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Jive will soon be introducing an improved way to manage and select your Jive environments when creating a new support case in your MyJive support group in Jive Community.


This is a change we've put into place based on Jive Customer Hub feedback around the difficulty of keeping these environment lists up to date and relevant, and we are hoping that this will not only speed up the case creation process but also allow us to have the most up to date information available in Jive Community.


Selecting an Environment


What's new: For Jive Cloud and Hosted customers, the list of available environments you can choose from will synced with your Jive managed installations and will always be up to date. This means you will no longer need to manage or maintain the list of environments, and you should no longer see outdated options.


For On-Premise customers, we have migrated over your previous environments for you to choose from.


Screen Shot 2016-06-14 at 3.59.05 PM.png


Creating a New Environment

We are still providing the ability for customer to manage a list of On-Premise environments that are not a part of our Hosted or Cloud infrastructure.


What's new: For On-Premise customers, if you do need to create a new environment you can now do so directly from the case creation page.


We've significantly reduced the amount of effort it takes to manage and maintain these environments lists, with the hopes of saving you time and allow you to keep your environment data records up to date. Having the correct environment data selected for a case is an essential part of having an effective and efficient case investigation with Jive Support.


Click the Add a new environment button and you will see a collection of fields to define your new environment:


Screen Shot 2016-06-14 at 4.09.16 PM.png

Screen Shot 2016-06-14 at 3.56.58 PM.png


If you run into any issues or have any questions please post a comment here or file a new support case in your secret MyJive support group. We are eager to hear your feedback so we can provide a successful support experience for you!

We are pleased to announce the general availability of Jive-n 8.0.4 and Jive-x 8.0.4. This release provides a number of fixes that improve stability and increase security and usability.


You can download 8.0.4 from your Purchases  page.


For more details, please refer to:

Known Issues in Jive 8.0.4

Fixed Issues in Jive 8.0.4

Turn your Jive-x Community into a Hub of Social Media Listening and Engagement

What do people say about our brand? How can we better address questions or concerns about our brans that are being asked on social media? Can we automatically get info about what our competitors are saying about us or what is being said about them?


Social Monitoring

Social media has transformed the way we market businesses and the way we react to customers. Regardless of what we have to say about our brand, product, and services, people are going to have their own take on them, and they may be turning to social media to express that.


But, what if we had a way to be aware of those things in one centralized place and empower loyal customers and advocates to answer and increase positive awareness?



I'm happy to announce the availability of our Jive-x integration with one of the leaders of social monitoring - Sysomos. This further strengthens Jive-x' product portfolio in the social space and makes for a compelling solution both for the marketing and support line of business.


With Sysomos-Heartbeat for Jive-x, Jive-x customers can 'extend' their teams and leverage their experts and advocates within the community to proactively respond to social conversations. It's true for Marketing & Brand, as well as for Support.


One more aspect of it is the ability to find influencers. As we all know, influencers are a great way to get brand names to target audience. While listening in on social media, companies can see who influences the most and who they should 'recruit' and bring in to the community.


Sysomos in JIve.png

Supported Capabilities

  • Rich Set of Data
    • Access billions of conversations spanning 189 countries and 186 languages with up to two years historical data. No matter where a conversation is happening on Twitter, Instagram, blogs, or traditional media (just to name a few) if it is on the social web, Heartbeat will surface it for you.
  • Customize tags and queries
    • Tease the signal from the noise. Query the billions of conversations that Sysomos collects and store just the data that matters to you. Then tag conversations to measure, compare, and analyze the results.
  • Task and Workflow Rules
    • Heartbeat automatically alerts you to critical conversations as they happen, and assigns them directly to the teams that can do something about it. Keep tabs on sales opportunities, customer service moments, or potential legal concerns. Heartbeat lets you identify social engagement opportunities and automatically assign them to the person or department who can handle the situation.





You can find more information about this integration here: Sysomos Heartbeat for Jive - Jive Software




A full Documentation can be found here: Jive for Sysomos


Here's a quick overview:


Step : 1. Jive community  admin will need to install the Add-On


Configuration 1.png


Step 2 : Jive admin will click on configure now link from above screen and will enter Heartbeat ID and API Key of Sysomos and save the configuration.


Configuration 2.png


Step 3 : Now at Jive  place level ,  place owner will configure the external stream integration





Step 4 :  In this step he will click on Authenticate button for twitter authentication





Step 5 : Also, place owner will enter his twitter credentials (This page coming from twitter. ) and authorize the app




Step 6 : Place owner will select the Sysomos tags and  configure at place level.



Step 7 : Save the configurations at place level.





Step 8 : Now activity stream will appear on place/group









Step 9 : Once he click on show more button , he can view total feed






Step 10 : Community user can share this activity to other member in the community by clicking share button






Step 11 : Community user can also  click on Go to Item button and can directly respond on post (Twitter / Facebook post)



Jive is now available. This release provides a critical security fix. While we can't disclose the details of security vulnerability, we highly recommend upgrading to this version to secure your installation.


You can download from your purchases page.

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