The 2015.3 release marks a critical milestone for Jive Analytics. We are excited to announce the release of a new analytics microservice which enables us to deliver new analytics reports, dashboard and features quickly and rapidly in a unified, central location. With this new service, we will be rolling out new analytics functionality every few weeks and users can expect to see new dashboard and new analytics features at a more regular cadence. Central to this service is the ability to deliver new dashboards, and the first dashboard that we are releasing is the Engagement analytics Dashboard.


The Engagement analytics dashboard, leverages community best practices to provide a central location for community managers to track engagement and vibrancy. The first version of the engagement dashboard will include two reports, the User to user interaction report and the Engagement Index report. Within a span of two to four weeks, two additional reports will be added to this dashboard - the DAU/MAU Report and the Registered Users Report. You can expect to see regular updates to this dashboard throughout the upcoming months.


Product Discussion with Todd Moran, Director Solution Consulting





Engagement Analytics Dashboard

The first dashboard launching with the Analytics microservice is the Engagement dashboard and consists of the following two report

  • User to User to Interaction Chart: This chart analyzes collaboration trends around how different users engage with each other. This chart details interaction dynamics for the community.
  • Engagement Index Chart: You can use the Engagement Index chart to review community engagement and user activity, and watch how the community engagement changes over time
  • Community Stickiness: DAU/MAU Report




Navigating to the Dashboard

There is a new navigation scheme to access these new dashboards. Under the profile icon , view able to user who have access to the Community manager reports is a new link 'Community Analytics' which allows the users to jump to the new dashboards.





You can also navigate to this new dashboard from the Community Manager Report (CMR) menu, by clicking on the "View Now" link under the Community Analytics Card the new card that has been added above the CMR Menu.






What are the filtering options available for the User to User interaction chart?The Engagement Analytics Dashboard allows the user to filter by time. As we iterate through the analytics framework we will add the ability to filter by other fields (e.g. Profile Fields, Groups etc.)
What do I need to do, to enable the analytics microservice and access the new Dashboard?

Cloud customers should be able to see the dashboard and the new link. This micro-service and dashboard is not accessible to On-prem and hosted customers

Is the Engagement Analytics Dashboard available to on-prem or hosted customers?This version of the Engagement Analytics Dashboard is only available to Cloud Customers
How frequently will new analytics features be added going forward?Customers can expect to see new features added every few weeks.