• Make Jive Your Own, Easily and Cost-Effectively: Introducing Jive Extension Pack

    Ready to get the functionality you need to meet your goals while reducing costs, minimizing risk, and improving quality?   We’re excited to introduce Jive Extension Pack, an always-growing collection of ex...
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  • Custom Layout

    Is there any plan on allowing a custom layout for the overview pages?   I noticed these two ideas:    &        but they are both from 3 and 4 years ago. Has there been...
  • App should not open as popup

    Hi all,   A simple jive app in content page, on-click it is opening as popup. App should not be as hyperlink it should be a select drop-down .How can I implement this?   Now-     ...
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  • Employee identifier in user avatar

    I really like how Jive employees are identified with the 'j' Jive logo on their avatar image. Elaine Mui Could anyone tell me how did you get it set up?   Regards, Anirban
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  • One (synchronized) Subspace in multiple Spaces

    Hey everybody,   we´re just arguing about our space-structure within our external hosted jive community. I´d like to ask whether there is the possibility to put ONE dedicated space beneath multiple ...
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  • How to disable invite of users for external accessable groups?

    There are currently 2 ways to add external users to external accessable groups. "Jive enables you to add external contributors either by inviting them to a group in your community, or by adding them directly into the...
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  • A question on content management - bulk actions

    Is there a way to a better content management in Jive 7? We use our Jive system as a content management/discussion forum/company wide intranet, and we are looking for these content management actions:   Assign a...
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  • Is someone here familiar with the eCH (www.ech.ch/)Standards according to Records Retention?

    Maybe there is an other place that fits better. Recommendations are welcome
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  • My Groups widget

    We are seeking a My Groups widget to obviously allow users to navigate quickly and easily to groups they belong to and own, if applicable. It would be placed at the homepage level. Users are most interested in getting...
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  • Different home pages based off user Type

    I am wondering if anybody has every had different jive home pages for different user types. user case would be when a guest hits community home page for first time I would want them to see different things vs a return...
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  • Tech Documentation for OAuth Changes in Jive 7

    Product / Feature name: OAuth 2.0 Compatible with: Jive Custom 7 and Jive (cloud) Release Date: Fall 2013   Overview: As of Jive Custom 7 (v7.0.0), Jive now supports OAuth 2.0, acting as both an Authorization Ser...
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  • Cloud - More than one custom link?

    So, I'm trying to surface some of the more interesting parts of our internal instance here at reed.co.uk. We're running on Jive Cloud (keep those lovely, lovely updates coming Jive!) and gained the ability to add cust...
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  • Jive site accessible only to network, otherwise need to log in.

    I would like to know how it would be possible to achieve both of the following: users on our network can access the contents of our Jive site without needing to log in other users cannot unless they log in.   ...
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    created by bwaic
  • Can access to Apps and Connectors be controlled by permissions?

    We have a situation where one class of registered user will need access to both Apps and Connectors and another class of user will need to have both Apps and Connectors disabled.  Is it possible to control this t...
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    created by ben.taub
  • Permissions on a JPG

    I just got to the bottom of a problem where the answer surprised me. Was I just being dumb?   I have an HTML widget displaying a banner graphic in group XYZ, with this code:   <img src="https://xxxx.ji...
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  • Will the new Jive 6.0 theme also be available for 5.0 ?

    Hello,   I love the new Jive theme, which was introduced with the new version 6.0, so I would like to know, if this theme will also be available for the "older" version?   Thanks, Marcus
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