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At Jive World '16 we showcased the concept of Personal insights which would provide every Jive cloud user with a knowledge of their social graph and the impact of their contributions to the Jive community. With 2016.2 we are announcing the general availability of this feature to all Jive cloud customers. This is perhaps our most expansive analytics feature till date which touches every Jive cloud user and provides visibility that users did not have previously.


Jive users will now be able to know what their social graph,their most popular content, their contribution trends and their personal reach, impact and sentiment based on their contributions. This will provide a level of self gratification to the users, which would likely result in a higher level of engagement on the community.


Product discussion with Chris Liddell, Senior Manager, Engineering


Personal Insights


The following insights are available to users:


Reach, Impact and Sentiment

Building on the definitions of content impact metrics -  the reach, impact and sentiment metrics provides users with an understanding of their personal reach , their impact on the community based on their content and the kind of sentiment their content has generated. These three metrics combined provides users with excellent visibility into their impact on the community.


Social Graph and Profile Type

Personal insights gives users the ability to understand their social graph in terms on interactions that they have had with different departments or Individuals.

Additionally, users get an understanding of their profile type based on their contributions patterns. The profile type is based on Jive's definition of user adoption.


Personal Impact

The personal impact aspect of the insights page provides users with an understanding of how their contributions trended over the past twelve months and the the impact they have made on the community. This graph allows users to understand their monthly contribution trends.


Popular Content

Finally, the top content gives users insight to their top 20 content items by Views, Comments Likes or Shares. Users can click on any of the metrics names to get their top content by the selected metric.


Accessing Personal Insights using the new profile page

The personal insights dashboard can be accessed in the profile page (click on the profile icon -> Your name) as a new tab called "Insights". Once you click on the "Insights" link you should be able to see the new dashboard.



Accessing Personal Insights using the existing profile page

The personal insights dashboard can be accessed in the profile page under the "More" link . Once at the profile page (click on the profile icon -> Your name) , Click on More (from the tab menu) -> Insights.


Note: The Personal Dashboard is only accessible if your community has chose to enable this feature. Community administrator / Community Managers have to enable the feature, to make it accessible to their users.


Full screen mode

The different panels on the dashboard have an expandable full screen mode which can be enabled by clicking on theExpandIconv1.1.png icon. This mode allow users to view each panel in detail so that they can interact with them to gain new insights.


Product Documentation

Detailed documentation on the feature can be found here - Core Help


Does personal insights have to be enabled on a community, so that users have access to it?Personal insights is not enabled by default. Community administrator/Community managers can enable it via the Admin Console - Profile Menu -> Admin Console -> System -> Settings -> Analytics -> Personal Insights .
Who can see my Personal Insights Page?Only you can view your personal insights dashboard. The personal insights page is inaccessible to other users.(Community managers can't view other user's personal insights page)
Is the personal insights feature available for hosted and on-premise customer?The personal insights feature is only enabled and accessible for Cloud customers and users.
Can the personal insights be enabled for users by region?

The current version of personal insights can only be enabled/disabled for all users and can't be enabled for users by region.


Note: Personal insights is not available in Preview instances and can be accessed after the first wave of 2016.2 cloud release. Personal insights is available in the shared preview.

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