• Is there any idea to do a statistics for announcement/document?

    If an announcement/document is created, is there any report/log can do a statistics how many users had view an announcement/content(if one user view several times, just treat it one time)?
    Ghost Lin
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  • Anyone integrated or replicated 15Five or the like in Jive?

    Wondering if anyone has built or integrated something like 15five.com or weekdone.com in Jive.  And if not if anyone would be interested in working with us on such a project.  
    Mark Zimmerman
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  • Ideation Plugin and API access

    Hi!, I desperately need to know the following: 1. are ideas (creation, etc) supported in the REST API (v3) (Jive 6.0.3.x onprem) ? Specifically need to know if the following is possible through the API: Creation o...
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  • Where is the place to provide core Jive product feedback?

    Where is the place to provide core Jive product feedback?
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  • User Online/Offline Status | BMC Communities

    User Online/Offline Status | BMC Communities It would be great if all users had an 'online status' icon next to their names within Discussions - if the user is online and actively browsing the forums the ic...
    Anirban Dutta
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  • Are stages configurable by SPACE or can you only have one set of stages?

    We have a use case where some spaces will want one set of stages, others will have a different set of stages.  from the documentation, its unclear to me if stages are configurable at the space or at the root. &nb...
    Tracy Adams
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  • New Version: Jive Ideation

    https://community.jivesoftware.com/docs/DOC-58602   03.20.2013: Updated plugin for Jive
    Tom Murray
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  • New version: Jive Ideation 6.0.0 for Jive 6

    Ideation has been updated along with 6.0 both for compatibility and to fit with new workflows like writing content before choosing where to post. You can find the new version for 6.0.0 on Jive Ideation Module.
    Olivia Teich
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  • Retracting a vote

    Hello,   Once you commit to voting, there's no way to retract it. You can change your vote up or down, but not take it back. Is this to curb or encourage certain behaviors?   -Dan
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  • What is the thinking behind 5 point increments for voting on ideas?

    Why 5 points and not 1?
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  • Ideation Module Best Practices

    I'm interested in speaking with other users who are utilizing the ideation module in an external community to manage product enhancement requests.  We currently use the Jive Ideation module for some of our produc...
    Kris Pratico
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  • New Version: Jive Ideation 5.0.4

    https://community.jivesoftware.com/docs/DOC-58602   8.28.2012: Updated plugin for Jive 5.0.4  
    Keith Hall
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  • APIs for Ideation Module

    Is there any particular set of Core Jive or REST APIs which Ideation Module is using ? or Are there particular exposed Ideation Module APIs in Jive SBS? I am not able to find any... Need Help!!!
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  • Is the Jive Ideation plugin module free?

        Good Day,   I have installed this plugin on my Jive SBS 5.0.1 and the plugin says it is installed but I cannot find it anywhere in the admin pages other than the install section?
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  • Full Forum Capabilities

    Would love to see the Discussion function upgraded to utilized Full Forum Structures and Capabilites see --> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Internet_forum#Forum_structure   Jive currently doesn't have very good...
    Luke Morrison
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  • Updated Version: Jive Ideation

    https://community.jivesoftware.com/docs/DOC-58602 Ideation - Jive 5.0.3 7.5.2012: Updated plugin for Jive 5.0.3
    Keith Hall
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  • Managing "recent activity" stream

    It would be nice to be able to selectively delete items from the "recent activity" stream for a given space. Our users often forget to check the "minor edit. don't send notification" box at the bottom of a post or d...
    pirco the one and only
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  • Updated Version: Jive Ideation 2.1.7

    https://community.jivesoftware.com/docs/DOC-58602   Ideation 2.1.7 - Jive 4.5.7+ and Jive 4.5.8 5.30.2012:  Updated plugin for compatibility with Jive 4.5.7+ and Jive 4.5.8
    Keith Hall
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  • Updated Version: Jive Ideation 5.0.3

    https://community.jivesoftware.com/docs/DOC-11506   Ideation 5.0.3 - Jive 5.0.3 4.25.2012: Updated plugin for Jive 5.0.3
    Keith Hall
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