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The Salesforce Case Management Connector links your Jive community to your Salesforce and allows customer to engage with your support team. Customers can manage their cases right from within your community in a familiar interface while integrating with your support agents using your existing Salesforce support processes.

The new version includes the much desired ability to add attachments to cases and to distinguish escalated cases.



Release date: Friday, July 14th

Delivery mechanism: Add-on, users will be upgraded automatically

Updated documentation: Salesforce Case Management Connector



New features:


The connector will now support the use of attachments within the tiles:

  • Upload attachments - A user can upload an attachment to a case in order to add relevant information for the support agent, such as screenshots, log files etc. File size is limited to 25MB.
  • See attachments in a case - A user in the community can see that a case in his tile has attachments, and the attachment type.
  • Download attachments - A user can download and open an attachment from a case directly from the tile in the community. This allows support to send relevant files to the case directly.
  • Delete attachments - User can delete attachments they uploaded to a case, so if they made a mistake they can remove it.




Escalated cases:

Escalated cases can now be easily distinguished in the case list as the font color for the is changed to red.





Jive currently supports Internet Explorer 9 & 10 within all Jive platforms, including Jive Custom and Jive Cloud.

While both Internet Explorer 9 and 10 will still be able to access Jive after the 2017.1 Cloud upgrade, any issues identified within these browsers will not be fixed or resolved unless it also occurs on Internet Explorer 11 as well. This includes any issues that render the interface non-functional for any users on those browsers. 2017.1's GA date is targeted for Q3 of this year, though customers will be upgraded throughout the latter half of 2017. Further communication on 2017.1 dates will be forthcoming within the next month.

At this time, this policy does not affect Jive Custom users.

Why EOL IE9/10?


Both Internet Explorer 9 & 10 were released over 4 years ago and is not able to take advantage of many functionalities and features in a modern web application. For Jive, this limitation is particularly highlighted when using modern JavaScript.


Supporting Internet Explorer 9 & 10 over the past few years required our developers to create complex workarounds or making conscious decisions *not* to utilize features that modern browsers support. This prevented us from truly optimizing Jive to create the best experience possible for our users.


Finally, Internet Explorer 9 & 10 usage exposes Jive and our users to security risks. Microsoft removed support for Internet Explorer 9 & 10 in January 2016 and has acknowledged that they do not plan on addressing any security issues identified within those browsers.


Recommendations & Next Steps


Jive Cloud will not lock Internet Explorer 9 or 10 users out of the system, but the 2017 release was not tested nor optimized for those browsers. Moving forward, many critical parts of the application may be non-functional if users are on these versions of IE.


It is recommended that users plan on upgrading to Internet Explorer 11.

We are always looking to innovate on our cloud features and provide the highest quality to our customers. With this in mind, we recently addressed some issues in our cloud translation service. We were able to provide these updates to our customers without interruption of the service or your community. This document outlines the improvements made.


Improved translation performance

We've improved the way we request translations for content from each provider. The previous version of the service had the potential to send a translation request per individual sentence, which in turn caused the translation providers to throttle connections originating from Jive as well as overall decreased translation service throughput. With the new service changes, it's possible to translation a large piece of content in a single request to a provider.  This makes the overall translation experience faster and more efficient, saving time and reducing the number of errors encountered.


Enhanced security with the latest APIs

The Lionbridge connector now leverages the latest Lionbridge API. This ensures we are up-to-date with their latest version and adheres to their best security and support processes.


Microsoft Bing Deprecated

Microsoft recently deprecated their Bing translation engine (as part of their overall DataMarket deactivation) and recommended that users switch to the Azure Cognitive Services Translation offering. We are therefore pleased to introduce Azure as the replacement Microsoft translation engine. Microsoft warns on their site that existing Datamarket subscriptions will be deactivated as of April 30, so any customer currently using Bing as their translation provider will need to obtain a subscription key from Microsoft and switch their configured engine in Jive to Azure. Here are the instructions as follows...


1. Generate a key for Microsoft Azure Announcements: Action Required before April 30, 2017 - Microsoft Translator Moves to Azure – Customer Feedback & Ideas f…

2. Go to Admin Console > Settings > Content Translation Service in Jive and select "Microsoft (Azure)" as your provider:


3. Paste the subscription key into the form field provider and hit Save


If you need any assistance on this approach, please ask here or contact Jive support.


Language Variants

Any language variants supported by a translation provider will now be returned and shown in the languages dropdown. Previously, we were inadvertently removing "duplicate" languages despite differences in locale (e.g., Simplified Chinese vs. Traditional Chinese).






Refined user experience

We are now honoring when a user has specified a locale in the browser. When a user has set their locale, we will use this as the default locale when translating content. This will be released with the April maintenance release.


If you have any questions, feel free to comment here. If you encounter any issues with translations, please file a case with support.

We are pleased to announce that Jive 9.0.1 is now available for Hosted and On-Premise releases.

Jive 9.0.1 is available for download from your My Jive Licenses app.



This release provides many stability and usability fixes, as well as improvements to

  • Accessibility
    • We are executing to our accessibility plan, which has us making incremental improvements and driving towards WCAG 2.0 compliance.
  • Records Retention Module (priced separately)
    • A number of known customer issues have been resolved in the Records Retention module to enhance the level of information captured and recorded.


For more details on this release, please refer to:

Fixed Issues in 9.0.1

Known Issues in Jive 9.0.1

Release Notes for Jive 9


For information on the Jive 9 release please point them to The Jive 9 Upgrade Planning Guide in the Jive Works Community.

Introducing the Salesforce Case Management Connector

We are pleased to announce the release of Jive's Salesforce Case Management Connector. The Salesforce Case Management connector is a critical piece for turning a Jive-x Customer Support community into a hub where where users can search for information, interact with experts, and now engage with support agents that might exist outside of Jive. With the connector, customers will be able to file and track cases directly within a Jive-x community and support agents can stay within Salesforce while still responding to any and all cases that are created via Jive.


Key Benefits and Features


  • Increased case deflection with automated promotion of relevant content and articles to the user
  • Provides transparency to your customer with a seamless case dashboard within your jive-x community to keep track of filed cases
  • Decrease support costs by providing support agents with an uninterrupted workflow by allowing them to manage cases directly manage cases in SFDC



Case Management Walkthrough


Jive users will have two entry-points into the connector once Case Management is installed: Through the Case Dashboard or via the My Cases tile.


Case Dashboard


The Case Dashboard is the home of the Case Management connector and allows users to review the status on all cases they've created -- both at their desk and while on the go with our Responsive-ready interface. Uses will be able to search and sort their results while within the Case Dashboard.

My Cases Tile


The My Cases tile is the entrance to the Case Management connector and allows community managers to turn any place within Jive into the premier support leading page. This tile will show users their most recent cases while still letting them experience the rest of Jive.

View, update, and comment cases all within Jive


Once a user navigates to one of their cases, they can see any updates from support and post any of their own comments as well. The placement of the avatars denote if a user exists within Jive or within Salesforce. By leveraging API calls, Jive users can respond from Jive and Salesforce support agents can respond from Salesforce. Everyone stays in the environment they're accustomed to, while interacting seamlessly to resolve cases as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Case Deflection


Users can create a new case through the My Cases tile or the Case Dashboard. As they type in their subject, Jive's look-ahead search will crawl through the rest of the environment and surface any relevant resources within the community -- including knowledge base article, discussions, answered questions, or documentation. If the issue is not resolved, users can complete the form and file a case.

Screen+Shot+2017-01-09+at+2.54.44+PM (2).png





Jive's Salesforce Case Management Connector is currently only available for Jive-x Cloud customers. For more technical information please check out: Technical Fact Sheet: Salesforce Case Management Connector


For pricing and further details, please reach out to your Jive sales representative.


If you currently have the CRM - Salesforce Integration add-on installed and are interested in this connector, please also reach out to your Jive representative.


Want to know more?


Datasheet on JSDC:
Demo Video: Salesforce Case Management Connector Demo Video - YouTube


Jive is now available for Hosted and On-Premise releases. This release provides critical bug fixes. We highly recommend upgrading to this version to provide the best user experience.


Jive Patch Release is available for download from your licenses page.




Today we've released a new update for our Jive Daily - Interactive Intranet Mobile App. If you are not using Jive Daily yet, you can download it from App Store or Google Play.


I'm excited to announce our newest functionality:

  • In-app visual Org Chart of your company
  • Additional filtering options in people search to provide a complete employee directory experience
In the user's profile, you'll find a new link to the org chart. org-chart-on-profile.png
The Org Chart will have a tree of all the employees organization with the reporting structure. The number at the bottom of each avatar represents the number of direct reports under that user.
Searching for people just became easier with additional filter options on the people search page         Picture2.png


As always, we welcome your feedback and look forward to hearing how you're using these new features. If you have any questions or require any support please post in the The specified item was not found. space or your MyJive Group.


A small glimpse of what's next


MDM- Mobile Device Management


MobileIron-logo-stacked.pngFor Jive 9 we made Jive Daily for Hosted MDM-compatible by implementing the AppConfig protocol. The AppConfig protocol is compliant by most MDM/EMM vendors and therefore Jive Daily is compatible with them all. However, as this is a 'young' protocol, we want to test each vendor to make sure we fully support it, 20110805.AWLogoMDMTag.jpgso following the release of Jive 9 we now officially support Mobile Iron.  Today we are actively working on testing that our AppConfig implementation supports AirWatch as well.








As Good doesn't support the AppConfig protocol, we are working on integrating with AppDome.
AppDome technology "fuses" Good SDK into the application, which then provides full MDM support. We don't have a clear date but are actively working on integrating with AppDome to have Jive Daily available on their platform.






As we have a large demand for MDM compliance from our cloud customers too, we are working on implementing the AppConfig protocol in Daily for cloud as well. In Q1, AppConfig protocol compliance will be provided OOTB on Daily for Hosted and Daily for cloud.



Rewards Integration

As this been requested time after time, we plan on adding reward points, levels and recent badges to users' profiles along with the ability to give someone a badge. This will of-course be available only for cloud instances connected with Rewards.


Points on Profile


Badges on Profile


Give someone a badge


News Tiles Support

The ability to "pin" stories to the top of the news stream has been requested by several customers. As more and more customers are adopting the news page, we will be adding support for news tiles and announcements in Jive Daily.





At first we will support the following tiles:

  • Banners
  • Carrousel
  • Latest blog posts
  • List of contents
  • Leaderboard (already supported in places)



If you'd like to be notified of each new release of Jive Daily, and the features and bug fixes that are included in it, please follow the Jive Daily Release Notes document.

If the terms "Jive-n," "Jive-x," "Jive Interactive Intranet," "Jive Customer Communities," "internal communities" and "external communities" have you scratching your head, this is the place to start.



Basically, we are talking about two things here:


1. Jive-n, aka "Jive Interactive Intranet," is a digital hub for communication and collaboration inside companies. Our customers sometimes refer to it as their internal community or employee community. "Jive-n" stands for "Jive internal."

2. Jive-x, aka "Jive Customer Communities" are online communities for your customers, partners or the general public. Companies sometimes refer to Jive-x as their external community  ("Jive-x" stands for "Jive external"). JiveWorks (where you are now) is an example of a Jive-x community, which is for Jive customers, partners and anyone who is interested in our products.


While these two Jive products share many similarities, their use cases are very different. I'm going to explain what these two products are and the differences between them.


Jive-n / Jive Interactive Intranet (internal communities)

Jive-n instances provide a single place for employee collaboration, company communication, content and more: everything employees need to stay informed, interact with each other and get work done.

  • It's where they read company news, announcements and executive communications, and learn about company strategy, goals and initiatives (the sort of top-down communications traditional intranets do).
  • It's also where they communicate with executives and with peers, form teams, work on projects together, share knowledge and learn from each other (that's the interactive part, very different from traditional intranets).
  • It's where they can quickly search for and find colleagues, experts, documents, information, etc.
  • It's where they get to know each other, build relationships and become one culture – across geographies and job functions.


A perk of Jive-n is our popular Jive Daily mobile app providing nearly all the functionality of Jive-n on the go. It's like having your workplace in your pocket, keeping you connected and informed regardless of your location or access to a computer.


Jive-n boasts dozens of integrations to other apps and systems so that you can use the tools that work best for you, while still staying connected and in-sync with colleagues working in Jive-n (and other apps it's connected to). Jive-n offers powerful yet easy-to-use analytics to track interactions and engagements across your business so you know what's working and what isn't. To engage your employees even more, we offer personalized experiences with rich profiles, peer recognition, quests, reward systems and engagement analytics. It's a complete collaboration and communication platform, with everything you need, including profiles, blogs, groups, discussions, document collaboration, smart search and events. Oh, and did we mention it's incredibly easy to set up, launch and administer?


If you think Jive-n is a great fit for you, check out our active Internal Communities  space here on JiveWorks where Jive-n users meet to collaborate, ask questions and get news.


Jive-x / Jive Customer Communities (external communities)

Jive-x communities connect companies with their customers, prospects, partners or the general public. A Jive-x community can support any or all phases of the customer/partner experience. It's a place where they can learn about your company, its products and industry; interact with each other and with your staff to share expertise and ask and answer questions; access rich resources; get technical support; and build the kind of close relationships (with each other and your company) that foster brand loyalty and advocacy.


Its many features include built-in SEO to ensure high search rankings, smart search ability, and tools to help cut costs by deflecting customer support calls. Just like Jive-n, Jive-x offers a wide variety of tools to build and share information with your audience, whether it's through blog posts, events or forums. It fosters connection and participation with personalized experiences, rich user profiles, and missions and rewards that build loyalty and brand advocacy. Powerful analytics provide help you better understand customers and drive engagement and satisfaction. Jive-x has a great mobile experience, too.


If you think Jive-x is a great fit for you, check out our active External Communities  space here on JiveWorks, where Jive-x users meet to collaborate, ask questions and get news.


Too long, didn't read? Here is a simple graph of the differences between Jive-n and Jive-x:


Jive-n / Jive Interactive Intranets
Jive-x / Jive Customer Communities
Internal (for employees, as well as contractors and other external contributors)External (for customers or partners)
Common use casesCompany intranet, enterprise collaboration hub, employee onboarding, sales enablement, HR portal, IT help desk

Marketing engagement communities, support communities, customer experience hub


Increased productivity, knowledge-sharing and innovation, employee engagement, strategic alignment, cultural cohesion, job satisfaction and retention.

Higher brand awareness, sales, customer satisfaction and loyalty. Better partner alignment, enablement and effectiveness.


If you want to know more more in-depth information about Jive-n, Jive-x or any of our services, make sure to check out our company website.


If you have any questions about JiveWorks, which is our own external community for customers, partners and prospects, contact one of the community managers, Libby Taylor or Sarah Chaney.

We are pleased to announce the general availability of Jive-n 8.0.5 and Jive-x 8.0.5.


This release provides a number of fixes that improve stability and increase security.

Of importance to many customers is the removal of Flash in the areas of

  • video playback
  • copy and paste
  • document preview


You can download 8.0.5 from your licenses page.


For more details, please refer to:

Fixed Issues in Jive 8.0.5

Known Issues in Jive 8.0.5

As mentioned here - Action Required - Important Update to Twistage Video Service, Perceptive's video service has been moved to AWS. I just received this email notification from Perceptive -


Attention Perceptive Media Manager™ customers:



The Perceptive Media 4.0.0 upgrade, which included migrating the system to Amazon AWS, is now complete. The system is now out of maintenance mode and should function normally. If you experience any technical issues, please email


Earlier today, we upgraded the Perceptive Media system with several enhancements and updates. The following release notes constitute the updates for this version:

  • Migrated the hosting of Perceptive Media Manager from Internap to AWS infrastructure
  • Upgraded the Ruby and Rails technology platform
  • Added the ability to upload, transcode and play videos larger than 6 GB
  • Switched from a two-number to a three-number release versioning scheme
As always, please let us know if you have any questions about the upgrade. Thank you,Lexmark Cloud Support Team

This means the AWS migration maintenance has been completed successfully. If you should happen to experience any interruptions in video service, please file a support ticket with Jive.


Perceptive (previously: Twistage), our video service provider, is currently updating their service infrastructure for greater stability. In order to facilitate this transition, they are changing their whitelisting policies such that IP whitelisting will no longer be supported. The changes to this policy will take affect October 1st, 2016.


For many customers, this change will have no affect. However for customers who have their Jive instance behind a firewall and open it up using specific IP whitelisting, you will need to update the lists to remove those specific Perceptive IPs and instead include the following:


The following domains for end user to Perceptive communication:


  • *
  • *


And for communication between Jive and Perceptive, the following IPs


This change will not affect Edgecast whitelisting. Customers who currently use Edgecast whitelisting, both by specific IP and by domain, will continue to do so without change. The above changes still do need to be made.


After October 1st, and until these updates are made to your whitelists, you may experience issues with playing videos.  The following issues may arise:

  • Authentication calls cannot be made back into Jive to validate a user's entitlement to viewing a video, and thus video cannot be played back - Affects hosted and on-premise customers
  • On-premise customers who have their Jive instances firewalled for incoming connections from outside the firewall will experience longer lag between when the video is uploaded and when it's playable, but of no more than 10 additional minutes. 
  • In the unlikely event that HTTP/HTTPS (ports 80/443) is blocked by the firewall, users will be unable to play back video


If you'd like to test these changes, please refer to Perceptive Media Test Scenarios for Jive.


If you need assistance in adjusting your whitelists, or you run into any issues after making the adjustment, please open a case in your MyJive Group here in the JC and our support engineers will be able to assist you.


Thank you,

The Jive Team

Documents are boring.


Yup, you heard me right. Documents are boring.


We pour hundreds of hours of effort into creating quality documents and there's a ton of good, important stuff in all that documentation we create to get our jobs done. We need documents. That said, it's all about the people creating the documents – that's where the interesting story lies.


Whereas other platforms put the document at the center, Jive's approach puts people – you and your colleagues – at the center of everything we do. After all, what good is a document if it doesn't get the right feedback at the right time from the right people? Who are the right people? Who can help me get answers? How will others who need my expertise find me?


Jive's rich people profiles and employee directory are a central part of the people story. The profile can tell an incredibly powerful story about a person in just seconds:


  • What's their background and expertise?
  • Where are they located?
  • How do I contact them?
  • What are they working on?
    • And...what does the community find most interesting?
  • Where do they fall in the org chart?
  • Who are they connected with?
  • What do they look like?


Unfortunately, many Jive customers don't take full advantage of our rich profiles because they aren't fully leveraging data from existing internal systems.


Introducing Jive User Sync



If you're like most of our customers, you probably accumulated a wealth of details about your employee population in various systems throughout the years. That data is really valuable! We want to help you use it to its full potential, which is why we're releasing two new add-ons, the Jive Basic User Sync and Jive Advanced User Sync.


Basic User Sync


Create & Update Users

A complete employee directory is a useful employee directory. We make creating and maintaining your employee directory simple. And don't worry about license limits – users don't count against your license until they've logged in at least once. Just supply us with a CSV file* containing user records and we'll handle creating and updating records. The CSV supports basic user details (ID, username, email, first name, last name) plus up to 5 profile fields. Our team will work with you to run the sync on a schedule that suits your needs.


Account Deactivation

Tired of manually deactivating accounts in your Jive instance when someone leaves? Let the Basic User Sync handle this for you. Disabled users retain their valuable content but disappear from search results, org chart and the employee directory.


Advanced Reporting

Quickly see which records from your file were processed successfully and which had errors. Sync results are emailed nightly and error and archive records are easily downloaded.


Advanced User Sync


The Jive Advanced User Sync includes all of the features of the Jive Basic User Sync, plus:


Dynamic Org Chart

Jive-n has a beautiful org chart feature, but you need a user sync to use it (unless you like lots of manual work). Simply pass us the user ID for each employee's manager and we'll build the org chart for you.


Security Groups

Do you already have defined security groups somewhere? It would be a headache to try and replicate (and maintain) all those groups by hand inside of Jive, but they are essential to setting up Jive permissions. Just pass in a list of security groups for each user in the Advanced User Sync and we'll automatically create corresponding permission groups and make sure users belong to only their assigned groups.


Extended Profiles

Feeling confined by the 5 profile field limit in the Basic User Sync? The Advanced User Sync gives you ten times more mapped profile fields, up to 50. More user data means better search results and better connections across your organization.



Jive Basic and Advanced User Sync are available for purchase to all Jive-n Cloud customers. For pricing and further details, please reach out to your Jive sales representative. Jive 9.0 support will be available to hosted and on-prem customers later in the year.


Want to know more?

For a deeper look at these two integrations, as well as a side-by-side comparison with our native LDAP user sync, please check out the Jive User Sync: Demo New video or read   Fact Sheet: Jive User Sync .

At Jive World '16 we showcased the concept of Personal insights which would provide every Jive cloud user with a knowledge of their social graph and the impact of their contributions to the Jive community. With 2016.2 we are announcing the general availability of this feature to all Jive cloud customers. This is perhaps our most expansive analytics feature till date which touches every Jive cloud user and provides visibility that users did not have previously.


Jive users will now be able to know what their social graph,their most popular content, their contribution trends and their personal reach, impact and sentiment based on their contributions. This will provide a level of self gratification to the users, which would likely result in a higher level of engagement on the community.


Product discussion with Chris Liddell, Senior Manager, Engineering


Personal Insights


The following insights are available to users:


Reach, Impact and Sentiment

Building on the definitions of content impact metrics -  the reach, impact and sentiment metrics provides users with an understanding of their personal reach , their impact on the community based on their content and the kind of sentiment their content has generated. These three metrics combined provides users with excellent visibility into their impact on the community.


Social Graph and Profile Type

Personal insights gives users the ability to understand their social graph in terms on interactions that they have had with different departments or Individuals.

Additionally, users get an understanding of their profile type based on their contributions patterns. The profile type is based on Jive's definition of user adoption.


Personal Impact

The personal impact aspect of the insights page provides users with an understanding of how their contributions trended over the past twelve months and the the impact they have made on the community. This graph allows users to understand their monthly contribution trends.


Popular Content

Finally, the top content gives users insight to their top 20 content items by Views, Comments Likes or Shares. Users can click on any of the metrics names to get their top content by the selected metric.


Accessing Personal Insights using the new profile page

The personal insights dashboard can be accessed in the profile page (click on the profile icon -> Your name) as a new tab called "Insights". Once you click on the "Insights" link you should be able to see the new dashboard.



Accessing Personal Insights using the existing profile page

The personal insights dashboard can be accessed in the profile page under the "More" link . Once at the profile page (click on the profile icon -> Your name) , Click on More (from the tab menu) -> Insights.


Note: The Personal Dashboard is only accessible if your community has chose to enable this feature. Community administrator / Community Managers have to enable the feature, to make it accessible to their users.


Full screen mode

The different panels on the dashboard have an expandable full screen mode which can be enabled by clicking on theExpandIconv1.1.png icon. This mode allow users to view each panel in detail so that they can interact with them to gain new insights.


Product Documentation

Detailed documentation on the feature can be found here - Core Help


Does personal insights have to be enabled on a community, so that users have access to it?Personal insights is not enabled by default. Community administrator/Community managers can enable it via the Admin Console - Profile Menu -> Admin Console -> System -> Settings -> Analytics -> Personal Insights .
Who can see my Personal Insights Page?Only you can view your personal insights dashboard. The personal insights page is inaccessible to other users.(Community managers can't view other user's personal insights page)
Is the personal insights feature available for hosted and on-premise customer?The personal insights feature is only enabled and accessible for Cloud customers and users.
Can the personal insights be enabled for users by region?

The current version of personal insights can only be enabled/disabled for all users and can't be enabled for users by region.


Note: Personal insights is not available in Preview instances and can be accessed after the first wave of 2016.2 cloud release. Personal insights is available in the shared preview.

We are pleased to announce the general availability of Jive-n 8.0.4 and Jive-x 8.0.4. This release provides a number of fixes that improve stability and increase security and usability.


You can download 8.0.4 from your Purchases  page.


For more details, please refer to:

Known Issues in Jive 8.0.4

Fixed Issues in Jive 8.0.4

Jive is now available. This release provides a critical security fix. While we can't disclose the details of security vulnerability, we highly recommend upgrading to this version to secure your installation.


You can download from your purchases page.

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