• Are there APIs for Jive Rewards?

    I have two reasons for asking whether the Jive Rewards system has APIs: I use 411 Labs product, InSite, and want to be able to review my Rewards data from there, and automate a pull of that information into the platf...
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  • Removing myself and other admins from Missions

    I would LOVE a way to remove myself and other system admins from earning missions in Jive.   While I realize that I can deactivate myself from Rewards, I have discovered that this messes up my ability to give ...
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    created by tmaurer
  • Expired certificate for Jive Rewards

    Jive Rewards has stopped working.   It stopped working because the Aurea-owned certificate for rewards.jivesoftware.com expired on Monday, January 27th, 2020.   Please renew this certificate as soon as pos...
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    created by kshaw79
  • Adding more icons for levels

    Hello,   I'd like to increase the amount of levels from 10 to 20, however I cannot add an image icon next to each new level. Is there something I'm missing? Thanks
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    created by andbata
  • Is there a matrix comparing JIVE Rewards to Bunchball?

    We are currently using only the basic Bunchball functions and considering migrating to JIVE Rewards in a cloud environment. Is there a simply matrix that explains not only the features but the JIVE Roadmap as it perta...
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  • Have you written a guide for Rewards for your community?

    I'm in the process of collecting information and preparing to write a guide for our community on how the Rewards programs works... But, I'm a little stuck on how to get started and how much detail to share - specifica...
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  • I want to assign a series quest for a particular JIVE permission group

    In this example, Jive N (permission group = Sales Executives)(not a current profile field)    I want to have a series of quests only directed to the users in the "Sales Executive" permission group, and not...
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  • Can you migrate Doubledutch app badges into Jive Gamification?

    Our company is using the Doubledutch gamification app for our user conference. We would like to migrate that data into Jive so the badges earned during the conference will still show value inside the community. Do we ...
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  • Archieved space

    I have few questions about archieved spaces.Can anyone help me with this?   Is discussions allowed in archieved spaces? Can other  users see the discussion if posted by any? Can other users reply back in ...
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  • Is there a standard / benchmark rate at which you would expect users to accrue points based on standard Jive Rewards settings?

    Hi,   We are looking to use the Jive rewards leaderboard to work out which of our users are using Jive the most and which the least. We also want to look at how quickly people move up the levels from the day the...
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    created by laurenpoole
  • 2016.3 - Filters for Quests... can we add permission groups to this list too?

    Sometimes people may want to provide quests to people in a specific permission group.  Is there any thought in expanding the filters area to include permission groups?
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  • Is there a full leaderboard page option for private groups?

    I see we have the widget, but I'd like to have a full page of leaderboard particular to a certain group. We're running a private group for early adoption and it's all about quests. I'd like the leaderboard to have its...
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    created by kristengastaldo
  • How can we remove the challenge which is already assigned to a user ?

    I have assigned a Challenge to a user few days before. Now I want to remove it from that user profile. Can anyone assist me how can we do ?
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  • Bunchball Gamification - anyone having issues with badges appearing?

    Looking to see if any other organization using Bunchball is experiencing the same issue.  We currently are on the cloud platform.  Our users are not able to view their badges.   This seems to occur...
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    last modified by mdinsdale
  • Quest Completion Order

    Is it possible to require a specific order for multiple Quests to be completed. i.e. Quest 1 completion opens Quest 2.
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    created by Donna Skoog
  • Creating a challenge looks like a challenge now!

    Launch of new nitro console one way  makes me happy by seeing the UI.It looks good, but the system has become complicated than earlier console. While creating a challenge/Mission there are many things new in the...
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  • New Bunchball Console Question - Segments

    Hello, I have a question about the new Bunchball Console functionality.  When creating a new mission and following the new 4 step process, one of the steps is "Who" and in that section there is a part called se...
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  • Anyone have a good example of using segments: "◦Segment - Set the mission to be specific to a team. Add a description, set Equals, and click Done." So, how do I assign to a team?

    Segments assign to a team?  While it is mentioned in the documentation, the documentation does not say how this is accomplished. Please upate.
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    created by dragonjohn77070
  • Advice for dealing with cheaters (Bunchball)

    Hello! We have used Bunchball in our community for four years. In May, we relaunched gamification to move the focus from on-boarding to being a good corporate citizen; all missions must meet at least one of these core...
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  • Can you create unique profile levels for a space?

    Or are the only levels in Jive the global levels for the entire community?
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