• MyJive Secret Support Group Administration FAQ

    All Jive customers should have an administrator of your MyJive secret support group in AureaWorks. For the safety and security of the data in your customer support group, this administrator will control the membership...
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  • Known Issues in Jive 9.0.3

    Component Problem ID Severity Release Notes Title Admin Console, Theming CUSTOM-4810 S1 Themes created with some language characters are not saved and do not appear as available themes Widgets and Tiles CUSTOM-4736 S2...
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  • January 2018 Jive-n/x Cloud Maintenance Update

    All Jive-n/x Cloud Production and Preview instances will receive a maintenance update between January 5-12, 2018.  This maintenance release reinforces our commitment to improving the quality, stability, and perfo...
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  • Fixed and Known Issues in Jive 2017.1

    The much anticipated Jive 2017.1 is now available. This document will get updated throughout the 2017.1 upgrade cycle to provide you the latest fixes and improvements.   Note: If you are running into an issue tha...
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  • Known & Fixed Issues in Jive Daily 2.24 for Cloud

    Jive Daily 2.24 is now available for Cloud platform and comes with many improvements and bug fixes for both iOS and Andriod users: Jive Daily: Intranet on the go - Android Apps on Google Play Jive Daily: Intranet ...
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  • Are these instructions accurate? Rebuilding Search Index

    I went to explore how to move a space and in the process saw an alert to "rebuild the search index" after moving a space. Looking up the instructions for that here: Search Index Rebuilding , I saw that they don't mat...
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  • Definitions of Analytics Events

    This document covers in specific detail the different events that are available in the analytics database.   Event (AnalyticsEventCode)   Log In (160) This is fired every time a user logs in.  This i...
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  • Activity and Object Type Definitions.xls

    [Last edited in 2012 - Outdated]
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  • Jive Cloud Status?

    Does Jive offer a current status of it's cloud-based software?  I'm looking for a real-time or near real-time indicator of Jive-side problems or slow downs.
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  • Disaster Recovery Arrangements - Cloud

    Hi   What does JIVE have in place in terms of @DR for Cloud customers? I know you do not commit to targets for RTO and RPO. But what technical solutions do you use to ensure recovery is possible? Stefan Wunsch ...
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  • Jive 9.0.3 Maintenance Release Now Available for Jive-n and Jive-x

    Jive 9.0.3 Maintenance Release - Now Available As mentioned in October's Product Update Blog, Jive continuously improves our products and prioritizes resolving issues identified by our clients.  When applicable, ...
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  • Known & Fixed Issues in Jive-n and Jive-x Current Release (2016.3)

    This document gets updated everytime a new upgrade for Jive 2016.3 is available and provides you the list of fixed and known issues to date.   Note: You may see an issue happening in your community that is marke...
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  • Jive Support Process in AureaWorks FAQ

    How do I get access to my company's group? How do I grant access to my company group? How do I find my company group? How do I get my licenses and downloads? How do I contact Jive? How do I create ...
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  • Patch Release: for Hosted/On-Premise now available

    Jive is now available for Hosted and On-Premise releases. This release provides critical bug fixes. We highly recommend upgrading to this version to provide the best user experience.   This patch includes...
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  • Jive Products and EU  Cookie Laws

    Jive is committed to ensuring the security of our customers’ data and complying with all applicable data privacy laws, rules and regulations.  As part of our global compliance strategy, we want to be open a...
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  • Jive for Office on Mac

    I am new to Jive so pardon my ignorance if there is an easy answer that I have not found yet.  Are there any Apps that provide similar functionality to Jive for Office that are functional  on a Mac?  Ou...
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  • New Jive Customer Onboarding Check List

    If you are a new customer - or about to become one - welcome! Here is a quick check list to help you get started quickly.   [  ]  First, gather your core team - the people who will coordinate the commu...
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  • One Stop Doc for Building Your Jive Skills

    We've got a dedicated Jive trainer who can provide your organization with personal training on the topics below. Be sure to check out the Jive Foundations training schedule if you are interested in attending or settin...
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  • Jive Best Practices Webinars and Videos

    Some people learn best from watching and listening. If you fall into this category, then this list of recorded webinars and videos by topic is for you!   About Jive Features News: News : Webinar Recording ...
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  • Fixed Issues in Jive 9.0.3

    Component Problem ID Severity Release Notes Title SSO / LDAP CUSTOM-3120 S1 "Keystore actions" option is hidden in SAML tab on the SSO settings page Places, Widgets and Tiles CUSTOM-3987 S1 Banner Tile does not auto r...
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