• What's the algorithm for the Popular Content widget?

    I remember talking about this a looooooong time ago, but don't remember what it was, nor do I know if it has been tweaked over time to incorporate some of the newer content interactions. Can anyone point me to an answ...
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  • Text editor - Formatting not so friendly

    I have been working in the text editor for quite some time and have some issues with it.     I often lose formatting after I make a table all nice and neat or paste something from another location ...
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  • Jive for Office on Mac

    I am new to Jive so pardon my ignorance if there is an easy answer that I have not found yet.  Are there any Apps that provide similar functionality to Jive for Office that are functional  on a Mac?  Ou...
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  • Workflow concept in Jive

    May I know if there is solution to have workflow in Jive especially in Documents? Just like a series of tasks that will produce an outcome. For example, when someone published a doucment, the sytstem will routes the...
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  • Known Issues in Jive 8.0.3

    Component Problem ID Severity Release Notes Title Activity, Activity: Accessibility JIVE-40240 S2 Messages in Inbox can't be navigated using keyboard Activity, Activity: Inbox JIVE-57081 S2 Duplicate "follow" notifica...
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  • Is it possible to Publish Content by Email on Jive-n Cloud?

    Configuring Incoming Email shows it's possible in Jive 8:   Emphasis mine: Configure the connection to an incoming email server so the instance can receive email messages from users. You can enable features thro...
    Nik Edmiidz
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  • Looking for feedback on using Jive for events

    Hello Jive Community members! I do market research at Jive. Thank you for those who have been part of the jive-n and x 2016.1 webinars. As you might have heard and seen in the sneak peak posts https://community.jiveso...
    Priya Kothari
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  • Deep Dive: SharePoint Integrations

    GeneralJive is happy to announce the release of an updated SharePoint Online & Office 365 connector, as well as a new SharePoint 2013 v4 connector which is a massive enhancement to the longstanding SharePoint 2010...
    Yoav Derazon
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  • Responsive design launch with photo upload ability

    For my particular instance having photo upload on mobile is very important. Even within the app experience its hidden. Will photo upload be included in the responsive design launch?
    Jill Pauley
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  • Deep Dive: Jive Connector for Zendesk

    In the recent 2015.2 release we announced our new Support Center. Today and shortly after that release, we are announcing our new Jive Connector for Zendesk. At Jive, we understand that there are many ways for users t...
    Hernan Guelman
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  • Jive Cloud User Reference Guides 2016.1

    Libby Taylor
    created by Libby Taylor
  • Making a particular discussion "sticky"?

    Is there a way to make a particular discussion "sticky" that is stay at the top of list?
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  • Customizing the Daily Digest Email Template

    Hi-   Has anyone modified the Daily Digest email? The one that gets sent Daily/Weekly/Etc..?   Is there a list of the types of things you could put into it? If not, what are some of the modifications you h...
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  • 2016.1 Cloud Launch | Sneak Peek of Jive-x Features

    2016.1 was released earlier this year and here below is a sneak peek of all the Jive-x product strides we made with that release.   Activating the entire customer lifecycle When we look at our Jive-x online commu...
    Harini Sridharan
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  • 2016.1 Cloud Launch | Sneak Peek of Jive-n Features

    2016.1 was released earlier this year and here below is a sneak peek of all the Jive-n product strides we made with that release. Many of these features apply to external (Jive-x) communities as well, but here is a de...
    Harini Sridharan
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  • New content type (Survey)

    Although Jive already have Poll but how if we want to do a survey with multiple polls? We know that there is SurveyMonkey outside. But it would be great if the survey is part of Jive but not owned by "SurveyMonkey" ...
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  • Deep Dive: Google Docs Integration for Jive-n

    Overview  We are happy to announce that we are taking the Google Docs integration from a Beta version to a generally available release for cloud customers.   The full scope of of Google for work integrations...
    Yoav Derazon
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  • Can gamification support French completely ?

    Hello   Many parts of gamification module are not translated into French.   When are you planning to update the missing texts ? It is a huge problem for us as most people at our company do not speak a wor...
    Pierre Cabannes
    created by Pierre Cabannes
  • Patch Release: is now available

    Jive is now available. This release provides a critical security fix. While we can't disclose the details of security vulnerability, we highly recommend upgrading to this version to secure your installation. &...
    Adil Daboussi
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  • Jive-x product video: Connecting customers, partners and advocates in an online community

    Open video

    Gili Guri-Mill
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