• Spotlight Search and Subspaces

    Wonder if this seems logical to you?   Here we are located in the 'Dummy' space and do a spotlight search for 'bone' which appears in the name of two spaces site wide. Under the default 'Show all results' we are...
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    last modified by John Schwiller
  • Merging projects

    Has anyone tried to Merge 2 Projects within a Social group into 1? Is it possible? Workarounds?   Best, Anirban
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  • What are the highest voted ideas for new features on the JC?

    It would be nice to have this either by features not yet implemented, or just a sample from the last 12 months.   I saw Ryan's  comment about "The specified item was not found.."  I understand that jus...
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  • How do I assign a category to a project?

    The categories widget display projects in its last column (red arrow). But how can I assign a category to a project? And what happens on your platform when you press the 0?
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  • Live Chat Rooms

    I was curious if there was a plug-in or other way to support Live Chats for small peer groups on the Jive communities (7.0)?   We'd like to host "lean-in" sessions for designated groups similar to a chat room or...
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  • Jive 7 purposeful places : is group type impacted in templates?

    Hi,   When changing the template of a group, I happened to receive this alert :   I assume that means that a group type ( open / private / externally accessible?) is "included" in the template?   I...
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  • Anyone Using Jive to Provide Technology Support

    My team (Human Capital Business Analysis & Technology) supports all of our Human Capital applications (e.g., payroll, hr, talent acquisition, help desk, portal, etc.). We want to use Jive to improve the effectiven...
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  • Overview of all Social Groups?

    Hi there -- is there a place (in the admin console or wherever) that I can view the activity of all of the social groups in our instance? I want to delete the inactive ones...but don't want to have to go through each ...
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    created by lauren.ake
  • Video "Catalogue"

    Is there any possibility of creating a convenient and easy-to-use video catalogue? We have a group used for IT training videos and at the moment it's just a "Recent Content" widget so it's displayed as a long list. I ...
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    created by willyflor
  • Join the Product Advisory Group on working with 'partners' (in the space between full employee access and open public communities)

    We have a fantastic customer advisory group that has over the last year+ helped to us at Jive to understand a set of use cases around working with 'partners' – broadly defined here as anyone beyond your employee...
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  • Thoughts on Members Only groups?

    Note: this question is just me personally asking, not indicative of anything more than curiosity.   Members Only groups have been around since before I joined Jive. I'm a member of some, but I'm not sure I have ...
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