• Users should be able to "block" other users from following them

    Hi Jive team, We have a user on our Adobe Forums that is claiming that another user is "stalking" him (his words, not ours). While this user may be exaggerating just a bit, we do see value in this ability. Most othe...
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  • Restrict or Display social sharing widget in specific spaces

    Hi Ryan Rutan,   In Jive 7, when we enable social sharing thro Sytem-> settings-> Social Media Settings, the social share widget is available in all content pages as well as in community overview page. Is...
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  • Create by email for system blogs?

    We use the "create by email" feature a lot for our communities, is there a similar feature to create by email for system blogs?
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  • Do items marked as "helpful" show up higher in search?

    Hi, folks... I didn't find an answer to this when I searched (perhaps I am using the wrong terms)..  If a reply is marked as "helpful" does that elevate the thread higher in search results?   Basically, ...
    Frank Field
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  • Connecting Alfresco documents with External Storage Framework

    Jive has build integration to SharePoint, Box and Google Drive document management systems using their new External Storage Framework   We are considering building an integration to our Alfresco enterprise conte...
  • Differences between Jive Custom Hosted and Jive Cloud [updated]

    We're the process of evaluating where to go with Jive and Jivex. I know there is some customization functionality that is missing with Jivex, but I'm having trouble finding any documentation on what is not supported. ...
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  • Live Webinar Next Week w/ Ovum and Swiss Re

    Collaboration From Chaos: Shaping a Unified Digital Workforce | March 29th at 11 a.m. EDT/4 p.m. GMT/ 5 p.m. CET   Join Richard Edwards, Principal Analyst at Ovum, and Ali Tokmen, VP of Operations IT Application ...
    Libby Taylor
    created by Libby Taylor
  • Enormous new banners are problematic

    Is anyone else having a problem with the new Templates layout on Jive Cloud? The new layout adds several inches of uncustomizable banner which is mostly blank space (but defaults to a dark/black texture). My users wer...
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  • Jive for Office on Mac

    I am new to Jive so pardon my ignorance if there is an easy answer that I have not found yet.  Are there any Apps that provide similar functionality to Jive for Office that are functional  on a Mac?  Ou...
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  • Spotlight Search and Subspaces

    Wonder if this seems logical to you?   Here we are located in the 'Dummy' space and do a spotlight search for 'bone' which appears in the name of two spaces site wide. Under the default 'Show all results' we are...
    John Schwiller
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  • Is there a way to order photos within a photo album in Jive 5?

    Hi   Does anyone know if there is a way to re-order photos within a photo album, so that the newest uploaded photos appear at the top of the album? At the moment (in Jive 5.0.5) it appears that any new photos th...
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  • What is a bridged user?

    We are suddenly seeing users being created where user type = Bridged. (see below) What does this mean? This is causing unexpected errors to occur.  
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  • V6.0.3+ "More" Not Appearing in the Recent Content Widget Display

    Hi Folks:   We're on-prem and have Groups and Spaces with quite a bit of content.  The Group and Space Administrators who limit the content displayed on the group landing page by setting the "Number of Resu...
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  • What's the algorithm for the Popular Content widget?

    I remember talking about this a looooooong time ago, but don't remember what it was, nor do I know if it has been tweaked over time to incorporate some of the newer content interactions. Can anyone point me to an answ...
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  • Is it possible to Publish Content by Email on Jive-n Cloud?

    Configuring Incoming Email shows it's possible in Jive 8:   Emphasis mine: Configure the connection to an incoming email server so the instance can receive email messages from users. You can enable features thro...
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  • Looking for feedback on using Jive for events

    Hello Jive Community members! I do market research at Jive. Thank you for those who have been part of the jive-n and x 2016.1 webinars. As you might have heard and seen in the sneak peak posts https://community.jiveso...
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  • Responsive design launch with photo upload ability

    For my particular instance having photo upload on mobile is very important. Even within the app experience its hidden. Will photo upload be included in the responsive design launch?
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  • Customizing the Daily Digest Email Template

    Hi-   Has anyone modified the Daily Digest email? The one that gets sent Daily/Weekly/Etc..?   Is there a list of the types of things you could put into it? If not, what are some of the modifications you h...
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  • Can gamification support French completely ?

    Hello   Many parts of gamification module are not translated into French.   When are you planning to update the missing texts ? It is a huge problem for us as most people at our company do not speak a wor...
    Pierre Cabannes
    created by Pierre Cabannes
  • How can I access my app is my theme doesn't have an Apps tab?

    I don't have an Apps menu (not part of our theme), so I cannot follow the steps in the Curate Tool User Guide, how can I access my Curate Tool?
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