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Hi Everyone,


I'd like to personally invite you to a great webinar we're going to have next week with ADP: 'Transformative Results Through Internal & External Engagement". 


Your organization might be already using Jive-n for employee communication and collaboration, but wouldn't it be amazing to take that same level of connection and engagement beyond the firewall? Jive-x customer communities take your customer support to the next level while also driving customer satisfaction and advocacy.


Join laura lerner, ADP's VP Knowledge Management, Janice Mak, ADP's Collaboration Program Manager, and Sherry Rosenkrantz, Jive's Customer Success Director, on Wednesday, April 5, at 8:00AM PST / 11:00AM EST to discover how ADP is using both Jive-n and Jive-x to transform client services, increase engagement and yield cost savings.


           Sign up here:



In this session, ADP professionals will share and guide you with:

  • Best practices for healthy engagement via an online community
  • How to start your own journey with customer communities
  • A tool kit for improving engagement and strengthening brand reach
  • How to measure success with Jive-n and Jive-x


We hope you can join us! 

   Sign up here:




Hello Jive Users,


Who doesn't like having the ability to be connected, consume news, collaborate and contribute from wherever they are? We all like being mobile-first and work from different places. For that reason, Jive developed Jive Daily, our mobile app for your employees.

We would like to re-introduce Jive Daily to you and equip you with an Adoption Kit. This kit includes a few items, to help you drive more adoption internally and benefit the most from what's already included in your Interactive Intranet (Jive-n) package :

  • Blog with information about Jive Daily
  • Internal and customizable version of it, for you to edit and post inside your own company community
  • Posters with information and fun screenshots, for your team, HR, Corp Comm, etc. to use in break rooms and similar
  • For any question please @mention the Product owner, Gadi Michaeli or myself and we will be more than happy to help


Let's start...


Bring the power and productivity of your Jive instance to mobile and deskless employees


Want to drive adoption and help your users get the most out of your Jive-powered intranet, collaboration hub or employee community? Make sure they’re using the Jive Daily mobile app. It's like having Jive in your pocket. People can read the latest company news, check their inboxes, communicate with colleagues, keep up with projects – even create and share content. Everything they need to stay connected and productive is there – in an elegant mobile app that's fast, really simple and a joy to use.


Jive Daily is ideal for employees on the go and deskless workers who have little or no access to computers. It runs on iOS and Android devices, and it’s as simple to download and install as it is to use. We've included download instructions in the example blog post below.


Just a few of the things your users can do with Jive Daily:

  • View customizable news streams
  • Search people, places and content
  • Access places, recently viewed content and bookmarks
  • Post questions for colleagues to answer
  • Join discussions, or start their own
  • Check inbox notifications
  • View a visual org chart
  • Send and receive direct messages
  • Vote on polls and ideas
  • View and RSVP to company events


The easiest way to spread the word to users is an announcement and blog post in your Jive community. In fact, we've gone ahead and written a draft to get you started. Feel free to edit, fill in the blanks and re-use. Plagiarism is encouraged!



  • The Jive Daily add-on should be automatically installed on your Jive instance. If not, you can find it under "available" add-ons and install it from there.
  • Jive Daily is included for all Jive cloud customers, with no configuration needed. It's also available for on-premises and hosted customers using Jive v9 and up. Contact your Jive sales rep for more info.
  • Jive can help you track the progress of your Jive Daily adoption campaign with stats on downloads, app starts and usage.  Contact your Jive technical account manager for help.



Blog post for you to use internally and drive employees to download Jive Daily and stay connected:


Hi Everyone,


I'm excited to let you know about it a great mobile app you can use to stay connected with __________ [name of your community] anywhere you go. It's called Jive Daily, and it's like having ______ [community name] in your pocket. You can do pretty much anything you normally do with ______ [community name] – via your favorite mobile device. You can read the latest company news, check your inbox, find and communicate with colleagues, keep up with your projects – even create and share content. It's fast, it's easy and really fun to use.


Jive Daily runs on iPhones and Androids. You can download it and start using it in minutes. I suggest you do so today!


How to get it:

  • Go to the Apple App Store or Google Play Store on your phone and search for "Jive Daily"
  • Download the app
  • Once it's downloaded, open the app and enter this URL: __________ [your community URL]
  • Log in using your _______ [community name] username and password


Once you log in, you can start using Jive Daily right away. Here are some thing you can do:


Read the News

The latest company news is displayed on the home screen. Just tap a post to read more:

Read the News_new.png


Add a Comment or a Like

  • You can reply to the post with questions, thoughts or feedback. Scroll down to see other people's comments and add your own. You can like posts and comments and mark them as "helpful," too.

Add Comment or Like_new.png



Check Your Inbox

  • Tap "Inbox" at the bottom of the screen to see all the messages and updates waiting for you.

Check your Inbox_new.png



Find a Doc or a Person

  • Tap "Search" at the bottom of the screen and just enter a name or some keywords to find anyone or anything in the community.

Find a person or a doc_new.png  OrgChart.png



Post a Status Update, Send a Message or Share a Document, Image or Video

  • Tap "Create" at the bottom of the screen, then select the type of content you'd like to share.

Post a status update send a message_new.png




A poster with all the information above

Please see attached.



Give it a try now!



Turn your Jive-x Community into a Hub of Social Media Listening and Engagement

What do people say about our brand? How can we better address questions or concerns about our brans that are being asked on social media? Can we automatically get info about what our competitors are saying about us or what is being said about them?


Social Monitoring

Social media has transformed the way we market businesses and the way we react to customers. Regardless of what we have to say about our brand, product, and services, people are going to have their own take on them, and they may be turning to social media to express that.


But, what if we had a way to be aware of those things in one centralized place and empower loyal customers and advocates to answer and increase positive awareness?



I'm happy to announce the availability of our Jive-x integration with one of the leaders of social monitoring - Sysomos. This further strengthens Jive-x' product portfolio in the social space and makes for a compelling solution both for the marketing and support line of business.


With Sysomos-Heartbeat for Jive-x, Jive-x customers can 'extend' their teams and leverage their experts and advocates within the community to proactively respond to social conversations. It's true for Marketing & Brand, as well as for Support.


One more aspect of it is the ability to find influencers. As we all know, influencers are a great way to get brand names to target audience. While listening in on social media, companies can see who influences the most and who they should 'recruit' and bring in to the community.


Sysomos in JIve.png

Supported Capabilities

  • Rich Set of Data
    • Access billions of conversations spanning 189 countries and 186 languages with up to two years historical data. No matter where a conversation is happening on Twitter, Instagram, blogs, or traditional media (just to name a few) if it is on the social web, Heartbeat will surface it for you.
  • Customize tags and queries
    • Tease the signal from the noise. Query the billions of conversations that Sysomos collects and store just the data that matters to you. Then tag conversations to measure, compare, and analyze the results.
  • Task and Workflow Rules
    • Heartbeat automatically alerts you to critical conversations as they happen, and assigns them directly to the teams that can do something about it. Keep tabs on sales opportunities, customer service moments, or potential legal concerns. Heartbeat lets you identify social engagement opportunities and automatically assign them to the person or department who can handle the situation.





You can find more information about this integration here: Sysomos Heartbeat for Jive - Jive Software




A full Documentation can be found here: Jive for Sysomos


Here's a quick overview:


Step : 1. Jive community  admin will need to install the Add-On


Configuration 1.png


Step 2 : Jive admin will click on configure now link from above screen and will enter Heartbeat ID and API Key of Sysomos and save the configuration.


Configuration 2.png


Step 3 : Now at Jive  place level ,  place owner will configure the external stream integration





Step 4 :  In this step he will click on Authenticate button for twitter authentication





Step 5 : Also, place owner will enter his twitter credentials (This page coming from twitter. ) and authorize the app




Step 6 : Place owner will select the Sysomos tags and  configure at place level.



Step 7 : Save the configurations at place level.





Step 8 : Now activity stream will appear on place/group









Step 9 : Once he click on show more button , he can view total feed






Step 10 : Community user can share this activity to other member in the community by clicking share button






Step 11 : Community user can also  click on Go to Item button and can directly respond on post (Twitter / Facebook post)



How many times have you been waiting for a quick update on a project? Have you ever wondered if there is an easy way to get answers not just via emails?

I want to share with you how I solved these challenges.


Last week I was on a business trip. I didn't have much time to read emails (it's hard to sift through so many emails and choose which ones are important when you're on the go, right?). But it was a critical week getting ready for a customer call and I had to make sure that people in the office got what they needed from me. Now, maybe it's only me, but I don't have my coworkers' phone numbers on my device so I can't call them, nor do I have the time for multiple phone calls.


I want to share my experience with Jive Chime during the last few months and invite you to a webinar we're having next week. James White and I will conduct a live demo of Jive Chime and its integration with Jive-n, Jive Circle, and Jive Daily. We will also demo Jive Circle's integration with Jive-n!


Jive Chime is a real-time team communication app, fully integrated with your Jive-n cloud product. Jive Chime is a quick and easy way for coworkers to communicate with each other and among groups on the go, across all devices. This is the modern way to get the answers you need and get work done! Remember what I told you about not having my coworkers' phone numbers? With Jive Chime all you need is your coworkers' work email to be connected to Jive-n.



You can probably guess by now what I did last week with the situation I had. Yes, I quickly Chimed the group and had the right people from Product, Legal, Sales, and Professional Services in my group chat. In five minutes we got answers to many unsolved questions. No meeting, no nine different phone calls, no long emails. Sweet!

Yesterday, when I got back to the office, I wanted to share a Jive document that I worked on with the same group of people. To do this, I just had to click on the link for Share with Chime under the App Actions and then select the group in Jive Chime. It's so great that all tools work together and save so much of our time!




Jive Chime also integrates with our newest app, Jive Circle, the employee directory app. So, if you look for someone in your organization, you can easily start Chiming with them. It's that simple!

Join our webinar to learn how to:

  • Increase collaboration and productivity on-the-go
  • Have quick chats regarding specific topics pages in Jive-n
  • Click to Jive Chime from profiles, conversation pages and in Apps tab


The webinar will be held on November 3rd at 8:30am PST.  We will walk you through how to enable Jive Chime and Jive Circle in your Jive-n console:

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