• Jive Daily - The Gift of Mobility for Your Company: A Success Kit by Jive

    Hello Jive Users,   Who doesn't like having the ability to be connected, consume news, collaborate and contribute from wherever they are? We all like being mobile-first and work from different places. For that r...
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  • Anyone out-there considered an Aspect Click-to-Call Plugin?

    I know that Cisco is a user of Jive, but thought it might be interesting to see if anyone else has had this feature-request come-up?  Assuming that as long as there is an Aspect Java API (from a quick search onli...
    Ryan Rutan
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  • Personal Insights - 2016.2 Deep Dive

    At Jive World '16 we showcased the concept of Personal insights which would provide every Jive cloud user with a knowledge of their social graph and the impact of their contributions to the Jive community. With 2016.2...
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  • Introducing Jive's Next-Generation Cloud Platform

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  • Jive's Salesforce Case Management Connector - Ready for Action!

    Introducing the Salesforce Case Management Connector We are pleased to announce the release of Jive's Salesforce Case Management Connector. The Salesforce Case Management connector is a critical piece for turning a Ji...
    Vinh Jones
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  • Deep Dive: Jive Connector for Lync

    At Jive, we are constantly looking for ways to make it simpler and easier to integrate Jive with your existing tools and workflows. In support of that goal, we're delivering the new Jive connector for Lync with Jive-n...
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  • Jive Daily Cloud Org Chart | Feature Update for Cloud

    Today we've released a new update for our Jive Daily - Interactive Intranet Mobile App. If you are not using Jive Daily yet, you can download it from App Store or Google Play.   I'm excited to announce our newest...
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  • Marketo Integration FAQ

    We introduced the ability to integrate Jive communities with Marketo in the Winter 2015 cloud release. With this integration, community activity of both guests and registered users is streamed into Marketo to build ma...
    Sarah Chaney
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  • Release Notes for Jive 9

    We are happy to announce the release of Jive 9.0.0. You can find detailed Jive 9 documentation here:   9.0 Help for Community Users 9.0 Help for Community Administrators   Features and Improvements  ...
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  • Enormous new banners are problematic

    Is anyone else having a problem with the new Templates layout on Jive Cloud? The new layout adds several inches of uncustomizable banner which is mostly blank space (but defaults to a dark/black texture). My users wer...
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  • Technical Fact Sheet: Salesforce Case Management Connector

    Overview Features Overview Architecture Compatibility Commercial Reference Overview  This integration allows Jive users connect to Salesforce and surface cases within the context of of Jiv...
    Vinh Jones
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  • NEW! Social monitoring with Jive-x: Sysomos Heartbeat for Jive

    Turn your Jive-x Community into a Hub of Social Media Listening and Engagement What do people say about our brand? How can we better address questions or concerns about our brans that are being asked on social media? ...
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  • Patch Release: for Hosted/On-Premise now available

      Jive is now available for Hosted and On-Premise releases. This release provides critical bug fixes. We highly recommend upgrading to this version to provide the best user experience.   Jive Patch R...
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  • Jive 8.0.5 is now available for Jive-n and Jive-x

    We are pleased to announce the general availability of Jive-n 8.0.5 and Jive-x 8.0.5.   This release provides a number of fixes that improve stability and increase security. Of importance to many customers is the...
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  • Jive for Office on Mac

    I am new to Jive so pardon my ignorance if there is an easy answer that I have not found yet.  Are there any Apps that provide similar functionality to Jive for Office that are functional  on a Mac?  Ou...
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  • Rewards | Feature Update 2016.3 Cloud

    In this release of the Rewards platform we focused on features that will help increase user engagement, and awareness. We built on features previously introduced to help refine the experience and make it more relevant...
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  • Jive 9.0 is GA!

    It was only 7 1/2 months ago at JiveWorld16 when we announced that Jive 9.0 will be available to customers this year. Over the past three quarters, we have been hard at work to follow through with our promise, and tod...
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  • Fixed Issues for Jive

    Component Problem ID Severity Release Notes Title Add-ons Registry CUSTOM-1608 S1 Apps converted to Add-ons failing to uninstall when security group is All Registered Users Inbox, Mobile CUSTOM-1610 S0 Android recei...
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  • All About the News Feature

    What Is New About News? Is News Home? Other Navigation Changes Is News on Mobile? Enabling News Creating a News Stream Who Can Create News Streams? Creating an Everyone News Stream Creating...
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  • Deep Dive: Employee, Customer, and Partner Communications and News

    In the Sneak Peek: Jive Winter 2015 Cloud Release, we touched on some new features will help keep your employees connected to the company news, people, and information they need in order to stay aligned and engaged. &...
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