• EOL announcement: Jive Props Service

    Dear Jive Props Users ! As of July 1, 2017 the Jive Props service will be shut down.   Background: Jive Props is a simple peer 2 peer recognition app available on the Jive Apps marketplace.  While Props wa...
    Koby Rodrig
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  • Live Webinar With ADP: Transformative Results Through Internal & External Engagement

    Hi Everyone,   I'd like to personally invite you to a great webinar we're going to have next week with ADP: 'Transformative Results Through Internal & External Engagement".    Your organization m...
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  • Known Issues in Jive 9.0.1

    Component Problem ID Severity Release Notes Title People CUSTOM-2690 S2 In the Org Chart, direct report relationship count is not updated after adding direct reports Theming CUSTOM-2591 S1 Terms & Conditions expos...
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  • Fixed Issues in 9.0.1

    Component Problem ID Severity Release Notes Title AccessibilityActivity Streams CUSTOM-77 S2 Accessibility: Unable to read a blog Accessibility CUSTOM-977 S2 In the Skills and Expertise area, the keyboard user is unab...
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  • Marketo Integration FAQ

    We introduced the ability to integrate Jive communities with Marketo in the Winter 2015 cloud release. With this integration, community activity of both guests and registered users is streamed into Marketo to build ma...
    Sarah Chaney
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  • Clicking task in 4.5 not clear to my community members

    Clicking on a task on the tasks tab of a project is not clear to my members; apparently alot accidentally mark tasks complete when they just meant to go update the notes.  They feel it should open the task for ed...
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  • Differences between Jive Custom Hosted and Jive Cloud [updated]

    We're the process of evaluating where to go with Jive and Jivex. I know there is some customization functionality that is missing with Jivex, but I'm having trouble finding any documentation on what is not supported. ...
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  • Internet Explorer 9 & 10 End-of-Life in Q3 of 2017

    Summary Why EOL IE9/10? Recommendations & Next Steps   Summary  Jive currently supports Internet Explorer 9 & 10 within all Jive platforms, including Jive Custom and Jive Cloud. While bo...
    Vinh Jones
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  • Known Issues for Jive 9.0.0

    Component Problem ID Severity Release Notes Title ContentContent: Moderation JIVE-75830 S2 Unauthorized error displayed to a Moderator for deleted ideas ContentContent: Moderation JIVE-75681 S2 Deleted ideas are not r...
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  • Jive's Salesforce Case Management Connector - Ready for Action!

    Introducing the Salesforce Case Management Connector We are pleased to announce the release of Jive's Salesforce Case Management Connector. The Salesforce Case Management connector is a critical piece for turning a Ji...
    Vinh Jones
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  • Deep Dive: Jive Connector for Hangouts

      At Jive, we are constantly looking for ways to make it simpler and easier to integrate Jive with your existing tools and workflows. In support of that goal, we're delivering today the new Jive connector for Ha...
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  • Jive Daily - The Gift of Mobility for Your Company: A Success Kit by Jive

    Hello Jive Users,   Who doesn't like having the ability to be connected, consume news, collaborate and contribute from wherever they are? We all like being mobile-first and work from different places. For that r...
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  • Analytics Best Practices with Jive Insights Advanced – Webinar Recording

    Thank you again to our presenters Shaun Slattery , Dane Slutzky and Darshita Maniar for a great webinar this past Thursday. For those of you who were unable to attend "Analytics Best Practices with Jive Insights Advan...
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  • Live Webinar Next Week w/ Ovum and Swiss Re

    Collaboration From Chaos: Shaping a Unified Digital Workforce | March 29th at 11 a.m. EDT/4 p.m. GMT/ 5 p.m. CET   Join Richard Edwards, Principal Analyst at Ovum, and Ali Tokmen, VP of Operations IT Application ...
    Libby Taylor
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  • Jive 9.0 is GA!

    It was only 7 1/2 months ago at JiveWorld16 when we announced that Jive 9.0 will be available to customers this year. Over the past three quarters, we have been hard at work to follow through with our promise, and tod...
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  • Translation Service Updates

    We are always looking to innovate on our cloud features and provide the highest quality to our customers. With this in mind, we recently addressed some issues in our cloud translation service. We were able to provide ...
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  • Rewards | Feature Update 2016.3 Cloud

    In this release of the Rewards platform we focused on features that will help increase user engagement, and awareness. We built on features previously introduced to help refine the experience and make it more relevant...
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  • Jive 9.0.1 for Hosted and On-Premise is now available

    We are pleased to announce that Jive 9.0.1 is now available for Hosted and On-Premise releases. Jive 9.0.1 is available for download from your My Jive Licenses app.     This release provides many stability ...
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  • Release Notes for Jive 9

    We are happy to announce the release of Jive 9.0.0. You can find detailed Jive 9 documentation here:   9.0 Help for Community Users 9.0 Help for Community Administrators   Features and Improvements  ...
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  • Workflow concept in Jive

    May I know if there is solution to have workflow in Jive especially in Documents? Just like a series of tasks that will produce an outcome. For example, when someone published a doucment, the sytstem will routes the...
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