• Problem in fetching content using OSAPI.

    Hi Ryan Rutan, Anup Gandhi I am facing problem in fetching the content using the following API: osapi.jive.corev3.contents.search({      'place':'/places/'+GroupPlaceId,    ...
    vidya shinde
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  • Deep Dive: Digest Email

    Digest emails get a major overhaul with the 2015.3 release.   Our recommendation service is now being leveraged to put together top and trending content, curated for each individual, since they've been gone. The...
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  • Deep Dive: News and Tile Enhancements

    The 2015.3 release includes additional enhancements for the News page. We've also improved support for Tiles, both on the News page and across the application.   News Enhancements    Tiles can now be ...
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  • RSS Feed of trending content?

    How can I get a feed of trending content (Jive   Goal may be to auto-tweet it
    Matt Laurenceau
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  • Patch Release: is now available

    Jive is now available. This release provides a critical security fix as well as remedying a problem with upgrading data in single-select profile fields. While we can't disclose the details of security vulnerab...
    Adil Daboussi
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  • Jive-n 6.0.7 and Jive-x 6.0.7 are now available

    We are pleased to announce the availability of Jive-n 6.0.7 and Jive-x 6.0.7. You can download 6.0.7 from your Purchases page.   This release upgrades the following core components to the latest maintenance ver...
    Kirsten Wickland
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  • Sneak Peek: 2015.3 Jive-x

    While most of us were enjoying a well deserved summer break, our engineering team has been hard at work to deliver the next cloud release. We're excited to introduce the third major cloud release of 2015. This post is...
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  • All About the News Feature

    What Is New About News? Is News Home? Other Navigation Changes Is News on Mobile? Enabling News Creating a News Stream Who Can Create News Streams? Creating an Everyone News Stream Creating...
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  • Deep Dive: Jive Connector for Lync

    At Jive, we are constantly looking for ways to make it simpler and easier to integrate Jive with your existing tools and workflows. In support of that goal, we're delivering the new Jive connector for Lync with Jive-n...
    Betty Ho
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  • Deep Dive: Mixed Mode Authentication

    At Jive, we are constantly looking for ways to improve experiences and manageability for Jive users and administrators. Mixed mode authentication enables Jive-x community administrators to provide a dual user authenti...
    Maureen Byrne
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  • Deep Dive: Engagement Analytics and the Analytics Microservice

    The 2015.3 release marks a critical milestone for Jive Analytics. We are excited to announce the release of a new analytics microservice which enables us to deliver new analytics reports, dashboard and features quickl...
    Udit Shah
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  • Deep Dive: SharePoint Integrations

    GeneralJive is happy to announce the release of an updated SharePoint Online & Office 365 connector, as well as a new SharePoint 2013 v4 connector which is a massive enhancement to the longstanding SharePoint 2010...
    Yoav Derazon
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  • Is anyone else having difficulties using the "export all videos" option in the admin console?

    I have downloaded the JNLP file of all of our posted videos. When I attempt to open the file, I am prompted to a "download directory" where I select the folder the downloads are in. The following window is a "batch do...
    Emily Garcia
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  • 2015.3 Jive-x FAQ

    2015.3 Jive-n & Jive-x Cloud Release Webinar Recordings   Customer Advocacy Customer Advocacy Quests Customer Engagement Community Content Push Languages Registration Digest Email...
    Alex Larralde
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  • Latest Release Preview!  Jive-x Salesforce Connector 2.5

    Open video

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  • New Analyst Report: 2015 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Social Software

    Once again, Jive is a leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Social Software in the Workplace. We’re delighted! At Jive, we spend every moment of every day focused on helping people work better together. For m...
    Jen Burns
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  • Twitter feed in the Cloud

    Hi Jivers - we are working out the layout for our new cloud instance, we're super excited, one thing that is missing from the News page is the ability to add a HTML tile. So how are folks who've moved to News handling...
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  • Deep Dive: Jive Daily Integrated with Jive-n

      The 2015.3 release integrates Jive-n with Jive Daily. With this integration, customers can read Jive-n content in a visually engaging news reader app.   As part of the release, all new and current 2015.3 c...
    Sandy Cook
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  • Learn how Jive Circle and Jive Chime integrate with Jive-n to make connections better, faster, stronger

      Many of us have experienced some version of the scenarios above, whether it be introducing yourself to a co-worker not realizing that you have been working with them for years virtually. Or someone asking you ...
    Darshita Maniar
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  • Show Usernames not Real Names to User and Admins

    We are getting ready to move to the new cloud version of Jive for our public community from hosted. One issue we see is that we as admins see the full name of the user when they post and not the username. That puts a ...
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