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Announcing version 2.0, the next generation of Jive Mobile, built on the latest Jive platform.

Performance is job #1 in mobile. When connected to Jive Cloud or Jive 6.0.1+, Jive's redesigned app is built for speed.


  • The app is now 50% faster at startup, switches streams immediately and displays content more quickly.
  • The design has been enhanced for efficiency and improved usability. Navigate quickly with a slide-out menu accessed by a tap or a swipe, a fixed header with Inbox controls and pull to refresh.


Find what matters most to you through new features, such as:

  • Accessing custom streams on the go.
  • Posting images in your discussions and status updates.
  • Receiving Announcements from the community in your mobile inbox.
  • Redesigned, richer user profiles.
  • Scrolling wide tables horizontally without needing to open in an external browser.


All Jive Mobile users still get the great features of previous versions:

  • Discover something of interest to share? Say it with more than just words by including a picture in your status update.
  • Keep up with the pulse of your Jive community by effortlessly browsing through your followed activity stream, replying to discussions, commenting on documents & blog posts and giving some praise via Likes.
  • Have a question during a sales call, on the train home, or out to dinner? Quickly start up a discussion with colleagues.
  • Know who might be the expert? Easily @ mention that guru.
  • Search concurrently across people, places and content.
  • Jive 5 communities using the Jive secure token-based authentication can register via the embedded QR code reader.


Download or upgrade to the latest version today!


- Brian



System Requirements

  • Requires license for the the Mobile Module. 
  • Communities running Jive 4.5.6 - will continue to receive the previous generation app experience. 
  • Note, multiple communities can be registered within the app.  The appropriate version of the app will be served based on the community selected.
  • The secure passcode feature is currently unsupported in version 2.0.  Any customers utilizing that feature will be directed to the previous version of the app until the feature is supported.  Currently ETA is May '13.  Please note, this does NOT mean that users have to refrain from upgrading to the 2.0 version of Jive Mobile if their community uses this feature. The app will respond properly and serve the version of the app which does support passcode.