We are glad to add the ServiceNow Incident Management tool to the list of Jive's supported integrations. The new Jive Connector for ServiceNow is built as an add-on and can be installed on any Cloud Jive-x or Jive-n instance effective immediately. This builds on our existing solution for Zendesk and our own Support Center solution.







Main Benefits:

Jive enables community members to ask questions and find answers. Often times, the answers are provided by other community members. However, some questions may go unanswered and it may be challenging to monitor and find such questions in a large community. Unanswered questions may lead to frustrated users... Ticketing systems such as ServiceNow Incident Management are great at making sure each and every question gets handled, but the downside is that your users lose the opportunity to interact with their community, and you lose the opportunity to deflect the support case by having community members help out. With the Jive Connector for ServiceNow, you can have your users ask their questions in the community but know that the connector has your back. You get peace of mind in the knowledge that you will be able to track and manage any open questions through ServiceNow, and your users will always get the answers they need.


Jive to SN transform.png


Once installed and configured, the connector will monitor for unanswered questions in one or more places in your community. When a question remains unanswered for a period that goes beyond the defined SLA, a ServiceNow ticket will be created and optionally be associated with a pre-defined assignment group. The ServiceNow incident will include the content in the original Jive question, as well as information such as the original URL, author name and original creation date.


It is important to note that once the ticket is created in ServiceNow, there will be no further updates made to the same ticket by the connector even if updates are made to the Jive questions. In addition, updates made to the ServiceNow ticket will not be synced back to Jive. We will be looking at enhancing this functionality in future versions.


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Installation and Configuration:

Any Jive user with Admin or Community management privileges can install this add-on from the add-ons management screen. Below are the main configuration steps:

  1. Establish a connection between the Jive Connector for ServiceNow and your ServiceNow instance by creating an OAuth API endpoint for external clients in your ServiceNow instance.
  2. (Optional) Configure in the connector the ServiceNow assignment group.
  3. Under "Place Configuration" tab, add all the places you want the connector to monitor, and set the SLA time (in hours).


For more detailed information on how to configure the connector, see our ServiceNow Connector

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Which Jive versions and editions are supported?Jive-n & Jive-x, Cloud only.
How do I install the ServiceNow connector?You will need admin or community manager privileges. If you have the correct privileges, go to the the Global Registry's available tab in the Jive instance. If you are in a supported Jive version/edition, you will see the connector in the list of available add-ons to install.
How do I configure the connector?Please see the configuration section in our documentation.
Is there a fee associated with the connector?No. The current version is free of charge for the supported Jive editions.
Which places can the connector monitor?

You can configure the connector to monitor Spaces, Groups and Projects.

Which document types are supported?Only a discussion marked as question is monitored and can trigger creation of a ticket.
Can I combine the Jive Support Center and the Jive Connector for ServiceNow?Yes! Groups that are configured and used by the Support Center can also be monitored by the connector. You can choose to monitor any selection of groups, regardless of whether they are part of your Support Center."