• Does moved content still get included in activity stream for the place it was created (Jive 7)?

    Hi   We are testing out our UAT Jive 7 environment and created a custom activity stream to follow a single space. We noticed in the stream that some content from another space was being pulled in. We think that ...
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  • Question about JiveX page functionality

    I like the layout of this page   https://community.jivesoftware.com/community/training/jive-user-training. I can click on Places and it shows me a sub menu. Can I do this with JiveX? If so, how  
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  • Twitter feed in the Cloud

    Hi Jivers - we are working out the layout for our new cloud instance, we're super excited, one thing that is missing from the News page is the ability to add a HTML tile. So how are folks who've moved to News handling...
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  • Is anyone else having difficulties using the "export all videos" option in the admin console?

    I have downloaded the JNLP file of all of our posted videos. When I attempt to open the file, I am prompted to a "download directory" where I select the folder the downloads are in. The following window is a "batch do...
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  • Show Usernames not Real Names to User and Admins

    We are getting ready to move to the new cloud version of Jive for our public community from hosted. One issue we see is that we as admins see the full name of the user when they post and not the username. That puts a ...
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  • Archiving out-of-date content

    We are looking to try and archive some of the old content in our community and we were wondering what some others had done?  We want to have some of the content still be searchable, so any suggestions are greatly...
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  • why is nofollow being added to all our links.

    <a class="jive-link-external-small" href="http://www.wired.com/2015/10/hack-brief-hackers-steal-15m-t-mobile-customers-data-experian/" rel="nofollow">Hack Brief: Hackers Steal 15M T-Mobile Customers' Data From E...
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  • Issues with video uploads

    Is anyone else having issues with video uploads? Support has identified there is an issue with flash that is causing videos to not upload, but they need to re-engineer the entire video service to address the issue. &#...
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  • Upgrading to Jive 8

    We are upgrading early next year from Jive 7 to Jive 8. Our Jive is hosted. Are there some customers who have already walked this road and are happy to share their success stories with us.   Thanks   Peter
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  • What's the feature list difference in Jivex and Jiven

    I guess I understand one of them is for intranet and other for customer or partner communities. But, What's the feature list difference in both the platforms and Why cant one be used in the place of other?
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  • Please give the information about Jive custom sandbox

    HI all, Pawan Shah,   We are looking to start work on Jive custom 7.0 right now i have experience on Jive cloud. What we need to do to work on Jive custom. How to setup development environment? What are the ...
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  • How to pass Body in URL as querystring to start a discussion

    Hi,   In previous versions of jive we pre populate a discussion's Subject & body by passing those as URL?subject=sometext&body=somebody Now in latest version of jive I was able to pass subject but body ...
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  • I'd like to use the new "Jive for SharePoint Online" connector

    I'd like to use the new "Jive for SharePoint Online" connector to connect a (cloud) Jive instance to an existing O365 tenant. Alas, I see this is unsupported (https://community.jivesoftware.com/docs/DOC-164262/version...
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  • App should not open as popup

    Hi all,   A simple jive app in content page, on-click it is opening as popup. App should not be as hyperlink it should be a select drop-down .How can I implement this?   Now-     ...
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  • Problem in fetching content using OSAPI.

    Hi Ryan Rutan, Anup Gandhi,   I am facing problem in fetching the content using the following API: osapi.jive.corev3.contents.search ({ 'place':'/places/'+GroupPlaceId, 'search' :searchStr }); The results p...
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    created by vidya1
  • Control Sharing of content within Private or Secret Groups with Group non-Members?

    If I share content inside  a Private or Secret Group with a user who is not a member of that group - instead of a fail warning, I am presented with a message that says"This user does not have access to the item y...
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  • Configuring Daily Digests for Action Items, Tasks and Other User Engagements

    Is it possible to configure action item and task notifications so that they repeatedly notify the assigned user on a daily basis until the action is resolved?   Jive 7 Hosted
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  • Will News in the next Cloud Release continue to be an option?

    Hi,   I've been following discussions and updates related to New and I believe I heard, News was going to be a standard feature in the most recently release but plans changed and it's still an option. Will News...
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  • Stats for "Get Started"?

    I'm on Jive 601, external community.   Is there a way for admins (or community Mgrs) to get stats on how users completed the Get Started steps? (on the activity page) How many ppl have less then 10% Number/per...
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  • Publishing an outlook calendar

    I'm attempting to publish a public Outlook calendar into an HTML widget.   I found this documented in the manual:  Jive Cloud Community Manager Documentation   How to share an exchange calendar. ...
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