• Fixed and Known Issues in Jive 2017.1.1

    Fixed Issues in Jive 2017.1.1  Component Problem ID Severity Fixed Issue Title Accessibility CLOUD-5630 S3 Unable to edit document when body contains an unauthorized link Activity Streams CLOUD-1404 ...
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  • Jive 9.0.4 Maintenance Release Now Available for Jive-n

    Jive 9.0.4 Maintenance Release - Now Available Jive continuously improves our products and prioritizes resolving issues identified by our clients.  Today, we're happy to announce that Jive 9.0.4 is now available ...
    Rob Hammond
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  • Release Notes - Jive Cloud

    Explore the latest improvements and fixes in Jive Cloud. These release notes are updated periodically as a new upgrade for Jive Cloud becomes available. Note: If you are running into an issue that is not on this list...
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  • Fact Sheet: Jive User Sync

    Overview Jive Basic User Sync New! Features Secure File Transfer Create & Update Users Nightly Account Activation Advanced Reporting Jive Advanced User Sync New! Features All Basic ...
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  • Fixed Issues in Jive-n and Jive-x Release (2016.3.9)

      Fixed Cloud IssuesComponent Problem ID Severity Fixed Issue Title Tile CLOUD-6572 S1 Configuring the HTML tile results in "401 Unauthorized error" Places CLOUD-5263 S2 Custom banner uploaded to a place occasion...
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  • Status update widget on overview page in Jive Cloud

    Is there a way to throw a widget on the overview page for users to post a status update?   I can't seem to find any widget to do this, so I wondered if there is a workaround that someone can suggest?   cc:...
    Julie Cardinali Brancik
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  • Fixed Issues in Jive Daily for Cloud

    A new upgrade for Jive Daily is now available.   NOTE: As from this release, we have changed the Jive Daily versioning format to match the Jive Cloud versioning format. The latest version is now Jive Daily 2018....
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  • Fixed Issues in Jive-n and Jive-x Current Release (2016.3)

    This document gets updated every time a new upgrade for Jive 2016.3 is available and provides you the list of latest fixed issues.   Note: All listed fixes will be deployed to each customer. If you are running i...
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  • January 2018 Jive-n/x Cloud Maintenance Update

    All Jive-n/x Cloud Production and Preview instances will receive a maintenance update between January 5-12, 2018.  This maintenance release reinforces our commitment to improving the quality, stability, and perfo...
    Shai Sagi
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  • Key Jive Information Channels to Follow

    Follow These Five Channels to help you navigate the many channels of information available from Aurea both here in AureaWorks and on the Internet, we've compiled this list of suggestions:   Jive Software Status ...
    Sarah O'Meara
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  • Jive Cloud Status?

    Does Jive offer a current status of it's cloud-based software?  I'm looking for a real-time or near real-time indicator of Jive-side problems or slow downs.
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  • Disaster Recovery Arrangements - Cloud

    Hi   What does JIVE have in place in terms of @DR for Cloud customers? I know you do not commit to targets for RTO and RPO. But what technical solutions do you use to ensure recovery is possible? Stefan Wunsch ...
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  • New Jive Customer Onboarding Check List

    If you are a new customer - or about to become one - welcome! Here is a quick check list to help you get started quickly.   [  ]  First, gather your core team - the people who will coordinate the commu...
    Libby Taylor
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  • One Stop Doc for Building Your Jive Skills

    We've got a dedicated Jive trainer who can provide your organization with personal training on the topics below. Be sure to check out the Jive Foundations training schedule if you are interested in attending or settin...
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  • Jive Best Practices Webinars and Videos

    Some people learn best from watching and listening. If you fall into this category, then this list of recorded webinars and videos by topic is for you!   About Jive Features News: News : Webinar Recording ...
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  • Product Support End of Life (EOL) Dates and Policy

    This document is here to show the End of Life dates for Jive Software's product releases. This document will be updated 60-90 days before we make a change in support (scheduled or otherwise).   Please note that t...
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  • Improving How Support Case Environments are Managed

    Jive will soon be introducing an improved way to manage and select your Jive environments when creating a new support case in your MyJive support group in Jive Community.   This is a change we've put into place ...
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  • Welcome to the Jive Platform - Resource Guide

    Jive Foundations: Platform Basics Understanding spaces, places, and other nomenclature/concepts. Learn more about what can be done in Jive's Cloud platform   Community management   How to launch or re-l...
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  • Jive Platform Topic Directory

    Top places to ask questions Here are the top four places to ask a question in the JiveWorks community:   Jive Internal Communities - Ask other customers who are managing their own an employee community or inter...
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  • Find out about our latest product releases

    Welcome to Jive Products spaces and subspaces where you can learn about product releases which are available to the general public.   Cloud release updates The best way to find the latest information in this spa...
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