• Make Jive Your Own, Easily and Cost-Effectively: Introducing Jive Extension Pack

    Ready to get the functionality you need to meet your goals while reducing costs, minimizing risk, and improving quality?   We’re excited to introduce Jive Extension Pack, an always-growing collection of ex...
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  • Fact Sheet: Jive User Sync

    Overview Jive Basic User Sync New! Features Secure File Transfer Create & Update Users Nightly Account Activation Advanced Reporting Jive Advanced User Sync New! Features All Basic ...
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  • Jive User Sync: Demo

    Open video

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  • SFDC case management v1.2 release notes

    The Salesforce Case Management Connector links your Jive community to your Salesforce and allows customer to engage with your support team. Customers can manage their cases right from within your community in a famili...
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  • Power to the Profile: User Sync Deep Dive

    Documents are boring.  Yup, you heard me right. Documents are boring.   We pour hundreds of hours of effort into creating quality documents and there's a ton of good, important stuff in all that documentatio...
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  • Deep Dive: SharePoint Integrations

    GeneralJive is happy to announce the release of an updated SharePoint Online & Office 365 connector, as well as a new SharePoint 2013 v4 connector which is a massive enhancement to the longstanding SharePoint 2010...
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  • Using SSO and Jive logins at the same time?

    I've been trying to dig through the Jive Documentation but haven't quite found what I am looking for. I'm wondering if I can have SSO provided by an ID management system AND just create Jive accounts as well that are ...
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  • Publishing an outlook calendar

    I'm attempting to publish a public Outlook calendar into an HTML widget.   I found this documented in the manual:  Jive Cloud Community Manager Documentation   How to share an exchange calendar. ...
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  • Hybrid solution

    hello,What are the possibilities and the technical, safety on the establishment of a hybrid mode JIVE solution: ie cloud and on-premise? two instances ? etc..
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  • Roadmap for more integration with Cisco's UC

    Hi - is there a roadmap that can be shared for more integration of Jive with Cisco's Unified Comms, especially Jabber?
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  • Any plans to integrate with social management systems?

    This question came from one of my community members.   Since the community is essentially internal social media he wants to be able to add it to a managing tool like HooteSuite.  Any potential plans for...
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  • StreamOnce with Yammer - discussion creation in jive

    I created a group in Jive and linked it via StreamOnce to Yammer group.   I can create and reply to discussions in Yammer and they appear in the Jive group. I can also reply to Yammer discussions in Jive and the...
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  • Live Chat Rooms

    I was curious if there was a plug-in or other way to support Live Chats for small peer groups on the Jive communities (7.0)?   We'd like to host "lean-in" sessions for designated groups similar to a chat room or...
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  • StreamOnce + Jive7 + Recent Content Widget = I Need A Simple List of Content

    Greetings Jive hivemind!  Hoping collective wisdom can assist me with something I'm trying to figure out.   I'm rocking a Jive 7 sandbox trial and am loving the StreamOnce capability to help capture knowled...
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  • Anyone Using Jive to Provide Technology Support

    My team (Human Capital Business Analysis & Technology) supports all of our Human Capital applications (e.g., payroll, hr, talent acquisition, help desk, portal, etc.). We want to use Jive to improve the effectiven...
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  • Tech Documentation for OAuth Changes in Jive 7

    Product / Feature name: OAuth 2.0 Compatible with: Jive Custom 7 and Jive (cloud) Release Date: Fall 2013   Overview: As of Jive Custom 7 (v7.0.0), Jive now supports OAuth 2.0, acting as both an Authorization Ser...
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  • Android Mobile App for Google Nexus 7

    I am working with an organisation that is reviewing the use of the Google Nexus 7 and was fortunate to use a unit last weekend. This product has exceptional capability and the format is getting a lot of very positive ...
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  • Jive for Teams - And Outlook Connector

    I just tried to convert a long email thread into a discussion on Jive for Teams and I got this error even though the named user has been invited to the secret group.   On 5.0 I would just use Ryan's Admin Esse...
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