• So what happens with all these great ideas?

    Is there a customer advisory board, or some other means by which the ideas posted here get evaluated and ranked for inclusion in future products?   On a related note, it would be great to discuss what customizat...
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  • Do you know about the Jive Recommender Service?

    Looking to validate people's understanding of Jive Recommender in Jive 5 and 6. Note:  Jive 5 constructs discussed in"3 Seashells" of Notification Management in Jive 5, Demystified! by Ryan Rutan
    Ryan Rutan
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  • Outlook email to Jive inbox

    Hi,   I was wondering if there is a way to send an email to a user so that the user could receive a private message within the platform. I know I'm able to reply to the private message email notification I recei...
    Roberto Araujo
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  • How do I make anchor tag links to a certain section in a document

    The standard way to do this in html is to use the "id" atribute of an HTML tag like:   <div id="sectiontwo">A section somewhere down the page</div>   so that in the Jive Link it can be:   ...
    Rob Galvin
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  • Employee identifier in user avatar

    I really like how Jive employees are identified with the 'j' Jive logo on their avatar image. Elaine Mui Could anyone tell me how did you get it set up?   Regards, Anirban
    Anirban Dutta
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  • Known Issues in Jive 7.0.1

    Component Problem ID Severity Found In Release Notes Title Activity JIVE-40781 S2 6.0.0,5.0.6,7.0.0 Activity Engine may not start properly if queue files become corrupted Activity,Activity: Status Levels JIVE-41802 S2...
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  • Group Events calendar widget - can it display its project events as well?

    When editing a social group's events calendar widget, it asks if we want it to display the sub-spaces' events as well. We said yes, but it is not showing the events from the project.   Is this a bug? (should pro...
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  • Are reports of abuse not anonymous?

    As someone with elevated permissions, I presumed that I saw who reported the abuse because of my permissions, but does the author also know who reported the abuse?  I assumed that it was anonymous, but I just got...
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  • If there's a way to display every single user on the org chart?

    Hi   Does anyone know if there' a way to display every single user on the org chart?
    Ghost Lin
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  • When will the Jive Community upgrade to version 7?

    It would be handy to be using the features on here before upgrading on premise.   Thanks Belinda
    Belinda Benton
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  • How are you using communities?

    Dennis Deveny
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  • Popular Discussion Widget

    Please can anyone tell me what's excatly the conditions of viewing some discussions in the popular discussion widget ?? i don't know on what conditions it choose its discussions to be viewed, thanks in advance.
    Mohamed Hussien
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  • Can you get email notification via Tag

    I dont think you can but want to check if you guys have a way to get an email notification via following a tag. Or just be able to add a tag to the stream to follow that key work. just like a hash tag?
    John Summers
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  • Events Module and Jive Cloud

    Hi, I'm curious if the Events Extension (link below) can be used with the Cloud version of Jive, or if it's only available for Hosted or On-Premise. Thanks in advance,   Matt   Jive Events Extension
    Matthew O'Dell
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  • How can we distinguish read and unread content

    In content page is there any way to know if a content is read by current logged in user.
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  • Copy & paste images from the clipboard

    It seems I can't just paste (Ctl-V) images from my clipboard.   I can drag an existing image into an entry box, like this: But not paste an image from clipboard, like if I've done a screen snapshot to clipboa...
    Bastien Douglas
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  • Jive 7.0 Performance Whitepaper.docx

    Kasi Raju
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  • Notable Known Issues in Jive 7.0.1

    Problem ID Severity Release Notes Title Workaround JIVE-40909 S2 Sites that were upgraded from 6.0.0 to 6.0.3 or higher before upgrading to 7.0 can experience problems with invitations due to a missing cleanup task. I...
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  • Who can mark/unmark a discussion as a question?

    I was thinking with Jive 6 that anyone could change their discussion post from/to a question.   Who has permissions to change this (after the 15 minute window)?  It looks like regular users only have 15 min...
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  • How to save data typed into a pdf form with pc?

    Hello there,   I created a pdf form with Adobe Acrobat Pro, using an imac. Using Preview or Acrobat Reader on my imac, I can save the data typed into the form without any problem. However, PC users cannot save...
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