• Jive Daily - The Gift of Mobility for Your Company: A Success Kit by Jive

    Hello Jive Users,   Who doesn't like having the ability to be connected, consume news, collaborate and contribute from wherever they are? We all like being mobile-first and work from different places. For that r...
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  • Tracking Traffic from Jive System-Generated Emails with Google Analytics

      NOTE: This blog was originally published in 2011 but it was requested that we keep it live in the system and not archived. Some of the detail contained herein may be out of date. The original author is no long...
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  • FAQ: Network Time Protocol configuration

    Controlling the NTP deamon service  service ntpd start service ntpd stop service ntpd restart service ntpd status   Configuring NTP  Configuration file location: /etc/ntp.conf   I left the majori...
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  • Info - How Watch-A-Tag Widget Works

    Here is some information about the Watch-A-Tag widget, detailing what it does and how it works.   Why use it? The Watch A Tag widget can be used to search content for a specified tag and return a list of matche...
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  • MyJive Secret Support Group Administration FAQ

    All Jive customers should have an administrator of your MyJive secret support group in JiveWorks. For the safety and security of the data in your customer support group, this administrator will control the membership ...
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  • Product Support End of Life (EOL) Dates and Policy

    This document is here to show the End of Life dates for Jive Software's product releases. This document will be updated 60-90 days before we make a change in support (scheduled or otherwise).   Please note that t...
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  • New MyJive Customer Group Layout Changes

    New MyJive Customer Group Layout  New MyJive Customer Group Layout Changes Group Layout Onboarding Checklist for New Customers FAQ When will the new layout be available? Can I opt out of ...
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  • Improving How Support Case Environments are Managed

    Jive will soon be introducing an improved way to manage and select your Jive environments when creating a new support case in your MyJive support group in Jive Community.   This is a change we've put into place ...
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  • New MyJive Customer Support Group Layout Going Live Thursday, April 7

    On Thursday, April 7th, 2016, Jive will be officially launching a new layout for all of our customer's secret MyJive support groups in Jive Community.   The new layouts will be automatically available to all cus...
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  • Introduction and Installation Guide: Jive for Outlook

    Jive for Outlook   Jive for Outlook gives email a social life. By bringing the social business power of Jive directly into Microsoft Outlook, we make it possible to collaborate in a new way, without ever leavin...
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  • Status update widget on overview page in Jive Cloud

    Is there a way to throw a widget on the overview page for users to post a status update?   I can't seem to find any widget to do this, so I wondered if there is a workaround that someone can suggest?   cc:...
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  • Deep Dive: Engagement Analytics

    Earlier this year, we had announced the release of a new Analytics micro service that would allow us to iterate rapidly on our dashboards. Building on that service we are excited to announce the release of a new enhan...
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  • Engagement Analytics Events Classifications - Participation Ladder and Engagement Ladder

    Overview The following table shows events captured within Cloud Analytics, along with all possible Jive object(s) that can receive those events. We classify events by Engagement activity and Participation tier. We us...
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  • Getting Started: Starting a Discussion

    Discussions           Discussions allow you to ask a question or in order to find a specific solution or start a conversation to get feedback or make decisions. Members of your community can...
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  • Welcome to the Jive Platform - Resource Guide

    Jive Foundations: Platform Basics Understanding spaces, places, and other nomenclature/concepts. Learn more about what can be done in Jive's Cloud platform   Community management   How to launch or re-l...
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  • Jive Platform Topic Directory

    Top places to ask questions Here are the top four places to ask a question in the JiveWorks community:   Jive Internal Communities - Ask other customers who are managing their own an employee community or inter...
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  • New Jive Customer Onboarding Check List

    If you are a new customer - or about to become one - welcome! Here is a quick check list to help you get started quickly.   [  ]  First, gather your core team - the people who will coordinate the commu...
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  • PS Best Practices Webinar: Jive Rewards Webinar Recording, Q&A Transcript and Presentation Slides

    Webinar Recording:  Q&A Transcript:  Question Answer Can we remove a badge that was mistakenly rewarded? - Referring to Jive Rewards - As an admin - Yes, a manual badge You can revoke a mistakenly award...
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  • Find a user group header

    Zoom into the map below to navigate the world and click on a red pin to find a user group in your local area.
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  • Looking for conversations about products?

    To start discussions or ask questions about Jive Products, visit the following places.   Jive Support Get your questions answered by our technical gurus!   Jive Internal Communities Join peer-to-peer dis...
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