition, you will see the connector in the list of available add-ons to install.
Is there a fee associated with the Hangouts connector?Yes. Please see your sales representative for details.