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As a reminder following up on the information in Discontinuation of Support and Services for 4.5 April 15th, 2013, Jive 4.5 reached the end of its supported lifespan on April 15th.

As of July 15th, 2013, the associated 4.5-compatible services for Business Objects on Demand (BObj) and Jive Social Media Monitoring (JSME) will be discontinued.

At that time, if your community is still on version 4.5, you will no longer be able to access these services.

If you are still on Jive 4.5 today and continue to rely on BObj or JSME for your business, please contact your Rep or Support immediately. We are available and eager to help you take advantage of the huge advancements we've made in driving productivity and business value through the Jive Platform since the release of 4.5 three full years ago.


And, if you are on Jive 5 today, please remember that the end of life for 5.0 is 1/31/2014, and associated services will be discontinued 90 days later on 4/13/2014. This includes:

  • Business Objects on Demand (BObj)
  • Jive Social Media Monitoring (JSME)
  • The Mobile Gateway for Jive 5 (serving mobile and tablet applications and mobile web-specific interfaces)
  • The Recommender
  • The Jive Apps Market


You can find a full listing of End of Life dates for all Jive versions in Product Support EOL. Please don't hesitate to reach out with questions and to let us know how we best help you through the transition.

We have a fantastic customer advisory group that has over the last year+ helped to us at Jive to understand a set of use cases around working with 'partners' – broadly defined here as anyone beyond your employee base who you want to partner with in a more private context. Basically, this is for all the relationships and work that fall in the space between your employee network and a fully open public community, and you could think of it as restricting access to the broader community (and global content or people browsing). We've formed this group to share use cases and help us prioritize our development efforts. The first major deliverable of this partnership has been a solution for easy ad hoc collaboration with anyone, entirely in private: External Groups.


For the next phase of work, we are exploring a number of use cases. If one or more of these is important to your business and you'd like to help shape Jive's future product direction in this area, please apply to join the advisory group (details below).

  1. Pre-planned engagements with customers, vendors, or partners, where you need your target audience to feel like the community is smaller and made up of people similar to them (e.g., only grant access to the products they bought, pricing for their channel, etc.). This has sometimes been called 'multi-community' and you may have thought of this as a public community with more discrete segmentation of spaces (and users).


Note: for feedback on the alread-released External Groups feature, you can always ask share ideas and ask questions here in the Jive Platform group.

About this advisory group:

  • Membership is restricted to enable members to safely share specifics of their businesses and use cases, and to balance representation.
  • The time commitment is light. The most common asks have been for input on key questions around specific use cases and feedback on various aspects of implementation.
  • What you get as a member of this group is to help prioritize Jive's investments in this area, and to connect with like-minded practitioners facing (and in some cases having already solved) similar challenges in their businesses.
  • The majority of the interaction is here in the Jive Community in a private group. We do hold occasional live sessions (over phone and webex) when needed.

To apply to join the advisory group, please start a private discussion with me (Olivia Teich) with a quick note about your interest in this area:

  • Which use case(s) is important for you, and how important is it for your business?
  • Are you meeting one of these use cases with other products today, or already approximating it in Jive, e.g., through customization or configuration and business rules?

The latest version of the Video plugin for Jive 6.0.0 is now available from Jive Video Module. This update takes advantage of the create-before-choosing-place flow change in Jive 6 and includes generally quality and performance improvements.

Our summer Jive for Teams feature release is now live for all [Archived] Jive for Teams networks. This release is full of great new stuff, and also represents the last major set of end user features that will be included in 6.0.0. Learn more in the 8/1 exclusive customer webinar. Here, some of the new highlights.


Screen+Shot+2012-07-23+at+9.41.58+AM.pngGet new users from novice to engaged, fast!


Your job gets easier and you get more value from Jive when more of your employee base is engaged and active. We've learned a lot from your current onboarding processes and taken your feedback along with everything we've learned from the Try Jive quests and designed a Get Started experience tailored to new users joining existing communities to help them quickly get oriented and start seeing value. With the Summer Jive for Teams release and in 6.0, all new users post-trial – as well as users new-to-this-version-of-Jive, post-upgrade (with a slightly different welcome message) – will now have an easy introduction to Jive, what they can do and how, and be guided through initial tasks that help get them comfortable and contributing.


Easy and delightful.


In further service to driving usage, we've been gathering data from many sources that have led to many usability improvements in this release, including:

  • Answering 'how do I contribute?' (and what can I do here?) ➞ Create options are now front-and-center at the top of activity stream.
  • Finding is much better than searching, and getting back to things you reference a lot is critical for work. ➞ The search box is now the gateway to finding whatever you need, including a new lens for Frequently Viewed, along with everything you have bookmarked or viewed recently, even before you type a single letter to search.
  • Creating, naming, and managing custom attention streams is even easier now.
  • Why deal with the same message twice? ➞ We are now rolling up different types of notifications (e.g., mention and share) in the Inbox.
  • Email is still critical for most of us, and now Jive emails look better (especially on mobile).


Engaging corporate news and messaging (on Activity).


Sticking with the theme of driving adoption and usage, we want to ensure that every user has a great landing page. Some use cases for Jive are best served by Activity as the home page, but until now that has precluded good corporate news or communications. We need to make sure companies can meet their messaging objectives in a way that's compatible with the most engaging landing page. This is especially important when there isn't someone with the MO or facility to design a great company Overview, or home page. Now, we've got a new and improved way to deliver company news and important messages as more visual, engaging Announcements that are also presented at the top of the Activity page.



Private, secure, ad hoc collaboration with external parties.


Too often, it's a pain working across the firewall, with outside people who don't have access to internal systems and tools. Time delays to pre-provision accounts often drive employees back to email, even when it's not the best way to get the job done. Coming in this release Jive for Teams only is a new way to instantly start working in private with people outside your company.


With the introduction of External Groups, you'll see a new option in group creation to allow external access. Email addresses are all you need to bring your team together. External Contributors will only be able to see the people and content within the group(s) they are invited into.

Note: While Externally Accessible Groups are only available in Jive for Teams, cloud networks can be bridged to hosted or on-premise internal communities on any version of Jive. Reps have additional details on options that make it easier to get a connected cloud network for working with external parties, so please reach out if you are interested.


Lots more to love.


Screen+Shot+2012-07-23+at+1.40.17+PM.pngYou may notice some additional treats throughout the newest release. (Like the new Your Account menu shown left.) On the mobile front, we recently released our first native Android app! You can also now get push notifications in the native versions of both the iPhone and Android apps. We are also releasing the next versions of our Customer Service Solution and Microsoft integrations (including Lync).



Always improving quality.


As always, this release includes many fixes and general quality improvements. We paid special attention in this release to IE7 support, as well as to LDAP/AD configuration and management and SSO.


Additional release notes available here.

Today we are launching Ideation in this community to better empower you, our Jive community, to share and collaborate on your Great Big Ideas and on new features and improvements you'd like to see in SBS.


Ideation adds a new content type, Ideas, to the Feature Discussion Community. You'll see them on the main page, in a new tab, and listed in the navigation menus. You can submit ideas just like you have started discussions, but you can also vote on ideas. (Votes are much easier to see and track than +1s!) Ideas also have stages, which the Jive Product Team will be updating to give you insight into where ideas stand.


What's changing?

The Feature Discussion area is a great resource for new ideas and feedback for Jive. With today's addition of Ideas, we’re bringing better tools, structure, and transparency to the process. You will no longer need to submit feature and improvement requests as general discussions or as support tickets. Instead, add your ideas and votes here to help us prioritize. We'll update the stage on each idea so that you can always tell where things stand in our planning.


What's expected of community members?

Innovating anything is a collaborative and thought-filled process. We want to hear your ideas and we need your votes to help prioritize.


We encourage you to use the power of the Jive community to get your well-articulated ideas noticed, voted for, refined, and evolved in a way that matters. Have a blog? Know how to tweet? Belong to other communities that would care? Let them know what you most want to see in SBS and get them to chime in.


Vote thoughtfully, for what matters. If everyone votes for everything, it makes it that much harder to figure out what’s truly important.


How will sharing Ideas make things better?

Ideas give you a more transparent view into what other members think is important (or not), where you can help, and where things are in our process.


Where can I learn more?

Check out the Jive Product Ideation Process and FAQ for more details about what happens to your ideas and when you can expect updates.

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